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Travel with disabilities - Candy HarringtonCandy Harrington

Ladies on the Road: Can a lady with disabilities travel on her personal?
Candy Harrington: Nicely that depends on her disability, her level of independence and how significantly help she requirements. Usually speaking if you have to have help with private care and obtaining in and out of bed at household, you will also have to have it on the road. But to be truthful, in numerous countries you can employ an aide for a fraction of what it costs in the US. And with the online, it really is simpler to discover these solutions in advance. With appropriate organizing, in most circumstances it can be performed. But I would caution ladies to attempt a brief trip close to household to function out the kinks ahead of embarking on a two-month backpacking adventure.

WOTR: What are the key travel challenges facing ladies with disabilities?
Candy: Acquiring definitely accessible transportation can be problematic. I’d say that in most building nations you have to have to be in a position to accept physical assistance (carrying and lifting) exactly where physical access is lacking. If that is a dilemma for you, I’d recommend you stick to some of the extra created nations.

Security is also a issue. It really is a issue for all solo ladies travelers, but it really is even extra of a concern when you have a disability. The finest tips I can give on that is to be conscious of your environment and spend consideration to that small voice inside you that says “this is not suitable”. For instance, it may possibly not be that excellent of an thought to have a male aide support you into bed. Attempt to discover a female a single alternatively.

WOTR: Which nations would you advocate for the most accessible travel?
Candy: Surely Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia are at the major of my list. In fact New Zealand is attractive and a single of my favourite nations to check out. The people today are useful, there is a higher level of access and there are many accessible backpacker hostels – you can search for them on Budget Backpackers Hostels. The accessible ones are marked with the international access symbol, but of course you really should inquire straight about the certain access particulars ahead of you book a space. A single of my favorites is Globetrekkers Lodge in Omapere.

WOTR: And are there any locations to stay clear of?
Candy: That would rely on you adventure quotient. Most building nations lack physical access but personal help is readily accessible. Eastern style bathrooms in some of the extra rural locations in Asia might also present complications but there are function-arounds. For instance you can  carry a female urinal if you are unable to squat. But once again, this requires some advance organizing. Numerous of the travel private hygiene tips for ladies frequently will apply.

WOTR: When ladies with disabilities travel, what particular arrangements really should they make if they are traveling solo?
Candy: Initially off I recommend that they network with a disability organization in their location nation. With the online it really is fairly uncomplicated to do. The International Disability Alliance has some excellent hyperlinks, but you can also get in touch with your national organizations to see if they have a counterpart in your location nation. The objective is to discover an individual there who can inform you extra about access and maybe give you a handful of sources for locating a private care aide.

Mobility International can also be a excellent resource. Though they specialize in international exchanges for people today with disabilities, they have a lot of excellent sources and information and facts on their web site valuable to solo ladies travelers who are disabled. A different supply of information and facts is Hostelling International as numerous of their properties are accessible. You could also stay in a monastery. Monastery Stays has a quantity of  properties that are accessible: just appear for that small blue wheelchair symbol.

What ever accommodations you decide on, constantly ask people to describe their access, as requirements differ drastically in between nations. It really is also a excellent thought to ask them to e-mail you a photo, due to the fact a image is worth a thousand words – possibly even extra when it comes to access. And final but not least, stay clear of yes or no queries. In numerous locations in the Far East it really is thought of rude to answer any query with a no, so you may possibly get some misleading information and facts if you go that route.

WOTR: Can ladies with disabilities travel in building nations?
Candy: Considerable work has been produced locally in some locations. Access may possibly not be up to Western requirements, but physical help is constantly accessible. India comes to thoughts as a single of these locations. They are generating enormous strides in generating points extra accessible, however it is nonetheless rough going in some remote regions. Is a trip there probable?  Surely, but you have to have to go in recognizing what to count on. The similar goes for Thailand.

WOTR: What advance preparations are necessary?
Candy: Initially, I advise future travelers to play a healthful game of “what if”. In other words ask your self what you would do if you encountered a range of obstacles on your trip. For instance, what would you do if your wheelchair broke down in Kuala Lumpur? A probable option would be to discover a wheelchair repair facility there that can service your wheelchair. Take that quantity with you when you travel, so you are going to have it close at hand when you are on the road.  Oh, and if you cannot discover a wheelchair repair shop or health-related gear outlet, then appear for a bicycle repair shop. Bicycle mechanics are generally really versatile and can at least make some short-term repairs to most gear.

I also advise emergency evacuation insurance coverage that does not exclude pre-current situations. I am not a enormous fan of trip insurance coverage, in particular on price range trips, but if you have an accident, health-related evacuation can expense up to $100,000. So purchase a yearly policy straight from a trip insurance coverage enterprise. If you have any queries ask your insurance coverage agent, not a travel agent. The former will generally get you a greater deal on a policy that will suit your certain requirements.

Of course, make certain you have sufficient of your prescription drugs to final the complete trip, and under no circumstances carry them in your checked baggage. And carry a copy of your prescription. It might not be valid outdoors the US, but at least a foreign medical professional will know what to prescribe.

And of course, carry a compact wheelchair repair kit with you. This requirements to go in your checked baggage as it will probably be confiscated from you at the airport safety checkpoint.

And final but not least, discover the fundamentals of wheelchair travel, discover out what  you can count on and discover how to guard your gear when you fly.

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