The rise of the solo diner in Irish restaurants


The thought utilised to horrify us, but now much more of us are performing it. We’re dining alone, and not just half-perched on a stool necking a ham roll on our break. We’re sitting down to tables with spot settings for a single, in the certainty that no a single is going to sneak a chip or half our dessert. The table for a single is a expanding trend, a correct test of hospitality and the list of wines by the glass.

Solo diners, Greta Garbos who want to be alone with their meals, are influencing the style and layout of restaurants and menus. If the contact comes from a UK quantity, Irish restaurants will snap to interest just in case it is a Michelin inspector, but otherwise it is all element of the service. And in contrast to most restaurant trends, the solo diner is anticipated to stick about, and develop even larger.

As a restaurant critic you have to have a dining companion to take the bare appear off you. In a nation this smaller you stick out sufficient, even with cover. Two persons can give a menu a greater run via, the practical experience of the common meal.

Lone diners are much more probably to arrive with no a booking, so we are most likely nonetheless not capturing the complete image.

A table for two is nonetheless the default setting in lots of restaurants, but shared tables, bar seating and the growing busyness of lives implies we are getting lots of much more individualised restaurant experiences.

The restaurant collector, who likes to tick off nicely-identified restaurants, knows that walking in as a solo diner can aid to swing a seat much more conveniently in an not possible-to-book spot.

Technologies has played its element in the development of solo dining, delivering companion-totally free diners with an endless tasting menu of distraction. Most of us are by no means much more than a thumb-swipe away from a book, report, podcast or box set to preserve us entertained as we consume.

But technologies has also captured the information on the trend. About 4 years ago, on-line booking service OpenTable began noticing an improve in bookings for tables for a single. The service recorded an 80 per cent improve in solo reservations in New York in the previous year, though we do not know what the 80 per cent improve represented in true numbers. Lone diners are much more probably to arrive with no a booking, so we are most likely nonetheless not capturing the complete image.

Restaurateur Elaine Murphy says they see a lot of solo diners in 3 of her Dublin restaurants – the Winding Stair, Legal Eagle and The Woollen Mills.

“We do not bat an eyelid at a solo diner. Very a handful of of them are girls. At nighttime they have a tendency to be overseas guests, throughout the day lots of Irish residents. We’ve by no means discriminated, told them they have to be at the bar, or place them at an out-of-the-way table.”

Murphy believes the younger generation of Irish diners are much more confident in restaurants

Solo diners are a major function of lunch in the Legal Eagle beside the 4 Courts, which is element of the cause it gives very good wines by the glass. “If you do not have a decent choice by the glass, the solo diner is stuck with the home,” Murphy says.

Likewise, sharing plates can be supplied as half-portions. “I assume it is actually the mark of your hospitable genes. You can make a memory for somebody if they have a very good practical experience dining alone.”

Murphy believes the younger generation of Irish diners are “more confident in restaurants”, getting grown up with a scene. Not too long ago she had 3 lone diners in. She supplied a single of them a newspaper, the other was on their telephone, and the third particular person stated they “just wanted to sit and let their brain rest and appear around”.

Getting alone much more usually is a expanding function of life, regardless of our infinite methods to connect. In Ireland, 23.five per cent of us – or pretty much 400,000 households – reside in a single-particular person residences, according to the 2016 census, a development of two per cent considering the fact that the final census in 2011.

Arranging a evening out with buddies is much more difficult as we perform longer hours. A 2016 study by Morgan McKinley, cited by Bord Bia in its meals trends forecasting, identified that almost 3-quarters of Irish workers reported operating longer hours than they have been contracted to. Almost half of persons have been operating six or much more hours more than their contracted time just about every week.

Elaine Murphy, owner of The Legal Eagle,Chancery Place, Dublin 1. Photograph: Tom Honan.
Elaine Murphy, owner of The Legal Eagle,Chancery Location, Dublin 1. Photograph: Tom Honan.

Maitre d’ John Healy has noticed a fast transform in how persons behave in restaurants when they’re on their personal. “In the 4 Seasons we utilised to have magazines and newspapers. Now everyone’s on their telephone, or with an open laptop on the table, or Face-timing with earphones.”

