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Staying connected as we travel has by no means been less difficult. Travellers can pick out from a assortment of solutions from subscribing to international information roaming plans to acquiring regional/international SIM cards or a wifi device, or basically generating use of wifi connections at hotels, cafés and restaurants. Every single choice has its pros and cons. International information roaming plans can be pricey, utilizing a regional/international SIM card requires switching SIM cards in your telephone (with the added threat of misplacing your household SIM card, anything that is occurred to me twice!) and regional wifi hotspots can be patchy and unsecured. As a frequent traveller, I’ve attempted all these solutions but I assume I’ve located the very best international information roaming answer so far, one particular that:

  • does not involve physically switching SIM cards
  • does not involve carrying a wifi device with me
  • permits me to have 4G top quality roaming in 100+ nations
  • comes with a extremely affordable expense.

Enable me to introduce you to Flexiroam!

An simple and versatile international information roaming answer

Employing Flexiroam – receiving began

I not too long ago began utilizing Flexiroam and so far, I’ve tested it in 5 nations. I’m actually pleased with how simple it is to use and the top quality of the connections. Most importantly, I do not have to switch SIM cards! In addition, the app permits me to preserve track of my information usage and prime-up my balance when required. This is the element I obtain so cool about Flexiroam: as an alternative of replacing SIM cards, Flexiroam’s Starter Pack involves a microchip which you stick onto your household SIM card, in impact building a dual SIM in your telephone. Nifty stuff! I believed it sounded difficult at very first but it is actually straightforward. The Starter Pack comes with extremely clear guidelines on how to go about performing this and it took me just a minute to set up the microchip.


The Starter Pack comes with clear guidelines on how to set up the microchip.


Sticking the microchip onto my household SIM card.

I then downloaded the Flexiroam app and followed the guides to activate the SIM. I completed the measures in a handful of minutes and I was prepared to go.

The dashboard of the Flexiroam app.

Verify out my travel preparing sources web page for guidelines


I obtain the pricing fairly affordable. For instance, you can now acquire a Starter Pack (involves 1GB of information) for USD 29.99. A 7GB Starter Pack at present expenses USD 199.99 and the program is valid for 360 days. Prime-ups expense upwards of USD five.99 and any leftover information is rolled more than to the validity period of the new prime-up program. Buying a regional information program might be less costly in particular nations. Even so, if you are on a brief trip, or going to several nations, the comfort provided by Flexiroam, which does not involve altering SIM cards and additional paperwork (to receive a regional SIM card), weighs much more in my book. As quickly as I arrive at my location, I switch to Flexiroam and it automatically connects with a companion network.


After installed, it is basically a matter of switching from the household SIM to the Flexiroam SIM to get began.

It is pretty simple to switch back-and-forth amongst my household SIM and the Flexiroam SIM (see some significant points beneath), so when I’m not travelling, the microchip lies dormant atop my household SIM card in my telephone.

Examples of how a great deal I’ve paid so far:

  • Malaysia: 3GB for 24 days for USD27
  • Canada: 500MB for 14 days for USD25
  • Taiwan: 1GB for 14 days for USD9
  • Indonesia: 1GB for eight days for USD6.30
  • South Africa: 1GB for eight days for USD4.50 (discounted price)

There are all sorts of discounted prices such as early-bird purchases (e.g. 50% off when bought 30 days or 70% off when bought 90 days prior to the information program begins), acquire-1-get-1-free of charge and other specific delivers.

One more perk

You can earn additional information (100MB to be precise) for each and every referral to loved ones and good friends. As an additional bonus, they get 100MB as well! By way of the app, you can share a exceptional hyperlink which your loved ones and good friends can use to acquire Flexiroam. If you sign up for FlexiroamX by way of this hyperlink, you will get 100MB free of charge and so will I! &#x1f642


Refer good friends and earn 100MB!

Producing/getting calls

As with any dual-SIM program, only one particular SIM can be employed at any offered moment. Therefore, if you are utilizing the Flexiroam SIM, you will not be in a position to acquire calls on your mobile quantity and you will not have access to SMS. Even so, you can nonetheless do all that (voice calls and messaging) by way of channels like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, and so forth. In addition, Flexiroam also enables calls by way of the app for a price of 10MB per minute.

Producing calls by way of the Flexiroam app expenses 10MB/minute.

Conclusion: I’m actually glad I was introduced to Flexiroam. The concept of utilising a microchip as a sticker atop the household SIM is certainly nifty and solves various troubles for me, such as not obtaining to switch SIM cards. In addition, the 4G connections in the nations I’ve employed it so far have been terrific. When I’m not travelling, I basically switch back to my household SIM. Primarily based on my expertise so far, I’m much more than pleased to suggest this international information roaming answer.

Significant points when switching to FlexiroamX SIM

Switching amongst the House and FlexiroamX SIM is a bit cumbersome, at least, for these who use iPhones (I’m not certain if it is the similar for Android phones). When switching, the most significant points to preserve in thoughts prior to you restart your telephone are:

  • assure Mobile/Celullar Information APN is changed to flexiroam
  • assure Information Roaming is switched ON
  • assure Wifi is switched OFF (it can be turned back on later when FlexiroamX is activated)

When switching back to your House SIM, alter the Mobile/Celullar Information APN back to the original setting.


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