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If you plan on visiting Amalfi Coast during your once in a lifetime vacation in Italy, a day trip to Capri is a must! Capri is often called Blue Island or Isola Azzura because of the turquoise waters surrounding the island.  Planning a day trip from Sorrento to Capri is easy and it doesn’t matter if you are traveling solo, with your spouse, or a small group. 

There are so many things to do in Capri and my Capri travel guide will help you make the most of your time on the island and I will answer the following the questions: 

  • What can you do in Capri in one day?
  • How long is the ferry from Positano to Capri?
  • Is Amalfi Coast close to Capri?
  • How long is the boat ride from Sorrento to Capri?
  • What are the best restaurants on Capri?

A visit to Capri makes the perfect day trip from the Amalfi coast which includes the towns of Sorrento, Positano, and Praiano. Capri is known for its views of Mediterranean, Faraglioni rocks, Blue Grottos, and it’s sheer beauty.   If you’re staying on the Amalfi coast traveling to Capri is an absolute must so keep reading as I will take all of the guesswork out of how to get to Capri, things to do in Capri, and where to eat in Capri.  

Day Trip To Capri

There are three ways to get from Sorrento to Capri:

  1. Take the ferry to Capri and explore the island independently
  2. Join an organized group tour
  3. Book a private boat tour or transfer with a skipper

Let me first start by saying it is impossible to see Capri in one day so that means you will need to get an early start in order to explore the island.   

The first ferry leaves for Capri at 8:30 am, which will get you to Capri by 9:30 am. Although you can purchase tickets the morning you leave, I suggest purchasing your tickets in advance because you will not be the only person catching the early morning ferry and it will likely be crowded—especially in the summer months.

The last ferry departs Capri between 5:30 pm and 7 pm giving you around 6 hours to explore Capri.


Sorrento to Capri Ferry

There are several options for getting to Capri from Sorrento.  You can either go by ferry or private boat.  Ferries depart Sorrento’s port every 30 minutes for the quick ride to Capri. Most ferry companies have their ticket offices right in the port in Sorrento which is a short walk from town.

Summer is crazy in Amalfi and the lines to buy tickets for the tours, grottos, access the beaches or even just trying to find a quiet place to sit is almost impossible.  The ferries from Sorrento to Capri is equivalent to sardines being packed in a can but on the upside, the ferries run frequently during the high season of April through October.  I suggest buying a round trip ticket to avoid long lines, especially in July and August.

  • You cannot embark motor vehicles on ferries departing from the Amalfi Coast & Sorrento to Capri
  • Luggage is allowed on board: one piece of hand luggage is included in the ticket price. There is a surcharge for additional bags.
  • Routes may be suspended due to rough seas or inclement weather
  • During the winter season from the end of October to the end of March, you must board the high speed or regular ferry from Sorrento. The route between Capri and Sorrento runs all year round.
  • Purchase your ferry tickets at Marina Piccola in Sorrento or online if you don’t want to stand in the long lines! Check out the ferry schedule here.
  • Ferry ticket prices range from EUR 14.70 – 18.30 (around $17-23 USD).

Routes for the Amalfi Coast, Ischia, and Salerno

Routes for the Amalfi Coast, Ischia, and Salerno are usually active from mid-April to the end of October.

Rates for baggage and discounts for children

Prices refer to a single route, one way.

Discounts for children:

Caremar Slow Ferry
0-5 years old: Free
5-12 years old: discounts
Caremar Ferry
0-5 years old: Free
5-12 years old: discounts
Gescab High Speed Ferry
0-3 years old: Free
3-12 years old: discounts

Baggage surcharge:

There is a surcharge of €2 per bag.

Booking tickets from Sorrento to Capri

Usually, advance ticket reservations are not necessary unless you are going in July or August; you can simply arrive at the pier a few minutes before departure and purchase a ticket directly from the ticket office. You can purchase tickets in advance at TraghettiLines.

Once you have purchased your ticket online, you must present the ticket voucher at the ticket office to receive your ticket to board. You can also purchase your tickets in advance directly at the pier.

In Case of Rough Seas

Ferry routes may be suspended in case of rough seas. High-speed ferry routes are the first to be suspended, while slow ferries and ferries are only suspended in cases of extremely rough seas. From April to the end of October, it is extremely rare that all routes are suspended. For updated information, contact the ferry companies or the Capri Information Office by telephone (+39 081 8370686).

