New York Zipline Overview: What it really is Like to Ride the Longest Zipline in North America


Want to know much more about the New York Zipline on Hunter Mountain? Study on for my evaluation. 

New York State is seriously underestimated as a holiday location. There is so significantly to do outdoors of its namesake city, with history, culture and adventures galore. 

By far, the greatest attraction in the location that not almost adequate men and women know about is New York Zipline Adventures. I had the pleasure of going to in late September, when the climate was great for flying by way of the air. I’d only gone ziplining as soon as ahead of, in Vegas, but this expertise was fully diverse. 

In Vegas, I was zooming more than Fremont Street. There was only 1 line, the complete ride lasted significantly less than a minute and I didn’t really feel like I was that higher up in the air. In contrast, New York Zipline was an adrenaline rush and complete afternoon expertise that had me soaring by way of the air at record speeds and enjoying a bird’s eye view of the Catskills. 

If you are seeking to go ziplining, no matter whether it is your initial time or twentieth time, you will be pleasantly shocked by New York Zipline Adventures. Here’s what you will need to know to strategy your pay a visit to. 

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Exactly where is the New York Zipline?

View of the mountains on the lift

Very good news — Hunter Mountain is quickly accessible on a day trip from New York City. It is only about two to two 1/two hours from NYC away by automobile. However, public transport in the location is restricted so you will will need to have a rental car or come across an option ride to the location. 

Cell reception can get spotty right here, so make certain you have directions saved on your telephone. Street lights are restricted and the roads are windy, so be cautious driving right here at evening.

Hunter Mountain employed to be a struggling location but New York Zipline Adventure has changed all that, now serving as the second biggest employer in the location. 

When Zipline New York is the key attraction in the location, there are some terrific restaurants that I advocate you attempt out just after you perform up an appetite. If you are seeking for gourmet comfort meals, you can not go incorrect with Jessie’s Harvest Property, a household-owned restaurant featuring locally sourced American cuisine.

In the option, these seeking for a much more casual dining atmosphere and a drink to celebrate conquering their fears must pay a visit to Rip Van Winkle Brewing Firm.  

New York Zipline Length and Height

Group ready to launch at New York Zipline

New York Zipline is the longest and highest zipline in North America. Guests can fly at an elevation of more than 600 feet, reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. At its peak, the lines and course span a total of four.six miles extended. You do not will need to go all the way to Costa Rica or New Zealand to have an unforgettable adventure — you can attain record-breaking heights and speeds in your personal backyard. 

To make certain that absolutely everyone in your celebration gets to ride, it is advised that you make reservations at least a week in advance. 

Packages and Zipline Experiences

Man ziplining

It is not just ziplining that you will come across right here — there’s also suspension bridges, nighttime riding and even winter rides! These going for the key attraction, even so, will not be disappointed. 

There are two key selections: the Sky-Rider and Mid Mountain Canopy Tour. The Sky Rider is the much more intense of the two and lasts about three hours. You will go on five lines total, of varying lengths and riding types. In contrast to other ziplines, they’re all dual lines, which means you can fly with a buddy. The longest of the 5 lines is three,200 feet extended. You need to be involving 110-260 pounds to ride this ride and tickets are $119 per particular person. 

The Mid Mountain tour is for households and these who want to ease into the expertise. The maximum height is 60 feet and the longest line is 650 feet extended. There are six ziplines, four suspension bridges and 9 tree platforms. There’s a minimum weight requirement of 60 pounds right here, creating it excellent for youngsters and teens. A ticket will run you $89 per particular person. 

Lastly, there’s an Adventure Tower obtainable as an option or add-on to your zipline expertise, which needs you to comprehensive 9 obstacles ahead of reaching the major. This is a terrific group creating activity for corporate retreats. 

Know Ahead of You Go

Getting ready at the shop

You need to put on closed-toed footwear to be in a position to ride, so leave your flip flops at house. They’ll offer you with all the security gear you will need as soon as you verify in, like a helmet and your harness. I advocate that you put on tights, each for the wind resistance and to offer a barrier involving the harness and your skin (as an alternative of shorts). You need to put on your helmet at all instances on the course. 

Based on your weight, you might or might not make it to the finish of the line. It is advised that you get a operating commence to enable you accelerate. I weighed a small significantly less in the course of my pay a visit to and got stuck towards the finish. If this takes place, you will be instructed on how to turn about and manually move oneself to the platform. In the occasion you can not make it back on your personal, somebody will come out and get you. They important is not to panic.

The employees right here is comfy on the lines, and their knowledge shows. They perform this course day in and day out and make it appear simple. They also take security seriously right here. You will have a coaching session ahead of you go, and they generally double verify all connections. 

Also based on your weight, you will be instructed on how to fly on the lines. You will several be sitting versus flying superman style. Based on no matter whether they’re attempting to lessen or maximize wind resistance you might go sideways. 

I had a jacket with a zip-up pocket which was terrific for holding my telephone. There are no image packages obtainable so you will want a way to take your personal. There are GoPros obtainable for rent which can be attached to your helmet, or you can bring your personal. 

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Till subsequent time, protected travels! 

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