SEAT launches kick scooter sharing in Madrid


Micromobility is on everyone’s mouths and newspaper headlines – and is actively promoted by SEAT: Following the introduction of the electric scooter SEAT eXS Kickscooter powered by Segway at the Barcelona Clever City Congress and the international presentation of the notion vehicle SEAT Minimó, the Spanish vehicle manufacturer is now taking the subsequent step. At this year’s Mobile Planet Congress in Barcelona, the brand announced that it is taking on the part of pacing forward and implementing the urban micro-mobility method for the Volkswagen Group.

Madrid as the nucleus of the Kicksharing project

Considering that then, SEAT has sold a lot more than five,000 units of the electric scooter SEAT eXS launched in December final year. The business is resolutely continuing on its path and has now announced its strategic cooperation with the get started-up UFO. Collectively with XMOBA Ventures, it desires to provide a service for the sharing of e-scooters (kick-sharing). As aspect of this project, 530 models of the SEAT eXS Kickscooter powered by Segway will be created obtainable to the residents of Madrid.

The eXS is the very first SEAT item especially made to facilitate urban mobility. The agreement signed with UFO underlines our commitment to micro-mobility and marks our entry into kicks-scooter sharing” mentioned Lucas Casasnovas, director of SEAT Item Marketing and advertising.

Mario Marín, co-founder and CEO of UFO, says, “UFO was founded to revolutionise urban mobility and make it simpler, a lot more sustainable and a lot more men and women-friendly. We are pleased to have identified in SEAT a companion who understands the future of mobility in the future like no other and whose vision fits completely with UFO’s vision. We have ambitious plans and want to establish UFO in other European cities as nicely. This partnership will pave the way for us.”

As aspect of the partnership among UFO and XMOBA Ventures, a SEAT-independent business that tests, introduces and finances new mobility options, XMOBA also plans to analyse the mobility information for the kicksharing service to achieve new insights into tomorrow’s urban micro-mobility ideas to win.

Close cooperation with public institutions

SEAT operates closely with authorities and institutions. In performing so, the business follows precisely to what the representatives of many public institutions have to say to achieve insights into their strategy to mobility in major cities. A different target is to determine synergies for the particular challenges that face urban mobility.

The cooperation with UFO is not restricted to Madrid: It is planned to expand the pilot plan to provide the service in other cities, based on the accomplishment of the project. It normally seeks cooperation with public authorities. SEAT is committed to integrating new indicates of transportation into urban transport in a way that guarantees that the urban population feels as protected and as undisturbed as attainable.

App-primarily based payment model

The greatest instance is the kicksharing service more than UFO. It is intuitive and simple: customers can use an app-primarily based map to see if there’s any electric scooter close to their place. This can then be unlocked by scanning its QR code. The expenses for the service quantity to 1 time 1.00 Euro for the unlocking and .15 Euro per minute usage time. Payment is automatic and usage-dependent through the app.

UFO operates the Kicksharing service in Madrid below license from the Municipal Division for Mobility and Atmosphere. UFO desires to establish itself as an option for sustainable urban mobility. According to the regional website traffic regulations in Madrid, the rental scooters have to be parked in the parking spaces offered for motorcycles and bicycles, in public parking places on the street or the sidewalk.

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