Why Celebrate International Women’s Day at Google?


Final year, I spent March eight in Venice Beach at Google’s Southern California headquarters. I was invited to be element of the inaugural Los Angeles Women Techmakers event taking spot there—one of more than 225 events in 52 nations that had been organized for International Women’s Day beneath the theme of “Building a New Horizon,” and one which incorporated more than 20,000 ladies in technologies.

Natalie Villalobos Carrie Shaw, CEO of Embodied Labs, Carolina Castilla, CEO of Massive Act, and Liliana Monge
Natalie Villalobos Carrie Shaw, CEO of Embodied Labs, Carolina Castilla, CEO of Enormous Act, and Liliana Monge

“We need to have to reframe our minds,” Olga Garcia mentioned to open the day, “and intentionally develop the future.” It was a fantastic introduction for our very first speaker: Marzia Polito, who leads two teams at Google—of which 40 % of the engineers are ladies. She opened up about what inspired her to develop into a lady tech-maker, and how she acquired the expertise to make it occur.

Polito asked us a really hard query: “Who inspires you?” But her answers are element of her DNA. Politio’s grandmother taught her to be a trouble solver, engaging her in games of Scrabble and difficult her to finish crossword puzzles her selected grandfather, Lucio, inspired her to study math. Polito, who grew up to be a girl who played with “toys for boys” in the 1980s, at some point discovered, at her father’s side, how to plan the newest pc in Fundamental.

Polito urged the ladies in the audience to heed 3 pieces of assistance: “We have anything to bring to the table,” she instructed. “No 1 really should inform us we are incorrect. We are specific due to the fact of what we contribute. Be Oneself. Construct Alliances. Speak Up.” She named for a lot more self-compassion, not a lot more self-self-assurance she encouraged us to spark a lot more empathy, a lot more connection and a lot more compassion.

Females are as well normally told they’re “doing it wrong” due to the fact we tap into our emotions—she told us rather, declaratively, that we are performing it correct. She also invited us to involve guys and ladies in the discussion of how do we perform together—but warned us not to be mere spectators. Getting incorporated, she reminded the ladies there, “is not a favor to us.” Rather, she directed us to “demand what is due to us as ladies.”

The author onstage at Google’s 2018 International Women’s Day occasion at Google Los Angeles

Natalie Villalobos, head of Worldwide Applications for Females Techmakers, later moderated a discussion amongst Carrie Shaw, CEO of Embodied Labs Carolina Castilla, CEO of Enormous Act and Liliana Monge, CEO of Sabio. On stage, the 4 ladies shared the stories of their businesses and their personal journeys to success—discovering, in the approach, that the prevalent thread which united them was that they believed that they could figure out the answers, and didn’t hesitate to ask for assist, locate mentors and consider massive.

Hearing their individual stories, and glimpsing their resolve, was inspirational for several ladies in the audience, who talked later about their personal wish to launch businesses. Just after hearing from the ladies gathered at Google’s SoCal HQ, they could superior see how to make it occur.

Castilla founded her corporation due to the fact she saw the need to have. “If no 1 is assisting us,” she remembered pondering, “I am just going to do it.” Shaw was inspired by her service in the Peace Corps, and her mother’s health-related concerns. Monge wanted there to be a lot more non-standard tech candidates for jobs in technologies. “It is a battle,” she mentioned, to get young ladies to opt for tech, normally due to the fact their households inform them it is not a fantastic match. The video that screened ahead of lunch—“we all have a spot in tech”—encouraged us to assist turn that tide.

“You can understand a lot more in an hour of play,” Kimberly MacLean, Director of Finding out at Speechless, declared that afternoon, “then in a year of communication.” MacLean walked attendees by means of unique self-assurance-developing tactics to gear them up for presentations, pitches and meetings. She talked about developing stories—which, science says, are 22 % a lot more memorable than facts—and then gave us access to 13 a lot more courses that are supplied in partnership with CreativeLive, Females TechMakers and Speechless.

Bria Sullivan, who describes herself on LinkedIn as a “Full Stack Engineer on Google Advertisements Tools by day, Android and iOS Developer by evening,” with “diversity and inclusion” listed as her “#1 priority,” followed MacLean with a lightning speak about becoming 1 of the only ladies in the area. For somebody like Sullivan—and several of the ladies, inevitably, in the room—it’s a haunting glimpse into how really hard enhancing the composition of the field could be. Her challenges reminded all of us that there is nevertheless so significantly perform to be completed to develop a new horizon collectively.

Bria Sullivan and Lisa Niver
Bria Sullivan and Lisa Niver

Villalobos closed out the occasion by telling us how it all started. She developed her dream job—and now, she spends her time establishing projects to assistance ladies all about the globe. This year, Google will hold 16 of these summits. Their outreach encompasses 190 nations and touches 100,000 ladies.

“When you chart your path,” Villalobos told us, “trust your why.” Following our passions and reshaping the market, she assured us, will “clear the path for the subsequent generation to develop anything that has under no circumstances been completed ahead of.”


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