Reflections from the Road | Vol. 38


Hello, Web mates from all more than the planet! How’s 2019 going for you so far?

For us, it felt like January was about a year lengthy and then February and March zipped by. That appears to come about anytime anytime we travel a lot – by the time we get household, months have evaporated, the new posts and videos have piled up and we are filling in the dry erase board with a entire new calendar of content material to make. 

It is been a reasonably quiet couple of months for us as we’ve place the pieces in spot for the rest of 2019. Of course it hasn’t been quiet for us behind the scenes – we’ve been producing bargains and signing contracts and strategizing so that we could attain our ambitions for this year. And now the genuine madness starts! Suitable now, Rae is on a plane to the Middle East, I’m in the automobile with Rick on the way household from a relaxing loved ones weekend in the North Georgia mountains. Sheba, as usual, is living her most effective life and sleeping cozily on my lap.

We are sprinting into Q2, so let’s get began on this most current edition of Reflections from the Road, shall we?

Reflections from the Road 38

Reflections from the Road 38


We filmed yet another episode of The Jet Sisters! This time, Rae’s adopted hometown of Orlando took center stage. If you haven’t observed us screaming about Lake Tohopekaliga on an airboat or just about losing our lunch on the StarFlyer, take a peek. We’re actually proud of exactly where the show is going and the feedback we’ve been finding so far. So substantially extra to come! 

NEW YORK Instances, Child

In January, I braved the cold and spent a week in NYC to attend IMM and to speak on a panel at the New York Instances Travel Show. I’m actually loving the speaker life (I know – WHO AM I?!) and my fellow panelists nailed it and produced the entire point so quick.

It was such a entertaining throwback for me to be in the city once again, since I stayed in my old apartment in Hell’s Kitchen and ran into so a lot of PR mates from my agency days. And yeah, karaoke till five a.m. occurred. It was a treat!

New York Times Travel Show


Practically 15 years given that graduation, I just paid off my student loan final week! Is this what finishing a marathon feels like? I had merit-primarily based scholarships to cover 75% of my tuition, so I utilized the majority of my loan for books, dorm, my sorority (which offered housing and meals for 3 years of college) and my study abroad plan in Paris. Certain, I could’ve paid it off in a lump sum ages ago, but I wanted to have this encounter of chipping away to the incredibly finish. It feels so deliciously Fantastic.

Not only did my parents not spend to get me into college, they didn’t even foot the entire bill! And you know what’s amazing about that? It didn’t hurt me a single bit and as a matter of reality, I believe it produced me grateful and tenacious. I wouldn’t trade this feeling of functioning difficult for anything I wanted for something in the planet. I earned my degree and paid for my life experiences and it tends to make me really feel like a badass. I’m not confident there’s greater life prep than beginning from scratch with no connections and functioning your way up. 

An individual on Twitter asked me if it was worth it… and for me, yes, completely. Simply because of my family’s economic scenario, I chose to study at a state college and I borrowed a affordable quantity primarily based on my significant and earning prospective. I was not about to take out $200,000 loans for a degree that nets minimum wage, you know what I imply? If I had it to do once again, I’d possibly do it the identical way.

Things to do in Nevis


Hot on the heels of our second viewing of Hamilton, Rae and I produced our way to his hometown, Charlestown, Nevis, for a week of exploring. If you are on the hunt for a attractive, friendly and laidback Caribbean island to go to in 2019, Nevis need to undoubtedly be in your consideration set! Verify out our very first post, a guide to Nevis, right here. Additional to come focusing on our boy A. Ham’s Nevisian roots.


Our Mom turned 60 more than the weekend and offered all that lady has place up with more than the years (a death-defying son, planet-traveling daughters, floods and fires and almost everything in involving), she required a memorable adventure – not just a birthday dinner. We snuck away to a cabin in Ellijay, Georgia, for some rummy, stick-on mustaches, hot-tubbing and a go to to the Bigfoot Museum.

Very first of all, do you think in Bigfoot? I need to have to know. And second, what had been we pondering just going for a weekend?! It was also substantially entertaining and we began preparing a return go to virtually as quickly as we arrived.

Verify out the Ellijay Airbnb we stayed in. Very advisable!

Orth Family Shenanigans

Leading Adventures in the previous 90 Days

Physician BLUES

I had a massive medical professional appointment in January that left me in tears. I was actually hoping for some thoughtful insight and rather it was just yet another medical professional blowing me off. He told me to go to discomfort management and get injections, even although I have no diagnosis. He mentioned, ‘Well, if you do not think me, go get a second opinion.” And then he wrote all more than my referral paperwork that there’s practically nothing incorrect.

If you ever wonder why there’s an opioid crisis, I could point to the dozen physicians Rick and I have had more than the previous couple of years who’d rather create a prescription than figure out what’s causing the concern. I’ve been also upset to go back to any other physicians given that that January appointment, although my to-do list (and symptoms) keeps telling me to comply with up. They normally say you have to advocate for your personal wellness, and that is what I’ve been performing for years now. It is so disheartening when it feels like no a single is listening. I’m going to move the chains forward in Q2 – I do not have substantially decision! But it actually has been a struggle and when we’ve ruled a lot out primarily based on all the tests from the previous year, there’s nevertheless extra concerns than answers.

Thank you all so substantially for checking in on me these previous couple of months. Not recognizing something is awful, but possessing help tends to make it bearable.


I would be remiss if I didn’t complain, even briefly, every year about the bane of my Q1 existence – TAXES. Particularly this year, when we now have a rental house to add to the mix. Fantastic point I spent my complete higher college profession mastering about mitochondria and lengthy division rather of the freaking tax code. 


