Finest Areas For French Speaking Nations


You do not have to just pay a visit to France if you have a want to hear the romantic tones of the French language. Even though Spanish and English are two of the most popular languages in the planet, you will obtain French spoken in some of the nations also.

Getting not too long ago returned from Senegal – a French speaking nation – I wanted to place collectively a list of the nations exactly where you can speak French. Even if you only know a handful of standard phrases never let that quit you from going to the following locations:

St Martins

Exactly where greater to appreciate the French language than in a tropical paradise. Travel to the Caribbean sea and you will obtain a handful of French speaking islands to select from. Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Barts and Saint Martin all supply a French flavour amongst palm trees and crystal clear seas.

Saint Martin is my favourite and shares its land with St Maarten – the Dutch side of the island. St Martin is recognized for its cuisine and the French side of the island is exactly where you will obtain the speciality restaurants and the far more sophisticated nightlife.


The Seychelles is a cosmopolitan island with a blend of French and British heritage evident in its architecture. The Seychelles is created up of more than 100 islands, some atolls and other reef islands. It is situated off the east coast of Africa. With French indigenous culture nevertheless prevalent right here we can see why a lot of French select to take their holidays in the Seychelles.


Of course! France claims to be the quantity a single tourist location and can be visited all year round supplying ski slopes, Christmas markets and lots of outside adventure. But this nation is far more than its capital Paris with arts and culture and gives a historical path of port cities, medieval towns and chateaus.

Even though the accent differs from area to area (just as any other language), France is a nation that will leave you saying “oh la la.”

French Guiana

French Guiana

Not actually a single for attracting vacationers, French Guiana is a little nation tucked away in South America. Even though it is on a distinct continent it remains aspect of France. Saint Laurent du Maroni is on the border of Suriname and has fascinating architecture and an old prison to pay a visit to.

There are not that a lot of other locations to see right here so I recommend only going to if you are on the South American continent. The ideal attraction right here is the Guiana Space Centre comprehensive with a space shuttle that you can pay a visit to (but it is all in French).


French was recognised as the official language of Quebec back in 1974 and Quebec is the biggest French-speaking location in Canada. Even though it is a distinct French from which you will obtain in France, you will nevertheless obtain the fine French cuisine amongst the 100 or so restaurants in Old Quebec, recognised by UNESCO as Planet Heritage. There are lots of shows and festivals to maintain you entertained inside the city also.


Sharing the exact same land mass as Dominican Republic, Haiti is in fact a single of the poorest nations in the Caribbean. Even though overshadowed by the Dom Rep, Haiti has culture, adventure and lots of history. If you do select to go right here as a solo opt for a tour guide as the nation is not recognized for its security.

Tall green mountains and water falls are inside its all-natural attractions and this nation made use of to be a crucial tourism location back in the 1970s but tourism is gradually returning to this Caribbean nation. If you are hunting for a location with out a lot of vacationers, Haiti is a humble location to pay a visit to.


Renowned for the film with the speaking animals, Madagascar certainly does has its fair share of animals and is well-liked with wildlife lovers but what it also has is a French culture with a lot of other influences from Arabs, British and Chinese.

Madagascar is the forth biggest island in the planet and lies off the eastern coast of South Africa. Even though the inhabitants also speak Malagasy, French is the dominant language.

There are lots of other individuals to contain such as Togo, and Benin in West Africa. Exactly where is your favourite French speaking nation?


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