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Apr 14, 2019

Ashutosh Kumar Tewari

How the Photo was Taken

Located him alone in a nearby Church. Beads rolling n lips chanting. All by himself. As I click, I watch feelings n objective as my subjects. Right here he was completely fitting my frame.
In absence of my A7III I went out right now, on Christmas of 2018, with my Canon EOS 1300d n kit lens.
Clicked it and transferred it to my mobile. Then I edited it with my Dramatic BW and Snapseed Apps.

Photo Place

St. Therese of Lisieux Roman Catholic Latin Church in Thiruvananthapuram Kerala India. Subsequent to the Raj Bhavan on Kowdiar- Vellayumbam road.

About the Author

Ashutosh Kumar Tewari

I am a Life Coach. Photography is my passion and meditation. It aids me take away the noise. It brings me closer to the topic his feelings his objective his life essence. In that I learn the underlying latent or hidden beauty.

Web page :

Twitter : AshutoshTewar16

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