Did you catch my post final week about influencer promoting? It is a small ranty, but it is the tip of the iceberg on what we expert content material creators face when it comes to functioning with brand and destinations. I have worked with so a lot of incredible publicists, I virtually really feel guilty writing it, but you know what? They know exactly where I’m coming from since they have to perform with the garbage influencers and journalists who are just right here for no cost fruit baskets and area nights devoid of supplying worth. It is like Tinder out right here y’all, attempting to obtain the diamonds in the rough on each sides of the equation. I have so substantially extra content material coming out about this so if this sort of inside baseball revs your engine, you are in for a treat in 2019.


Devoid of spilling also a lot of private particulars, Rick and I opened our household to a person in problems and immediately after six months, we had been left actually questioning if we need to have to reign in our massive hearts and be tougher on persons. I know that is the entire point of assisting. You do it and you do not count on something in return. (Except possibly rent, or not breaking our stuff, or lying, or stealing, or what ever.) Everybody told us to throw him out months ago, but we kept providing him opportunity immediately after opportunity to develop up, make fantastic alternatives and get on his feet. In the end it did not perform out for any of us. We’re so disappointed, you know? It hurts worse when you actually go out on a limb for a person and they just do not care, but as we discovered in our foster care class, some persons respond to kindness and other folks take benefit of that till you break. We just have to perform on figuring out how that operates lengthy just before we get hosed. 

Needless to say, we turned our rental into an Airbnb about a year earlier than planned. That is going excellent, so there’s a silver lining.

Places to stay in Nevis, Nesbet Plantation


Quite confident I say this in each RftR post! But this time is a bit distinct. Involving the aforementioned drama and the income lost there, the thousands of dollars in healthcare bills steadily rolling in and the slower winter months exactly where marketers are nevertheless allocating budgets but not actually paying for something, it is been the worst quarter on paper I’ve had given that I began this entire self-employed endeavor. Luckily, we’re heading into the busy season with project immediately after project booked more than the subsequent couple of months. Nonetheless, we’ve been hustling behind the scenes and living on prayer, savings and fumes. God continues to give and bless us as he normally does, and we continue to give generously no matter what the quantity in our bank account says. 

Current Posts &amp Videos

We can make our plans but God determines our measures. Proverbs 16:9


We’ve announced dates for Blogger Bootcamp and early bird registration is open to the public! From August 16-18, 2019, we’re hosting a retreat at the historic Jekyll Island Club Resort. This encounter is for anybody who desires to study about how to be profitable in the blogging/influencer planet from an specialist who’s been producing it come about given that 2006! (It is me, in case that wasn’t clear!)

Angie Away Blogger Bootcamp 2019

By the finish of the workshop, you will have the tools to turn this memorable travel encounter into a compelling portfolio you can use to pitch future partnerships. You can study all the particulars about the hands-on, super interactive weekend right here. The rooms alone are worth $650, so even if you didn’t attend a single workshop or consume a single tasty meal, you’d be finding extra than your money’s worth for a weekend at a beautiful hotel. The early bird price is only obtainable by means of May perhaps 15, so hop to it!

If you cannot make it to Jekyll Island, I have began providing a single-on-a single coaching sessions!


If you are signed up for updates, you currently know the massive news: I’m a keynote speaker at this year’s Ladies in Travel Summit (WITS) in Portland, Maine. WITS is an occasion for 500 females travel influencers, creators and brands. Its objective is to give females travelers with the tools, connections and sources they need to have to turn into greater travel bloggers and entrepreneurs when increasing its worldwide sisterhood of committed females who travel. Could this be extra excellent?!

There are nevertheless a few tickets left right here, and you can book a one-on-a single mentoring session with me if you like. Please send us all your ideas for items to do, see and consume in Portland. Assume we need to film an episode of The Jet Sisters while we’re there?


As I proofread this paragraph, Rae landed in Jordan for a campaign with Hecktic Media and Club Adventures! The depths of my jealousy are immeasurable as I went in 2012 and really like, really like, loved it. The meals, the persons, the Roman ruins, PETRA, for goodness sake. I cannot wait to see it from her viewpoint. She’s taking more than all the @AngieAway accounts so this is a excellent week to tune in.


We are so excited to be filming (at least) two episodes of The Jet Sisters in the subsequent 90 days! We’ll be sharing extra about the destinations incredibly quickly so maintain an eye out.


We’re performing a ton of loved ones travel in Q2, with our annual Ginnie Springs trip very first followed by an adventurous week in the Florida Keys. That is going to be an epic a single to watch with Mom and Dad each agreeing to go parasailing. You will not want to miss that.

48 Hours in Orlando Itinerary - The Jet Sisters - The Castle Hotel

In the subsequent 90 days, Rae and I will be all more than the map, going to Jordan, attending a bestie wedding in Dallas, loved ones vacays in Ginnie Springs and the Florida Keys, WITS in Maine and massive projects in Virginia and New York. We’re pondering about heading to TravelCon in Boston to hang with all our blogging mates but then once again, it may be a fantastic week to catch up on sleep and snuggle with Sheba!

It is been a slow couple of months, at least as far as paid campaigns go, but we have so a lot of projects in the operates, I’m really a small nervous we’ll have extra perform than time to do it. Not a negative dilemma to have although! We are nevertheless performing our incredibly most effective to post new content material on the weblog and a new video on YouTube each Tuesday. We’ve been hitting most of our ambitions even in the midst of a lot of travels and travails. All in all, 2019 has been a genuine challenge so far and we’re prepared to hit our stride in Q2. Glad you are right here with us!

What need to I do with all this added income I have each month now that my student loan is paid off?

Do you think in Bigfoot?

What’s your most significant pet peeve about your job?  


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