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Going on a safari is an when-in-a-lifetime practical experience each travel girl should really reside. Getting capable to observe the wildlife in its organic habitat is a enormous chance – hanging with giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos and other wild animals for a day? YES!

My dream came correct about a year ago when I joined a 12-hour safari in Botswana and it was one particular of the finest adventures I ever had in my life – you can study all about it right here.

Figuring out the best safari attire is of wonderful value – not just for your selfies. Safaris are fascinating and adventurous and safari style incorporates all these components as nicely as, maintaining you secure and sound even though on this wild trip. 

Safari-inspired style has been trending considering the fact that the early 70’s thanks to its timeless elegance, utilitarian character and attractive particulars. Earthy tones and organic textures are each essentials for your journey into the jungle – bold colors are a enormous no considering the fact that they can attract each wild animals and insects. Beige, cream, khaki, brown and tan should really be your go-to hues in garments and footwear.

To amp up your outfit and add an exotic touch, attempt layering gold accessories or adding a silk scarf in muted hues. Also, traw hats are a should apart from supplying sun protection, straw hats are really feminine and so hot ideal now.

Then just comprehensive your safari appear with a suede or straw bag in neutral colours – feel of utility and style when selecting one particular.

And just in case you wanna know extra about this superb practical experience, just study my 10 suggestions for an African Safari – prior to you even book your tickets! 




Το λευκό είναι ένα χρώμα που αποφεύγεται στο αληθινό σαφάρι, παρόλο που έχει συνδιαστεί υπέροχα με το χακί και το καφέ αυτού του στυλ. Στην πραγματικότητα ωστόσο, το λευκό χρώμα είναι απαγορευτικό για την αφρικανική σαβάνα.

Εδώ όμως μιλάμε ΚΑΙ για μόδα, οπότε μπορούμε να το εντάξουμε στο safari appear χωρίς κανέναν κίνδυνο!



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