Discovering Pink Lakes in Cabo Rojo: How to Stop by the Salinas of Puerto Rico


Quit the presses: there are pink lakes in Puerto Rico! You can uncover them in Cabo Rojo, on the southwest side of the island. 

I lately saw pink lakes for the 1st time in Mexico and was amazed. Pink is a magical colour as is, but sprinkled all through a physique water,  which we automatically associate with the colour blue, tends to make the globe look even much more whimsical. 

The phenomenon of pink water is brought on by the salinity of salt flats. Pink waters are typically identified by beaches as the coloration is brought on by the presence of a distinct kind of shrimp. Enjoyable reality — it is the identical sort of shrimp flamingos consume. 

If you want to see this phenomenon firsthand, you can effortlessly do so on a day trip from the island’s most significant cities. Here’s what you have to have to know prior to you go. 



Posing by the pink lakes

The pink lakes are off PR-301 in Cabo Rojo. They are significantly less than two 1/two hours from San Juan and close to important cities like Mayaguez, Ponce and Aquadilla. I stayed in Boqueron and it was only a half hour away with a bustling downtown region. I attached a map above for your reference. 

Stick to the key highways as significantly as doable. This may possibly call for you going about the perimeter of the island versus by means of it, but it basically saves you time because the landscape is filled with dark, windy mountain roads all through the middle of the island. 

If you have to have a location to plug into the GPS, appear for the Faro Los Morillos. It is straight on PR-301 to get there so you will pass the pink lakes on the way, they’ll be to your ideal. There’s no official parking because it is not a designated tourist attraction but a functioning salt flat. 

If you get started to pass designated parking places, you have reached the trails for the lighthouse and went as well far.  

Walking the divide at the pink lakes in Cabo Rojo

You can see the pink lakes year-round, but you have to have to go on a sunny day to see the pink hue of the water at its most vibrant. This is not a superior rainy day activity.

There’s no wildlife in the water, but it is so salinated that I wouldn’t advise swimming in it or even dipping your toes in. Aside from the reality that you will disturb the high-quality of the water, it is a functioning salt flat so industrial salt will be harvested from the region and you do not want to taint or disturb it, because that would most likely prompt the salt organization to get started prohibiting access to the space.

As with all locations you pay a visit to on the island, be respectful and leave it much more clean than you identified it if doable. 

Windy day at the pink lakes in Cabo Rojo

At the moment, there are minimal regulations in location. There are no guides or price of admission to pay a visit to it is free of charge to enter. It is uncertain how extended the salt flats will stay open to the public, so your very best bet is to take benefit now and pay a visit to though you can. Aim to scroll the grounds though causing the least quantity of harm as doable.  

Not all of the salt flats in the region are pink. If you drive about the coastline you will see various shades and can opt for exactly where you want to quit along the way. The brightest point, on the other hand, is not far right after a substantial green observation tower, and is typically marked by staff functioning the premises as properly as a cluster of vehicles parked across the street. 


The very best way to access this location, and to peruse the island at your leisure, is to rent a automobile. There is no public transportation outdoors the metro places, and even then routes are restricted.

I rented a automobile with Charlie Rental Automobile in Carolina, Puerto Rico. This is my second time renting with them previously I’d booked a automobile at their Aquadilla place. Each occasions went smoothly. They call for a smaller deposit but reimburse you when you return the automobile with no concern.

There will be tolls along the way. I recommend you spend the flat charge to activate the simple pass toll service and spend for your charges afterwards, when they’re all accrued. Be cautious with driving. The roads can be unsafe and narrow with other vehicles driving speedily, even when turning blind corners.

I was warned of carjackings when I arrived but had no difficulties. Be intelligent and hide any valuables. Normally lock your automobile and attempt to park close to other folks. 

Cliffs by the ocean in Cabo Rojo

If you continue along the key road by the salt flats, you will hit the lighthouse and secluded beach referred to as Playa Sucia. The name is misleading because “sucia” indicates dirty but the water is definitely pristine.

This tends to make an exceptional day trip that involves hiking, a all-natural bridge and sunbathing by the Caribbean Sea. If you want, you can bring a bike to discover the trails in depth. Bring water with you and be on the lookout for the man promoting helado (ice cream) on the beach. It is money only, but is a significantly-required treat on hot days. 

If you are seeking for one thing much more substantial to consume right after a extended day out in the sun, quit by Boqueron on your drive back. The seaside eats are fresh, and you can uncover good bargains like 1/two dozen oysters for $three. 

Till subsequent time, secure travels!


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