For travelers who get seasick, I suggest booking slow ferries and avoiding the high-speed ferry. If you are taking a high-speed ferry, choose a single-hulled ship, which is more stable on the water than a double-hulled catamaran. When the seas are rough, I recommend all travelers avoid the catamaran between Naples and Capri and vice versa, which can be hard on the stomach of even the most seasoned sailors.

Phone Numbers for Ferry Companies from Sorrento to Capri

Ferry Companies

Call center: Tel. +39 081 18966690
Snav (Gescab)
Call center: Tel. +39 081 4285555
NLG – Navigazione Libera del Golfo
Call center: Tel. +39 081 5520763
Info-Booking Sorrento: Tel. +39 081 8071812
Alilauro (Gescab)
Call center: Tel. +39 081 4972238
Customer service: Tel. +39 081 4972206
Aalicost (Gescab)
Call center: Tel. +39 081 7041921
Capitan Morgan
Napoli: Tel. +39 081 4972201
Ischia: Tel. +39 081 985080
Positano: Tel. +39 089 875032
Rumore Marittima
Ischia: Tel. +39 081 983636
Laser Capri
Ufficio prenotazioni: Tel. +39 081 0105988

Tourist Information Offices

Piazza Umberto I
Tel. +39 081 8370686
Marina Grande
Banchina del Porto
Tel. +39 081 8370634
Via G. Orlandi, 59
Tel. +39 081 8371524

Private Boat from Sorrento to Capri

Even if you take an early ferry and arrive on Capri by 9 am or 10 am, your day trip could end up being just 6 or 7 hours. There are several good boat tours that can turn a hectic day trip to Capri into an all-day excursion for around EURO 85 ($100 USD). It’s pricier than the ferry but includes some great activities and you’ll have the whole ride to yourselves.

Taking a private boat tour means your trip to Capri just got a whole lot more fun and crowd-free. Gianni’s Tours runs private boat tours from Sorrento to Capri and Praiano to Capri.  The boat tour from Sorrento to Capri includes a boat tour of the island and also free time to explore on your own. 

The boat tour also included the Faraglioni rocks and Blue Grottos!

Pro Tip: Sit on the left side of the ferry for the best views of the coast between Sorrento and Punta Campanella.

Join a Small Tour Group

There are a ton of organized group tours that depart from a number of towns along the Amalfi coast. You can choose between two types of tours:

  • Mini-cruises: you depart on a small ferry with a large group, and sail around the entire island before stopping to disembark on Capri to explore by foot so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. The average price is EUR 35/person.
  • Shared Gozzo: you depart on a traditional wooden “gozzo” boat with a small group. You can stop where you like for a swim and there is a large sundeck to relax and take in the view. The tour includes a trip around the island with a stop in Marina Piccola where passengers have the option of disembarking to explore the center of Capri on foot or stop for lunch at a seaside restaurant. Snacks and beverages are included. The average price is around EUR 80/person.

Rent a Private Boat From Sorrento to Capri

The Private boat rental with a skipper is definitely the most unforgettable way to spend the day discovering Capri which is what my hubby and I opted for: My hubby and I stayed at Hotel Onda Verde and we used Viator Tours to rent our private tour to Capri from Amalfi.

Even if you take an early ferry you will arrive on Capri around 10 am which means your day trip will be about 7 hours long.  There are several boat tours that can turn an overcrowded day trip to Capri into an all-day excursion for around EURO 85 ($100 USD).

It’s more expensive than the ferry, but it is worth the few extra dollars and the private boat includes some great activities without all of the crowds.

The private tour allows you can stop off the Li Galli islets where it is said that Ulysses met the Sirens for a swim before continuing on to Capri. After a stop under the Faraglioni sea stacks, you can have lunch at a seaside restaurant, visit the famous sea caves, and return by way of Punta Campanella and the Bay of Ieranto.

The cost of renting a boat with a skipper depends on the type of boat, but prices usually begin at EUR 600 for the entire day per boat (not per person). We paid approximately $539.00 US

Along the way, our personal skipper and guide shared legends of the island and pointed out highlights like the Punta Carena lighthouse and the ancient ruins of the Baths of Tiberius. we stopped to swim and snorkel; well my husband did while I enjoyed free drinks and a light snack on board and soaked up the Mediterranean sun on this once in a lifetime adventure.

The Private Boat Tour included the following:
  •  Soak up the sun on the deck with an expert skipper handles the navigation
  • Sail past dramatic sea cliffs, grottoes, and hidden caves
  • See island highlights like the Punta Carena lighthouse, Baths of Tiberius and Blue Grotto
  • Enjoy free drinks and a light Italian snack on board Swim or snorkel off the boat
  • Perfect for families or groups of friends

Blue Grottos | Things To Do in Amalfi coast

Things To Do In Capri 

At the Marina Grande port, there are always a ton of tourists during the summer months, so it’s better to have an itinerary for visiting the island so you can know where to eat, what to see and what to do so when you disembark so you can quickly get away from the chaos and find a cocktail.

