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Can you visualize a travel jacket that could also transform into a total head and neck supporting sleep method? Introducing the Neckpacker!

We reside in an age exactly where our generous level of comfort in some cases result in us to really feel as if there are no much more excellent inventions left, no much more actually original suggestions or innovations to come up with. Fortunately, we are nonetheless human and all it requires is the correct quantity of discomfort, in the correct spot and at the correct time, to remind us that there is nonetheless so considerably to be completed!

This is precisely how it occurred for entrepreneurial inventor, Niklas Kuusela. A extended and uncomfortable drive by means of the snow in northern Finland with no sleep and a lot of neck discomfort spawned the remedy to a issue that a lot of have attempted to repair in the previous – sleeping comfortably even though traveling in a seated position!

Neckpacker 2019 from Neckpacker on Vimeo.

This is a issue I am all-also-familiar with, possessing spent a lot of, a lot of extended journeys on planes, buses, trains, and vehicles with my head falling from side-to-side, forward and backward. Just after testing different neck pillows and some rather bizarre contraptions I began to come to the conclusion that probably this was just a single of these details of life – travel is uncomfortable so get more than it!

Neckpacker is distinct although, mainly because as an alternative of attempting to use a single, external object to assistance a wide variety of necks and heads, which weigh on typical about 10 to 11 lbs (four.five to five kg), it utilizes a mixture of attributes integrated inside anything we all have in prevalent (hopefully!) when we travel – clothes!

How does Neckpacker perform?

Neckpacker gives sleeping comfort in a number of strategies Neck and head assistance, movement handle (aka: floppy head prevention), and sensory blackout (the eye flap).

Neck and head assistance

Neckpacker is made with an inflatable neck pillow inside the hood of the jacket itself! As opposed to conventional travel neck pillows, this enables it to deliver a considerably higher location of assistance about the complete neck and even the back of the head.

The hood pillow is inflated speedily and quickly making use of a hidden bulb-variety hand pump which sits out of the way inside the hood.

Movement Handle

No one likes floppy head syndrome, which is really uncomfortable for the individual experiencing it, but also really annoying for whoever occurs to be sitting subsequent to them!

Neckpacker attributes two adjustable straps from the side of the hood to the shoulders. Throughout standard use, you wouldn’t notice these straps are even there. Having said that, when getting into “sleep mode” you basically tighten these straps to your preference which prevents your head moving from side to side. It is really easy, however absolute genius at the exact same time!

Sensory Blackout

Most travelers would most likely agree that becoming capable to block out as considerably light as probable tends to make sleeping even though traveling a lot much easier. The concern with the most prevalent remedy to this is that eye masks with elasticated straps are intrusive and make stress on the face and head, which is much more probably to wake you up as it is to send you to sleep!

Neckpacker has a soft material ‘hood shade’ hidden away in the front of the hood which is completely sized and shaped to cover the eyes and most of the face, blocking out light devoid of placing any stress on the face or head.

Other attributes of Neckpacker


This may look like an apparent point to make, but the creators of Neckpacker have clearly gone to added lengths to make this jacket as comfy as probable in all regions.

All of the supplies which potentially make get in touch with with the skin are soft and light, which the entire jacket is each breathable and tough.

There are lots of cool smaller sized attributes to be found, such as the thumbholes on the inner sleeves, forming a sort of half-glove to retain your hands warm!


Do not underestimate the energy of pockets!

Standing in line for airport safety, a single of the most significant hassles is taking all the things out of your pockets to spot it into the bins, only to repeat the procedure in reverse minutes later after you have been deemed “acceptable!”

Continually pulling products from your carry on and replacing them once more as you move from a single location of the airport to a further, setting up camp in different places as you get closer to your take off time is also anything we could do devoid of.

Neckpacker has eight distinct pockets especially made to conveniently shops products such as passports and boarding passes, tablets and e-readers and what ever else you travel with. This not only tends to make it much easier to access your belongings on the move, but it also enables you to basically eliminate the entire jacket and spot it in the tray in the safety line!


Whilst I have by no means pretended to be specifically fashionable, or even know what that word truly suggests, I do know that with clothes I like easy, functional design and style and a very good match devoid of feeling tight. Type follows function, generally. The believed of mens’ skinny jeans or worse, jeggings, tends to make me die a tiny inside!

So I was really pleased with the simplicity, comfort, and functionality of Neckpacker, specifically in its capacity to contain so a lot of pockets devoid of it becoming excessively “busy.” the 3 vertical zippers do a excellent job at keeping a really clean appear.

All-in-all, I’m really excited to attempt out Neckpacker effectively on our subsequent extended trip in May well, from the US all the way to Europe by plane, followed by a number of brief flights, 30+ hours of driving and a ferry!

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