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China is a nation about tea. It is exactly where tea comes from initially. I have not too long ago study that following water, tea is the most broadly drunk beverage in the entire globe. Not surprising at all when China has a lot more than a billion folks. Nicely, I drink tea myself and billions of other folks in Europe and Asia.

Ever considering the fact that the trade went worldwide, as properly nonetheless on-going financial revolution of China, lots of young neighborhood Chinese have hunkered for one thing new and hip to waste their time and revenue on. This one thing new and hip has lengthy roots in the western globe civilasation: Coffee.

Enjoying a cup of double espresso and matcha cheesecake.

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In Xiamen, the rise of the recognition of the coffee drink can not be ignored. The coffee culture has gradually taken its roots in the Siming District on Yundang Lu, also recognized as the Xidi Coffee Street.

Actually, the Coffee street in Ximing, Xiamen.

It is my final day in Xiamen and my original strategy was to get out of town to take a look at the Toulou’s. Nevertheless, my 72-hour absolutely free visa take a look at does not let me to travel outdoors the Xiamen prefecture. So I did some a lot more investigation on areas to go inside Xiamen and study about Xidi  Coffee Street.

I was intrigued for the reason that China is a tea nation and from what I know not lots of folks actually drink coffee. It is one thing new and a drink introduced by the outdoors globe from the west.

I went right here on the public bus. For just 1 CNY you can travel anyplace with the bus inside Xiamen city. Genuinely amazingly low-cost. Making use of my phones’ maps I managed to find Yundang Road aka Xidi Coffee Street. The road is proper beside the water, on the artificial Yundang Lake and Park.

The location is pretty good, spacious, clean and green and with a backdrop of the higher rise buildings in the distance. Yundang Street or Coffee Street is what I contact an expat and yuppy spot. There are lots of cafe restaurants with outside terraces right here, lots of of which are coffee areas but pretty a quantity are actually restaurants that serve coffee as properly throughout the day. There is even a Filipino joint referred to as Halo-Halo which I did not actually verify out. No will need, I know what Halo-Halo is.

Generally, the Coffee Street caters to the guests of the hotels and the organization offices, therefore my comment on expatriates (expat) and young pros (yuppy) frequenting the cafes right here.

I also have the feeling that the street is like a spot to be noticed by the locals. With the upscale retail boutiques sandwiched among the cafes and the costly (sports) vehicles lining up on the street, what a lot more could we feel of? It would have been excellent if the street is pedestrianised, but then these costly vehicles will have to be parked someplace not visible. Not confident if these entitled lads would like that at all. Following all, possessing a fancy automobile is like possessing a quite girlfriend, a sleek job or organization that you personal that you so desperately want to show off.

Nonetheless, I can agree that it really is a great spot to hang out and chill in particular if you are young and coming from middle to the upper-class background, this is the spot to go.

Some of the fancy vehicles parked on the street.

Buildings behind the Yundang Park and Lake.

Internationally styled cafe restaurants from all walks of life on Yundang Street.

Fancy retail boutiques in among the cafes.

It was a bit challenging to decide on which cafe restaurant to choose. I wanted to sit in a spot exactly where there is activity going on. So I settled at The Coffee Club which has a quantity of guests and I also saw that they have a mezzanine that appears down to the ground floor and outside terrace. I like to be sitting indoors but possessing a view of the outdoors.

I ordered a double espresso and a Green Tea Matcha Cheesecake. The cake was scrumptious. It is also terrible that I do not see a lot of the Matcha flavour in Europe. 

Funnily, the guy sitting in front of me was Dutch. He was yakking the entire time on his telephone, in Dutch, and I could comply with all his conversation with no him being aware of at all, haha. He was the excellent instance of a young expat. 

My view from the mezzanine.

The Matcha cheesecake was scrumptious. I completed every little thing.

The view from my table on the mezzanine to the outside terrace, the Yundang / Coffee street, and the Yundang Lake. It would be good if they pedestrianised this street.

The location has lots of upscale boutiques, hotels and organization offices.

Yundang Park with its open-air fitness installations.

Two worlds apart: Young white-collar pros and Blue collar laborers.

Yundang Park and Lake.

Regional retirees working out at the park. They are often a beautiful sight in the lots of parks in China.

The bridge connecting to the Bailuzhou Park.

You could possibly wonder what that blue point on the bike? It is like a cover to safeguard your arms and legs from the sturdy rays of the sun.

Saw a neighborhood college playing sports. So strange to see them in uniform. In Europe, folks do not put on uniforms to their sports or physical education class. But I keep in mind back in the Philippines that we had to put on our physical education (P.E.) shorts and shirts. Deja vu.

Travel Period: December 2016
Location: Xiamen, Fujian, China

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