Maldives Water Villa Space Tour


Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts

For the longest time, my largest dream in the planet was to go to the Maldives and remain in 1 of these water villas, I imply come on, is not that everyone’s dream? Proper?!

Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts

Final year I got to expierence that in the finest way probable by staying in the lovely and beautiful Kandima Maldives Resort and it was all the things I dreamed of and Much more! I honestly in no way wanted to leave and legit cried on the boat back haha.

It was that really serious — correct really like and 1 of the finest trips of my complete life (and there’s been Quite a few!)

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Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts

Are Water Villas Overrated? 

1st I have to admit and share with you guys, staying in a water villa in the Maldives is actually all that it is cracked out to be…truly! (hands up emoji!)

There are location in the planet that I’ve visited and had dreamt of for so extended and when I got there, I realized they have been completely overrated BUT not this expierence, it was actually a when in a lifetime expierence and I’m so grateful I got to practical experience this sort of magic. It is actually all the things I could have dreamt of and so substantially additional.

Each morning I woke up with the largest smile on my face asking yourself how I could be the most luckiest girl in the planet.

In the mornings I’d wake up, produced myself some coffee with the remarkable coffee machine in the space, go to my patio/backyard overlooking the ocean and enjoying the correct beauty of life — it was great.

At evening I would appear up at the stars who shined so brightly due to the fact I’m on a small island in the middle of nowhere and realized when once again how blessed I am — it was actually magical, life-altering and humbling. I would do it 349344 instances additional!

Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts
My lovely backyard AKA heaven!

Why Kandima Maldives Resort? 

So let me give you a small background on Kandima and why it was such a unique expierence.

To begin, Kandima is a pretty new hotel in the Maldives so all the things is brand new and lovely. Their rooms are super luxuries and they actually believed of each small detail when generating it. From the remarkable large bathtub that has the great outside ocean view that appears like a image frame to their bed view of the ocean, to the scent of the bathroom toiletries (I was subsequent level obsessed), the decor, artwork, outside patio with a ladder that leads you into the ocean, to the remarkable indoor lighting, specially the bathroom, all the things was actually a dream.

Their vibe is absolutely additional entertaining and colorful than most Maldives hotels. They welcome all groups of folks, no matter whether your traveling solo (which was 1), to girlfriends getaway, to mates group trips, couples and household with kids.

Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts

The employees is beyond remarkable and tends to make you really feel like your household and at the finish of the trip no matter who you showed up with you finish up creating so a lot of mates everywhere you go that you really feel like you are leaving a component of your heart and soul on that island.

Also, side note but Kandima is the biggest hotel island in the Maldives which provides you lots of space, quiet time to unwind but also gives lots of entertaining activities each single day like creating your personal pizza, karaoke, reside music, dolphin quests, snorkeling, morning yoga and so substantially additional.

But adequate about how remarkable I believe this resort is, I can actually create a book about what an remarkable and unbelievable location it is, the finest point to do is go out there and expierence it on your personal &#x1f609

Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts

Maldives Water Villa Space Tour

Although traveling to the Maldives, alot of my followers and mates requested a Water Villa space tour, so right here it is!

Also, I do want to mention that Kandima has standard rooms that are not water villas but all rooms, no matter what you go with are suites, luxury, large and lovely.

They also have three diverse water villa rooms, 1 is the fundamental which is the 1 I stayed at, the subsequent 1 is 1 with a jacuzzi and the other style which I think there are only two of them have large pools overlooking the ocean of course.

To book your remain in Kandima Maldives Resorts, just click right here!

Rooms begin at $440

Much more Images

Also considering the fact that I got you right here and we are speaking about the Maldives, if you want to take your images to the subsequent level and get the very same pastel and colorful vibes I produced in my images from the Maldives make positive to verify out my Maldives Pastel Lightroom Presets Filters Collection. It is actually as straightforward as a copy and paste and comes with 24 Presets/Filters, great for the Maldives sunsets of the planet and crystal clear ocean water!

The Maldives actually inspired me in so a lot of diverse approaches and taking lovely images and editing them to final a lifetime has been such a dream and I wanted to aid bring the magic to you guys and aid you produce related appears! &lt3


Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts

Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives ResortsMaldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives ResortsMaldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts (Hofit Kim Cohen - Vanilla Sky Dreaming)Maldives Water Villa Room Tour - Kandima Maldives Resorts (Hofit Kim Cohen - Vanilla Sky Dreaming)

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Water Villa Maldives - Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in one of those Maldives Water Villa? I'm here to show you exactly what it looks like at Kandima Maldives Resort and tell you all about it plus video tour (Hofit Kim Cohen - Vanilla Sky Dreaming)

*Thank you to the remarkable Kandima Maldives Resort for this remarkable expierence. As generally my opinions are of my personal. 


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