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I lay on the soft, luxurious sun lounger, the blazing sun warming my pasty skin. In my hand was a glass of fizzing, dry champagne. I decided to stroll the twelve methods to exactly where the Indian Ocean met my private, white sand beach. I spotted an eagle ray darting by way of the shimmering turquoise water. As I functioning-class lady, the Maldives had constantly seemed like a dream location. Someplace that celebrities or the super wealthy go on vacation. Inconceivable for a lady like me.

Do you want to know the finest point about my trip to the Maldives? It didn’t price me a penny. In truth I got paid ££££ to go there!

If you stick to me on Instagram you know I definitely really like travel. Nothing at all beats the thrill of exploring a new location or attempting an exotic neighborhood dish. I basically travel to a fully new location each and every three weeks, devoid of making use of a single day of my vacation allowance.

Do you want to know my secret?

I function in childcare

Yep, that is it! When I was in college I never ever believed that functioning in childcare would be that profitable. On the other hand, now I realise that it is a job with very higher earning possible.

The trick is who you function for. If you function for the world’s wealthy their kids are their quantity one particular asset and they will spend superior cash to present them with the finest. If you are a native speaker of English, French, Italian, German, Mandarin and numerous extra languages, you are very sought soon after by the worlds elite.

There are numerous individuals functioning in a part as a nanny, private teacher, governess or governor for these households. I’ll inform you a bit extra about what I do and how I got my position.

What is a Governess/Governor?

I at present function as a governess for three kids aged four, eight and 12. My part is very varied and consists of hunting soon after the kids, playing with the kids, consuming with the kids, teaching engaging ESL lessons, selecting the kids up from college and my favourite, going on vacation with them.

I’m generally a mixture of a nanny, teacher and part model to the kids.

Why do Wealthy Households Want a Governess/Governor?

The major cause is so the kids understand English in a all-natural way from a native speaker. I consider it is also a status symbol for the household if they have a native speaking governess/governor.

A governess aids the kids understand English in a comfy atmosphere. Ultimately the kids need to be capable to speak English with native-level fluency, such as obtaining a clear accent and superior grammar.

Some households want the governess to act extra as a nanny and be involved with common childcare. Some want a teacher to concentrate on etiquette and manners. Some want the governess to concentrate on teaching. It all depends on the household and each and every circumstance is diverse.

My Teaching previous

I have taught English for more than four years now. In Japan, I taught English in Elementary schools. The technique utilised wasn’t the finest for language understanding, (evident in the minute quantity of Japanese who basically speak English. Even although its a compulsory college topic).

I then moved to Russia to function in a kindergarten for two years. in the course of this time I had complete handle more than how I taught English and numerous other subjects to the class. I taught phonics and spoke to the kids in a all-natural way. I located this technique to function substantially superior than the Japanese technique.Every year, numerous kids who could barely say hello in English at the starting of the year, had been capable to study and communicate in English with self-confidence by the finish. It was such a rewarding part.

Alongside my Kindergarten job I amassed pretty a list of private students. This is exactly where I gained worthwhile knowledge in how the wealthy Russians reside and what they anticipate from a teacher. I taught a student who had a swimming pool in her bedroom, a different had an exotic cat as a pet, numerous who wore head to toe designer clothing and even one particular who could only leave the property with a minimum of two armed guards. I located this planet fascinating and wanted to knowledge it extra.

More than time I realised that I was the only non-governess amongst my pals. I loved teaching in the kindergarten but it wasn’t obtaining me anyplace financially and I was tired of travelling across Moscow in the cold to get to my private students.

With my teachers at year six graduation in Nasushiobara

Why I decided to grow to be a Governess

I was envious of my pals lifestyles. Possessing close to limitless disposible revenue and travelling to exotic places with function. I decided to appear for a position as a governess.

I had a quantity of diverse interviews, each in particular person and Through Skype. A single of my most memorable interviews was for a household involved in the Yachting enterprise. He had buttons in his property he utilised to summon the housekeepers. When the employees arrived they wore matching uniforms and strode in tandem. We ate black caviar as we discussed the job.

Soon after a quantity of rejections, each on my behalf and from my employer’s side, I ultimately decided on my existing household. I reside alone in a four bedroom property with a jacuzzi, get to travel with the household and get time off each and every three weeks to travel!

Now I will not say that getting a governess is an effortless job. Just about every household is diverse and expects diverse points from their governess. I liked the truth that my household do not employ a nanny also, so I’m extra in handle of my interactions with the kids.

What Capabilities do you Require to grow to be a Governess/Governor?

Operating as a governess/governor is a really certain form of profession. Due to the fact you are employed straight by households, every single one particular differs in what they want from their new employees member.

From Practical experience I’d say an excellent candidate would have:

  • A friendly and calm nature
  • Have a genuine really like for kids
  • Hold a Bachelors degree in any topic
  • Practical experience in teaching English
  • TEFL certificate/ CELTA or PGCE
  • Capability to be versatile and adapt to new circumstances

Personally I have a BSc (Hons, PgDip, TEFL, numberous CPD courses and certificates and a lot of knowledge in teaching kids worldwide. On the other hand I do know a quantity or individuals who function as elite nannies devoid of a bachelors degree. It all depends on what abilities and knowledge you can bring to the job part.

How to come across a Governess/Governor job

Soon after reading about my experiences I bet that you want to know how to come across them? The truth is that there are numerous nanny/governess/governor agencies worldwide and it requires a lot of inside information in the enterprise to come across out the names of them all!

Fortunately there is now an on-line jobs board that displays all of the existing childcare vacancies worldwide! I want I have identified this was obtainable when I was looking for a governess position since it tends to make it a lot simpler obtaining access to all of the obtainable jobs in one particular spot.

The site is www.jobsinchildcare.com. They at present have ££££ paying jobs in Russia, England, The USA, Italy, France and even Uzbekistan!

The finest point is that the childcare jobs are not restricted to English native speakers. So numerous languages are sought soon after by wealthy parents. Verify out the site and see if something catches your eye! They even have very properly paid positions obtainable for PAs, Chefs, Drivers and numerous extra.

You do not have to decide on among function and travel. Why not have it each functioning in childcare?


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