A Permanent Property (or not?)


April 18, 2019

The other day I was camped in the San-Raphael Reef in Utah, waiting out the wind and rain of a spring-time climate front. Tired of generating video’s for my YouTube Channel, or watching motion pictures, and with no cell reception or WiFi accessible, I decided to clean up my computer system and prior to lengthy I located myself reading by means of some of my old poetry, prose, and other articles.

I’ve been providing a lot of believed not too long ago about whether or not I would ever want to have a permanent residence once more at some point in my life, and so I located it intriguing when I came across this piece I wrote back in 2009. Apparently, ten years ago, I was not as positive about becoming a complete-time Nomad as I am now (I’m now in my 14th year of becoming a complete-time Nomad). I uncover myself asking yourself if I am romanticizing this life-style, or is it the other way about? by dreaming of a permanent residence, am I romanticizing that in the poem under? What I do know is that appropriate now I have located a incredibly good balance. A balance among adventure, time alone, and time with close friends and neighborhood. By returning to the very same town each and every year for the summer season months, I have a spot to get in touch with residence, a spot that is incredibly familiar and which provides me time to rest-up (simply because think it or not, traveling like I do is in fact really tiring), a spot exactly where men and women greet me when I stroll by means of the door and ask me concerns about regional hiking trails and such, and it is also a spot exactly where I have close friends who are normally satisfied to see me return each and every year. Getting a residence-base is one thing I’ve had a challenging time providing up. Each and every year I say I will in no way return once more, but each and every year I do. By month seven of traveling, I uncover I’m prepared for some stability, but following a couple of months of stability, I’m prepared to take off once more, nevertheless, I normally stick it out for the whole summer season simply because finances need it.

Anyway, that is just me musing more than points. Right here is the poem (please forgive the grammatical errors, I just create poetry from the heart, as for the ‘correct’ way of writing it, I know nothing at all).

Wanderlust Necklace


Worn arms on my favored chair, its leg imprints in the carpet.

Familiarity with the cabins creaks.

The way the snow gathers each and every winter on the deck.

Annual and bi-annual flowers planted by my personal hands.

The passage of time.

The transform of shadows in the corners of the area as each and every season passes.

Weathered windowsills, final painted 5 years ago,

I loved picking out that shade of green.

Spring cleaning.

Fall pumpkins.

The tradition of setting up the Christmas tree on my birthday,

in the finest spot by the window,

A comfy residence, decorated with like, and endless yard sale visits,

complete of comfort and the memories of close friends.

Just after forty-one particular moves,

I dream of a permanent residence.

By Roxy Whalley – October 2009 (aka. A Nomad for Nature)

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Roxy ~ A Nomad for Nature

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