You can hire a driver to take you to town, or take the Capri cable car, also known as the funicular.   Purchase your tickets for the funicular and Capri buses at the tobacco shop at the port of Sorrento.

Shopping On Capri

Shopping on Capri is not cheap so make sure you have enough cash to purchase limoncello, linens, handbags or sandals. You will be able to purchase some of the best designer brands and I can’t reiterate enough to have your wallet out and be ready to give your money away.

sorrento to capri day trips

Dinner On Capri

After all of your shopping you will have worked up a hefty appetite and there are restaurants everywhere you look from relaxed bars to the expensive.  Check out Ristorante Terrazza Brunella and Ristorante il Geranio Baco both are equally delicious.

Lemons Everywhere on Capri

I was in absolute awe of the lemons in Amalfi!! Lemons everywhere.

Lemons on Amalfi Coast | Sorrento to Capri

While a day trip from Sorrento to Capri is a must do on your bucket list you will not be able to see everything in one day so you will either have to plan for a return trip or spend the night in one of these luxury hotels on the island.  Check Prices and Availability for any of the hotels below here.

The name alone conjures up the scent of lemon trees, the flavour of ripe, red tomatoes scattered with basil and the chatter in the piazzetta as the town turns out for an evening stroll or ‘passeggiata’. I have picked my top places to stay in Capri but be prepared to pay top dollar for these luxury accommodations.

Hotel Excelsior Parco

Hotel Excelsior Parco

Photo Credit:

The Art-Nouveau Excelsior Parco features eleven smart, typically Mediterranean rooms with spoiling sea views. Spend the day on the beach before coming back to relax with a good book in the rooftop garden. Wonderful breakfasts are served up each morning. An idyllic couples retreat!

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Capri Palace, luxury 5 star hotel in Capri, Italy

Capri Palace, luxury 5 star hotel in Capri, Italy

Photo Credit:

Located at the heart of the Mediterranean, the Capri Palace is a stunning luxury property where guests immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty of Capri and imaginative artwork from contemporary artists. Nestled in a secluded corner of the island with panoramic views of the sea, the resort features 68 immaculately designed guestrooms, a pair of Michelin-starred restaurants offering exquisite cuisine and the exclusive Capri Beauty Farm by Mytha Spa, a world-class medical spa facility.

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5 star hotel on Capri, Italy, Relais&Chateaux

5 star hotel on Capri, Italy, Relais&Chateaux

Photo Credit:

We are on a cliff, on the slopes of Mount Solaro, the highest part of Capri. On your arrival in the port, you’ll find our driver waiting to accompany you to the hotel.

The picture-perfect center of Anacapri, is less than two hundred meters from the hotel. The center of Capri is just a ten minute taxi or bus ride away.

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Hotel Luna - Capri

Hotel Luna – Capri

Photo Credit:

The hotel in Capri overlooking the infinite charm of the island.
“Tell me if in the world there is a spectacle comparable to this,” wrote Alexandre Dumas in 1816, looking out over the Faraglioni show . “No, there is not” it would be to answer him, sitting on the terrace of the Hotel Luna , in one of those fiery sunsets that color the guardians of Capri with red. Or on one of those summer nights, when the caprese moon illuminates the sea with elusive silver reflections and populates the island with seductive shadows.

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5 Star Hotel in Capri, Italy

5 Star Hotel in Capri, Italy

Photo Credit:

The 5* La Scalinatella boasts an enviable hilltop location offering stunning views of Capri’s coast. Its elegantly decorated rooms feature antique furnishings, large beds and private terraces. Plus you’ll find two outdoor pools both with panoramic views, mediterranean restaurant & gym. Utterly fab!

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Conclusion To My Sorrento To Capri Travel Guide

Capri is an all-day trip so make sure you are prepared and you get an early enough start so you can see as much as possible.  Traveling from Sorrento to Capri is definitely one of the top day trips you should add to your bucket list including traveling to see the ruins of Pompeii. 

Capri has been popular since the days of the Roman Empire and has captured the hearts of the rich and famous, honeymooners and those who just want to see how the Romas lived. 

Don’t forget to browse boutiques, enjoy authentic Italian meals while admiring the stunning views of the Mediterranean.

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