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for publishing my short article for Galentine’s Day!

“Social media is not the enemy,” Jessica Abo said at a current gathering of Jewish girls in Los Angeles. “Loneliness is the enemy.” In that moment, I sat up straighter in my chair.

As girls currently celebrate friendship for “Galentine’s Day,” our social media feeds are undoubtedly complete of image-excellent couples and adore stories—and Abo’s calls to action to all of us to cease perpetuating the social media cycle of “compare and despair” and make area to “care much less about what every person else is carrying out and additional about what’s great in [our own] life” is as timely as ever.

Lisa Niver and Jessica Abo
Lisa Niver and Jessica Abo

Abo’s book Unfiltered: How To Be As Delighted As You Appear On Social Media, is a confessional and a revelation. “No 1 tells you staying constructive is a mental workout that must be classified as a marathon with its personal medal,” she writes. “Have you ever noticed how promptly 1 damaging believed can turn into a million? … The subsequent issue you know, you are on the express train to Damaging City with no stops in sight.”

In Unfiltered, Abo opens up to readers about her profession as an anchor, her experiences in philanthropy and her personal quest to obtain love and presents worksheets and sensible workout routines to nudge us along on a journey toward fulfillment and happiness. Whether reader’s take Abo up on her assistance to use the or companion with a pal to attain their targets get inspired by her examples from Teachers Righting History, or TED talks her book will eventually make you seek out the most effective subsequent step for your self.

A single of my personal a-ha moments came when Abo discussed her faith. When we met, she explained that she created positive a Menorah was incorporated on the 5-Day forecast through Chanukah although she worked at 1 broadcast station. “He normally had ghosts for Halloween, Santa for Christmas,” she mentioned, “and I wanted to make positive Chanukah would be represented, also.” That little gesture led to a little shift in my personal life: I have created an work considering the fact that our meeting to post about Shabbat every single Friday. If I am in Los Angeles, I attend Shabbat solutions at temple, but it was not some thing I ever believed to mention on social media. Abo helped me recognize how critical it is for girls to see Jewish girls in the media, and as adventurers and wanderers.

Abo’s point of view on rejection is also ripe for inspiration. “Sometimes becoming rejected from some thing great,” she writes in Unfiltered, “is directing you to some thing improved.” I remembered then how disappointed I was final summer season when I wasn’t chosen for a 3-month project on the East Coast—and that I was later invited on two bucket-list trips, which led to a number of excellent story possibilities, and which would sooner or later take me to the graces of Jane Goodall, Jean Michel Cousteau and Seth Godin. What I was accessible for by becoming rejected was substantially improved for me. “Do your personal issue on your personal terms,” Abo urges readers. “It does not matter how lengthy it requires to get there. Just maintain going.”

I typically feel that my personal advancement—and progress for our culture-at-large—is taking also lengthy, but we all have no notion what the “right” quantity of time definitely is. Abo’s concentrate on happiness, resilience and empathy also collides with my personal operate and my personal passions. I help the #SeeHer project to lift up girls in the media and entertainment and The Female Quotient’s Gender Equity Measurement tool is assisting to improve the quantity of girls in ads, and Abo’s mission to inspire other folks to embrace life’s messy moments and share additional of them resonates with them.

“I launched #LiveUnfiltered as a way for folks to join this movement,” she explained. “I would adore to see additional folks post their true, unedited moments. These are what remind all of us that we’re human and allow us to produce additional meaningful connections on line and in true life.”

A single mantra guides Abo and the readers by means of tales of her hopes, disappointments and successes: “We’re all a operate in progress.” If you have to have a increase of you can do it, you have to have to get your self a copy of this book.

“Whenever you really feel lost, keep in mind this is short-term,” she writes. “Whenever you make a error, let your self to be upset but do not let this setback consume you for also lengthy. Anytime a person posts about their great workplace view, group, project or item keep in mind you can have that sense of operate pride also. Anytime you obtain your self in a various spot type your close friends, remind your self that outgrowing specific dynamics is component of developing up and life is not a race. Anytime you are on the edge of breaking up with dating and every person about you is obtaining engaged, married and getting little ones, remain in your lane. Anytime life crushes you with poor news or a new reality, honor your feelings. Anytime you see a person carrying out some thing inspiring, feel about what keeps you up at evening and appear into what you can do about that challenge.”

Unfiltered feels like a great speak with the 1 pal who can shake you out of a rut and get you back on track. This Galentine’s Day, I cannot feel of a improved book club study.

Lisa Ellen Niver

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