In Suesey Street on Dublin’s Fitzwilliam Location, exactly where he runs front of home, the proportion of lone diners is low having said that, about 1 per cent he reckons. “People most likely chose a larger restaurant exactly where you can hide,” he says.

Do restaurant hearts sink at a lone diner, since they represent half the invest of a table for two? “It’s half the income, but you are capable to turn the table more quickly,” Healy says. “Lone diners come in early, and they’re gone inside an hour.”

Healy tends to make an work to make persons really feel comfy when they arrive alone. An older lady came in not too long ago. “She was incredibly independent. She came in gradually, and was waiting to see how we would engage with her.” When she started speaking to Healy, he identified her fascinating.

“People who dine alone have a tendency to be intriguing persons. It requires a tiny bit of guts at times to stroll into a restaurant. If you are travelling, you can just consume in your area, but to stroll into a restaurant and sit down, or a dining area with white tablecloths, you have to have to be incredibly comfy in oneself.”

Maitre d’ John Healy has seen a rapid change in how people behave in restaurants when they’re on their own. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne
Maitre d’ John Healy has noticed a fast transform in how persons behave in restaurants when they’re on their personal. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne

In the previous, dining alone could be a certain challenge for girls. Healy had a buddy who travelled for perform and ate on her personal in restaurants. “She was hit on the complete time.” She created a variety of techniques, opening her diary, reading a book, “sending out the signals so persons do not assume you are seeking for attention”.

In the Cork town of Midleton, chef Kevin Aherne has a standard trio of lone diners who come in to his restaurant Sage just about every week. 1 of them brings a Kindle to study. “If you are developing an atmosphere exactly where it is friendly and the feeling is usually a relaxing spot then persons really feel comfy.”

Does he like the trend? “Any diner is a welcome addition to the restaurant,” he says. Employees have a tendency to have longer conversations with solo diners. “It can be wonderful for finding feedback on the meals.”

Most of his lone diners consume in the casual restaurant, but corporate solo diners, who are travelling for perform, come to the much more formal restaurant.

Elaine Murphy likes to go “to the weirdest locations exactly where no-a single would know me” and dine alone. It enables her to persons watch, and listen in a way she cannot do at perform. “Women have these intense conversations, and guys do not appear to chat at all.”

Top rated 10 solo dining spots

Etto, Merrion Row, Dublin two. There are a smaller quantity of bar seats right here and the meals is wonderful.

Fish Shop, Benburb Street, Dublin 7. Once again bar and wall seating and terrific meals are the important to this spot.

Cornucopia, Exchequer Street, Dublin two. A window seat with a bowl of soup and a book. Vegetarian heaven.

The Fumbally, Clanbrassil Street, Dublin eight. Choose your spot at the lengthy shared table or curl up on a battered couch with a single of the cookbooks.

The Woollen Mills on Ormond Quay, or The Legal Eagle on Chancery Location, Dublin 1. Employees know how to make lone diners really feel welcome.

Sage, Midleton, Co Cork. Choose casual or formal. There will be other lone diners right here.

Suesey Street, Fitzwilliam Location, Dublin two. They have seats at the bar and a casual menu for a rapidly lone bite.

Kai on the Sea Road, and Tartare on Dominick Street, Galway. Each will take a lone dining meals practical experience up various notches. “I adore them,” chef patron at Kai Jess Murphy says, in particular of older persons travelling and dining alone.

How to cater for lone diners

Restaurants who want to attract the solo diner could arrange for bar or lengthy table seating to make persons really feel much more comfy. In the Journal of Small business Analysis final year, a study identified that putting solo dining tables collectively with smaller distances amongst them led to much more camaraderie amongst lone diners.

A current survey by Jurys Inn in the UK identified that 73 per cent of persons stated they would appreciate a meal out on their personal, and a single in 4 persons stated they had eaten out alone in the final month. Lunch was the most preferred solo dining occasion, breakfast was the subsequent most preferred followed by brunch. Dinner was the least preferred with 57 per cent of persons saying they would really feel comfy consuming out throughout the evening alone.

Props seemed to be critical with books, magazines or newspaper the most preferred, followed by “people-watching” and going on social media as the third most preferred issue to do though dining alone.


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