Self Driving The Golden Circle + Practically Killing Our Rental Automobile in the Approach – TRAVELLING THE Planet SOLO


The Golden Circle is really possibly the most frequent day trip to take from Reykjavik.

The itinerary generally incorporates Gullfoss waterfall, Strokkur geysir and Thingvellir National Park. There is a very good purpose why these locations are in such higher demand – they are beautiful! I had performed this day tour on my 1st trip to Iceland in 2013, and honestly, I was surprisingly excited to do it once again. I had observed all these locations for the duration of the middle of winter, so it was probably that my return trip would be vastly various.

As I had been to Iceland a lot of instances just before, Chelsea and Mel quite a lot let me program our itinerary which meant that I had the freedom to play about with our day, and I ended generating a couple of modifications to a additional standard Golden Circle itinerary.

I created the choice to skip Thingvellir, and in it is spot, we would take a look at Háifoss and Kerið crater.

Háifoss was the spot farthest from Reykjavik, so offered that we would be returning to Reykjavik in the evening, we created the choice to head out to Háifoss and then make our way closer back to town more than the course of the day.

So, with that choice created, we picked up our small rental automobile and hit the road!

Points went quite smoothly for the 1st couple of hours (at least if you ignore the unexpected manual rather of auto and the trauma of going the incorrect way down a 1 way road) but when it came time to take the turnoff to reach Háifoss, I was slightly shocked to see that the gravel track didn’t appear all that smooth.

Having said that, we persisted.

As it turned out, my prior travels in Iceland created me a small bit as well confident, and I had decided to take a look at this waterfall without the need of carrying out any analysis beforehand. I figured that since so lots of of Iceland’s attractions are so conveniently accessible, surely Háifoss would be too…

I was extremely incorrect.


There was no signage on the roads, which means that I was totally unaware that the track was an ‘F’ track – in Iceland, ‘F’ roads are thought of 4×4 only, and taking a 2×2 on such a track totally voids all of your insurance coverage.

I didn’t locate this out till just after the reality, and had I identified beforehand, we would by no means have attempted to navigate the track. There have been enormous potholes, rocks and puddles that have been a lot as well deep to drive via in a automobile with such low clearance, but by the time we realised just how dodgy and poorly maintained the road was, we have been currently halfway there and created the choice to ignore our much better judgement and persist.

We have been extremely fortunate to not have any challenges (though there have been some encounters with rocks and puddles that did leave me a small worried about returning the automobile) but it was a very stressful twenty minute drive. I would urge any person preparing to visit Háifoss to opt for a 4×4 rather of 2×2, and I’d like to reiterate that by ignoring this guidance, you’d be liable to cover any associated harm that the car may possibly acquire.

With that stated, it leaves me in two minds about visiting Háifoss. On 1 hand, I’d definitely by no means try the track once again without the need of a 4×4 car, but on the other, I am so glad that we have been a bit irresponsible – because Háifoss was so undeniably lovely and so wonderfully secluded.


There have been only a handful of other individuals present at this jaw drop worthy waterfall, which due to a enormous tourism boom in Iceland, is definitely really the rarity.

I had previously been convinced that Goðafoss was my favourite Icelandic waterfall, but then out of nowhere, Háifoss just swooped in and stole that title.




This subsequent photo ended up becoming my favourite photo from my complete time in Iceland! I should’ve been annoyed that I peaked so early, but honestly, with such a magical shot, how on earth could I really feel something other than pure delight?



Ultimately it was time to say goodbye to the magical landscape of Háifoss and brave the ‘F’ road as soon as additional. When we landed back on a sealed road we all let out a small sigh of relief and off we went to our subsequent quit – Gullfoss.

Popular for becoming 1 of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland and also for becoming so conveniently accessible from Reykjavik, Gullfoss is undeniably impressive. Having said that, it definitely was a various encounter the second time about.

On my 1st take a look at to Gullfoss, our minibus tour group was the ONLY tour group. On this repeat take a look at, the carpark was complete with at least 400 autos, if not additional.

I am not gonna lie, I absolutely preferred it the 1st time, but it was nonetheless quite cool to see the waterfall surrounded by green grass and not blending in with white snow.


Subsequent up was Strokkur Geysir. When once again, the crowds had grown drastically because the final time I visited (and the lighting for photographs was quite appalling compared to my 1st take a look at) but neither of factors created going to the geysir any significantly less exciting. We got definitely saturated the 1st time we watched it erupt, and it was so a lot exciting that I didn’t locate the crowds frustrating.


Our final quit for the day was the Kerið crater. I gotta admit, this wasn’t as fascinating as the Instagram photos created it out to be! It wasn’t the most fascinating of locations, but the point is, even the most boring locations in Iceland are lovely, so it was nonetheless a beautiful finish to our 1st day of exploring.

We may possibly have risked murdering our small rental automobile, but we created it via without the need of incident! Plus, we saw some genuinely lovely locations in Iceland. You can not ask for a lot additional than that.


Finding to Reykjavik: The capital of Iceland is effectively connected to Europe and North America via Keflavik airport
Loft Hostel: Nevertheless my favourite hostel in Reykjavik, dorm beds start off at about $70 AUD per evening, click right here to find out additional
Camera: Photos captured with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 in conjunction with the M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/two.eight and M.Zuiko 12-40mm f/two.eight lenses
Bear in mind: I can’t pressure this adequate! If you want to see Háifoss, YOU Need to have A 4×4!



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