Gourmet Indulgence at Rewind Restaurant, Baguio City


It is been a small though due to the fact I final wrote a restaurant evaluation on the weblog, or even about my hometown Baguio for that matter. My current travels have had me writing about destinations a small additional afield, but I also really like to weblog about the magnificent city I reside in. When the chance arose to take a look at the newly opened and oh-so opulent Rewind Restaurant, I was there with (gilded) bells on.


Walking into Rewind Restaurant, it has that homey Baguio vibe which tends to make me really feel reminiscent of the old Baguio. On the proper wing, additional inside, just prior to the fireplace, there is a small art gallery space on the left and far more space for tables on the proper. I could just consider myself, acquiring a best spot there, sitting on one particular of Rewind’s oh-so-fluffy beanbags, reading a book, and immersing myself with very good meals and a relaxing atmosphere.

We received a incredibly warm welcome from the owners of the restaurant which only added an added touch of hospitality. The beautiful owner showed us to our table, which was situated at the terrace more than-seeking the lush pine forest.


My meals buddies and I never do points by halves, and as quickly as we had taken our seats by the terrace, we knew we had been going to indulge. We kicked off by feasting on a hot pinapaitan which I have been craving for months. A small later came a completely sizzling pork salpicao, crackling pigar-pigar, scrumptious cheeseburger with fries and garlic dip, creamy pasta carbonara, and Rewind’s garden salad  for a ridiculously indulgent major course combo.

Rewind’s cheeseburger with fries and some garlic dip was crusty on the outdoors and completely meaty on the inside. I perused the menu while smothering a piece of the crispy fries with the delectable garlic dip, which was certainly my favored. The dish looked like a perform of art and got my afternoon off to a fantastic start off.

The smoking hot pinapaitan just came proper in time as I was craving for a hot soup. It is the best cold climate dish combo. For me, I favor to add a dash of calamansi for that added oomph on my palate.

If I ever see a Pigar-pigar on the menu, there is a 99% opportunity I am going to order it. As quickly as I saw it was paired with rice, soy sauce, calamansi, and a red hot chili on the side, I was even far more sold. The mixture of fresh white onions, cabbages, and the tender beef was an certainly delightful in the mouth. Rewind’s Pigar-pigar: Tender beef strips, flavourful, juicy, and certainly satisfying.

The Sizzling Pork Salpicao arrived completely cooked. The meat was flavoursome and succulent and I could genuinely inform it was fresh. Smaller bites of the meat with the vegetables on the side had been small bites of heaven.

Rewind’s creamy Carbonara was one particular of the very best Carbonara I have ever tasted and personally, it was one particular of my favourite portion of the meal!I loved that it was produced with chunky pasta spaghetti. The chunks of meat had been smaller and subtle and added an added dimension to the classic dish. If you go to Rewind Cafe you will have to order this!

Rewind’s Garden Salad was the most juicy-licious and scrumptious salad to boot. A mix of fresh seasonal components which includes grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and cucumber with crunchy crumbs on top rated, and seasoned with genuine orange juice as its vinaigrette. If you discover oneself hungry but want anything healthful then Rewind’s Garden Salad is for you.

We kicked off by possessing a taste of Rewind’s soy bean coffee masterpieces and came hugely encouraged by the owner and expertly poured to perfection on the cups. We have a taste of the 4 non-caffeinated soy bean coffee they have on the menu: Brewed Soy Bean Coffee, Raspberry Soy Bean Coffee, Hazelnut Soy Bean Coffee, and the Salted Caramel Soy Bean Coffee. I really like the brewed soy bean coffee far more. It has that wealthy taste which I certainly would order.

Here’s a list of what we ate that afternoon,

  • Rewind’s Garden Salad
  • Carbonara
  • Rewind’s Pinapaitan
  • Rewind’s Pigar-Pigar
  • Sizzling Pork Salpicao
  • Cheeseburger
  • Brewed Soy Bean Coffee
  • Raspberry Soy Bean Coffee
  • Hazelnut Soy Bean Coffee
  • Salted Caramel Soy Bean Coffee


The Rewind Cafe truly got its name from the words “seeking back at the previous”. The owners wanted to let everybody really feel the old Baguio — exactly where locals and vacationers alike reminisce the extremely wealthy culture of venerable Baguio.


Rewind Cafe is a will have to go-to foodie haven, a cozy globe away, for just 10-15 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the city center. It is a fashionable oasis for travellers and Baguio locals (like me) to escape to. If you happen to be preparing a trip to the Cordilleran area, embarking on a Northern Luzon mini-break or coming for a weekend to Baguio, it would be the best location to take a look at to satisfy your palates. The service is amazing, the meals is scrumptious, the price tag is spending budget-friendly, and the setting is really one of a kind.

#two C. Arellano St. Ext. (Longboan Alley), Gibraltar Rd.
Baguio City 2600
+44 ()20 7841 3566

What did you feel of my encounter at Rewind Baguio Cafe? Have you heard of it or are you preparing to go? I’d really like to hear your thoughts so please leave me a comment in the box under.

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This meal was offered complimentary in exchange for coverage. All views are my personal.


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