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If you have ever thought of going on a road trip by way of Iceland, probabilities are you will have heard of the ‘ring road’. The ring road – or route one particular – is a 1,332km circular road that runs all about Iceland, connecting all the important cities and towns. This road is effectively maintained and effectively signed, producing it the great way to travel all about Iceland.

Due to the fact of the circular nature of the road, fairly a lot all Icelandic road trips will get started (and finish) in the capital of Reykjavik.

We had picked up our rental vehicle a couple of days ahead of really departing from Reykjavik, as it created extra sense to use the capital as a base to discover the Golden Circle rather than attempting to cram as well a lot into every day.

Following packing up our tiny vehicle and lastly saying goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the capital, it wasn’t lengthy ahead of we goodbye to the website traffic and lastly arrived onto route one particular.


Our initially cease on route one particular was Seljalandsfoss, one particular of roughly fifty bajillion waterfalls in Iceland. In a nation of so several attractive waterfalls – or foss’ in Icelandic – they want to be fairly dang specific to stand out. Fortunately, Seljalandsfoss is not just any other waterfall.

No, Seljalandsfoss is one particular of the couple of waterfalls in the planet which enable you to really stroll behind the plummeting stream of water! Due to the hollowed out and cave-esque nature of this rock, Seljalandsfoss delivers guests with a way to see a waterfall from a completely distinctive point of view.

Fair warning, even although it appears like the pathway is rather far from the water, you will totally nonetheless get wet!




Not as well far from Seljalandsfoss is Reynisfjara beach. This beach is well-known for its basalt columns and its dramatic black sand. I had noticed black sand beaches ahead of this, but they had by no means been rather so substantially black! It is areas like Reynisfjara that actually make you appreciate the level of volcanic activity that has and continues to shape Iceland.

It hasn’t been dubbed the Land of Ice and Fire devoid of a damn very good cause!





Skógafoss is yet another iconic Icelandic waterfall. The unique waterfall is well-known due to its width and proximity. Standing at a height of 60m, this waterfall is not especially higher, but at 25m wide, it makes it possible for a fairly remarkable quantity of water to plummet into the river beneath. Generating issues even improved, this is one particular waterfall that can stroll proper up to – but you improved be ready to get totally saturated in the approach!

We have been booked to commit the evening at Hostel Skogar – which is situated proper subsequent to Skógafoss – which was fairly excellent, as it permitted us to stay away from the majority of tour buses. We arrived in the early afternoon, but didn’t finish up really walking more than to the waterfall till a lot closer to sunset.

If you take a look at throughout the day, you can fairly a lot be assured to be sharing Skógafoss with various hundred (at least) other men and women. By going to at dusk, we only necessary to share it with a tiny handful of other travellers, which created acquiring photographs like the subsequent couple of really probable.




There is aslo set of stairs major up the proper side of the waterfall, enabling you to see it from above.

When you take a look at Skógafoss on a tour group, they usually inform you that you will not have adequate time to comprehensive this climb, and honestly, they are ordinarily proper so possessing the freedom to head up at our leisure was fairly damn excellent.


This was really the third time I had visited Skógafoss, and it is awesome how distinctive all 3 experiences have been. The initially had been in winter and not a single blade of greenery had been in a position to pop up from beneath the thick blanket of snow. The second had been in the middle of the day in a tour group, and honestly, I hated it. On this third time, I really had time to step back and appreciate the majesty of Skógafoss devoid of any time pressures or constraints – a thing that generally tends to make me get pleasure from a location extra.

This Ring Road adventure was currently off to a excellent get started.

Remain tuned for extra Iceland adventures!


Obtaining to Reykjavik: The capital of Iceland is effectively connected to Europe and North America by way of Keflavik airport
Obtaining to Skógafoss: Skógafoss is 156km away from central Reykjavik, the drive will take about two hours (not inclusive of stops)
Car or truck Employ: We rented a tiny vehicle by way of Blue Car or truck Rentals as they are competitively priced and trustworthy
Hostel Skogar: A simple but comfy hostel, dorm beds get started at $62/evening, click right here for extra
Camera: Pictures captured with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 in conjunction with the M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/two.eight and M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/two.eight lenses
Don’t forget: There are not a lot of restaurant possibilities in Skogar, make positive to pack a lot of meals



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