The Bulgari Hotels &amp Resorts is a collection of luxury hotels in cosmopolitan cities and resort destinations the crème de la crème of hospitality in the globe.

The luxury goods brand is 1 of the oldest Italian homes dating back to 1884 with its quite initially boutique opening in 1905 at By means of dei Condotti in Rome. Fine jewelry, fragrances and several accessories are amongst the house’s signature merchandise.

In 2004 Bulgari was introduced into the globe of luxury hotels and resorts, launching its initially hotel in Milan. The celebrated jeweler’s sophisticated style and Marriott’s legendary solutions combine, providing an impeccable collection of hotels in gorgeous areas. 

Following Milan, Bulgari established two extra properties: the Bulgari Hotel &amp Residences in London and the Bulgari Resort in Bali even though 3 extra are scheduled to open in Shangai, Dubai and Beijing in 2017.

Every of the luxury resorts is developed to present its guest a flawless knowledge featuring references to the neighborhood culture even though embodying the Roman jeweller’s exceptional traits and style. 



The house’s initially luxury hotel is situated in Milan in a renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo. It characteristics Premium Rooms and sophisticated Suites and two of the city’s it-spots for hotel conoisseurs : the private garden ‘Il Giardino’ and ‘Il Ristorante’ – the hotel’s gourmet restaurant. 

The hotel’s solutions include things like private visits to mansions and villas, hydroplane trips about Lake Como and excursions to Italy’s most exclusive destinations by yacht or private plane – Italian dolce vita to say the least! 



The Bulgari Hotel London is situated appropriate at the heart of the city in Knightsbridge, a minute’s stroll from the popular Harrod’s. It captivates its guests with its uncomplicated, however astonishingly sophisticated style which combines the British modern architecture with the brand’s popular Italian style.

The legendary Bulgari service is the hotel’s trademark. Private education, spa solutions and a pool assure the guests’ effectively-getting even though traveling. The ‘Rivea London’, the hotel’s restaurant, gives impeccable service and uncomplicated flavors with Alain Ducasse’s touch. The ‘Spirit Room’ and the ‘Cigar Shop’ are intimate, private rooms developed to present a relaxed atmosphere in an exceptional, cozy space.





Set in a striking cliff-edge setting, the Bulgari Resort in Bali is each and every luxury traveler’s dream. The resort’s spectacular style combines regular Balinese style with modern Italian touches even though providing breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. 


Gracefully incorporated to the all-natural landscape, the hotel follows a sophisticated however laid-back style that completely matches the island’s tropical vibes. A quantity of thrilling activities are provided like day excursions to the nearby islands, helicopter flights more than the volcano and even visits to the neighborhood markets with a private shopper – #vacationgoals

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