7 Travel Hacks that Will Modify Your Life


Learn all of my best travel hacks to travel longer, on a budget and even for free. These tips will absolutely change your travel game, especially if you are planning on long term solo traveling! #TravelHacks
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I’ve been nonstop traveling for the much better portion of a decade now, generating a lot of blunders and understanding from them along the way (so that you do not have to!).

More than time, I have discovered a couple of hacks that I type of forgot are not frequent expertise, and why preserve them all to myself, proper? These are my seven favourite travel hacks for saving cash and enjoying the journey a lot more:

Nearby SIM Cards

Normally connected

Mates frequently ask me what I do about employing mobile information abroad and I’m shocked at how several of them spend for their house plans’ extremely overpriced everyday international packages. For my program, Verizon, that would be $10 per day! Even for international plans like Google and T-Mobile, you are usually paying drastically a lot more than you would ever spend if you just got a regional SIM card in the nation you are going to.

From Tanzania, to the Maldives, Peru, and proper now in the Philippines, I get a regional SIM card in each nation I stop by and have almost certainly saved hundreds of dollars by now. 

For instance, I paid $10 yesterday in the Philippines to get four GB of information, which involves absolutely free Facebook and Spotify for the entire month that I’m right here. Contrast that to what I would have to spend per day if I have been employing Verizon and it is a no-brainer. I’ve paid as low as $three for 12 GB in Tanzania and similarly low costs for super quickly World-wide-web in Vietnam.

Particularly in building nations exactly where Wi-Fi is slow or nonexistent, obtaining a SIM card is critical, specifically if you program on employing solutions like Uber or Grab to get about or want to be connected for perform. You’d be shocked how accessible the solutions are worldwide, and how good it is to be capable to communicate and navigate from anyplace that you can get a cell signal.

You will want an unlocked telephone and typically a passport to get a SIM card. They are frequently accessible at airports, but are often overpriced so just do some rapid investigation on Google just before you go to discover out your most effective purchasing alternative.

A Debit Card that Refunds ATM Costs

nusa ceningan
Chillin’ on the joy of no ATM costs

When I travel, I never ever use cash changers for the reason that the prices are atrocious. My process for finding money is employing a regional ATM with a card from a bank that refunds my ATM costs and does not charge any foreign transaction costs. For me, that is Charles Schwab while there are other people accessible, like Capital One particular 360 or CitiBank’s network as nicely. Nonetheless, no one is as versatile as Schwab. You can study a lot more about other alternatives right here. 

Considering that I travel so significantly, I estimate this has saved me about $3000 more than the years! 

Sidenote: Never ever use a credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. The money advance costs are insane. 

Priority Pass

At the Priority Pass lounge in Zurich, Switzerland

This is my secret for generally becoming capable to use airport lounges even although I’m hardly ever flying business enterprise class. I applied to reduce it fairly close when going to the airport for the reason that I didn’t want to devote any additional time there than essential, but that has led to a couple of as well-close-for-comfort circumstances. So now I leave a lot of time and do not be concerned about it for the reason that I can just use the lounge when I get there.

Not all lounges are made equal. Some will have tons of meals and beverage alternatives which includes a totally stocked bar, all for absolutely free when you are in the lounge, although other people will just have a couple of meager snacks and a coffee machine, but the greatest point to me is to be capable to wait in a quiet region that has its personal Wi-Fi. Some airports also have restaurant partners with Priority Pass who will give you a meal voucher for absolutely free meals, as well!

My Priority Pass membership comes for absolutely free with 1 of my credit cards, but the membership charge for that 1 is a fairly steep $450 per year. If you’d rather just invest in a Priority Pass membership on its personal, you can verify out the alternatives right here. I cannot see why the standard membership would be worth it, but the premium membership would give you the exact same access that I have and if you travel frequently, it is worth it!

Uber/Nearby Ride Systems

The joy of not finding scammed by taxis

Occasionally I really like taxicab conversations and have definitely good experiences, but for the most portion airport taxis can be rife with scams and it is frequently a stressful and unsavory encounter. In some nations, rideshare systems like Uber have been banned, but in a lot a lot more about the planet, you can nevertheless get reasonably-priced rides that do not need any money exchange. The most international 1 is Uber or in Southeast Asia, Grab.

This is when obtaining that regional SIM card will come in handy, which in most instances you can invest in at the airport. You could also use the airport Wi-Fi, permitted it is operating, to order a taxi but then you will drop service as quickly as you step out to discover the car or truck. So get a regional SIM at the airport if you can.

I’d make certain this is achievable just before I land in the nation I’m going to, just to know what my taxi or bus alternatives are otherwise. Verify out my step by step technique of prepping for travel so that you can get an concept of what to appear for just before you go.


the journey podcast
Listen anyplace

How did I reside just before audiobooks? I guess I just listened to a lot of music, which I nevertheless do, but I really like becoming capable to listen to audiobooks in transit. I really feel like I’m understanding although hunting out the window.

My audible membership provides me 1 absolutely free credit per month, which I supplement with OverDrive (library audio books – if you do not know, OMG get this now!) and Podcasts. You can discover my favourite audiobooks for traveling right here.

Flight Search Savings

Get regional flights less costly

When browsing for flights, verify in the regional currency and language.  To do this, use two diverse browsers and if you discover offers in 1 of them, open yet another browser and switch your browsing nation to the regional nation and currency to see if it is a much better deal. I typically use a browser like Google Chrome and turn on the translate function so that I nevertheless know what I’m hunting at. If you preserve finding re-routed to your regional web page then you may well have to use a VPN, but this hasn’t been essential for me. 

I have saved hundreds of dollars by switching to the German interface when booking a flight from Berlin to Johannesburg, and have observed related savings when booking flights inside South America in Spanish.

Hotel Savings

The joy of paying much less for this

If you discover a hotel on-line that you want to remain at, do not book it on that search engine devoid of performing a bit a lot more investigation. If the hotel has its personal internet site, it is worth taking a appear at their internet site as nicely as Google to see who presents the most effective deal. I’ve saved a lot of cash by switching from Booking.com to Agoda in the previous, or vice versa.

Considering that these hotel booking web-sites charge the owner a charge, they frequently pass that charge onto you, the guest. That is why I also verify their internet site to see if I can get it less costly by cutting out the middleman. Usually it is nevertheless much better to book with Booking.com for the reason that you can get member discounts (plus, you can use this $30 off coupon as nicely) and they frequently negotiate reduce prices.

With a bit of additional investigation you can be confident you got the most effective achievable deal.

When traveling, these are a couple of of my favourite issues to save time and cash. I hope they support you out for a a lot more anxiety-absolutely free journey! And given that I’m generally understanding, I’d really like to hear some of your favourite travel hacks as well!

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