The Odyssey of Kondivite, Mahakali Caves, in Mumbai


In spite of spending more than a decade, operating in Mumbai, I have only not too long ago began exploring the city, the way I should really have a lot earlier. Take, for instance, Mahakali road in Andheri East. I have been right here ahead of, a zillion instances for the corporate meetings. But not after, did any person mention Mahakali Caves to me. Normally, if you engage in a conversation with the cab drivers, they inform you every little thing you will need to know about the neighbourhood. But, not a single mention of Mahakali Caves.

Mahakali Caves Andheri

I stumbled upon this beauty, even though randomly scouting Mumbai landmarks on the net. I imply who could have guessed that tucked involving the busiest corporate and industrial region of Mumbai, is a series of 1st-century caves, that you should not miss even though you are right here.

Mahakali Caves

When I initially got right here, I was shocked to come across out that they do not have an entry charge. Specifically, considering the fact that, Mahakali Caves is a effectively-maintained structure with a beautifully manicured garden. If you want to cave for adventure and physical exercising then, this could be the ideal spot.

Kondivite Caves

Despite the fact that, ahead of you start your expedition, let me inform you that these caves are also identified as the Kondivite Caves. Kondivite also Mahakali Caves, is a collection of 19 rock-reduce caves, constructed involving 1st and 6th-century BC. In all its glory, it is a Buddhist monastery consisting of two groups of rock-reduce caves. Out of nineteen, 15 caves stretch towards the South-East, even though, remaining four towards the North-West. When you tour the South-Eastern caves, do quit by the 9th-cave, which is a chaitya, as opposed to the rest of the viharas. A Chaitya-Griha is a shrine which consists of a “Stupa” at one particular finish, wherein, Viharas are the Buddhist temple or the monastery.

Mahakali Caves Andheri East

Throughout my pay a visit to, I discovered out that the North-Western side of Mahakali (Kondivite) Caves, was constructed later in the 4th and the 5th century. The South Eastern Caves, on the other hand, had been constructed in the initially century. On the other hand, none of these caves is as intriguing as the 9th-one particular that showcases 7 mutilated depictions of the Buddha from Buddhist mythology. In involving the leisurely walks and the rock-reduce cisterns, I enjoyed observing the standard building style of the caves. Every single one particular skillfully carved out of strong black basalt rock that requires us back in time.

Mahakali Caves Mumbai

House to Buddhist monks, this steel fenced cave complicated is positioned on a hilltop on the Mahakali Caves Road, named following it.


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