Italy’s Prosecco Area is Just One particular Hour from Venice – Did You Know?


Wine tour from Venice Italy's Prosecco Region One hour from Venice

I carried out an completely unscientific survey more than the festive fizz period of December – I asked everyone with a glass of Prosecco in their hand if they knew that the Prosecco area was just one particular hour from Venice in Italy.

Outcomes: 10o/10o people today didn’t know (or some quantity like that).

The ensuing conversations went a small one thing like this:

Prosecco drinker: You can take a Prosecco wine tour from Venice?

Me: Yep

Prosecco drinker: It is only an hour away?

Me: Yep

Prosecco drinker: So, I didn’t will need to go on that bl%$dy day trip from Venice to Murano to appear at glass?

Me: Nope

Prosecco drinker: I could have drank Prosecco with vineyard views rather?

Me: You imply these views (I pull out my telephone and pull up a image from my final trip to the Prosecco area)

Wine tour from Venice Prosecco Region Visit Prosecco Italy Sunset

Prosecco drinker: Why didn’t I know this?

Me: Superior query.

Taking a Prosecco wine tour from Venice is a pretty straightforward issue

and its about time people today knew about it

In 2015 I took my 1st trip to the Prosecco area and a handful of points struck me:

  • Why, when I’d been drinking Prosecco for close to a decade, did I not know exactly where the Prosecco area was?
  • How could the Prosecco there taste so considerably much better than what we get in the supermarkets back house?
  • And expense so considerably much less.
  • Why have been the Prosecco wine tours from Venice so pricey?
  • And, could I take my personal self-guided Prosecco wine tour from Venice at a reduce expense?

It remains a mystery why most people today do not know that the Prosecco area is a completely doable wine tour from Venice. But I can attempt to fill that understanding gap. Cue: my new web site committed to going to the Prosecco area from Venice. It is named Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy and you can locate it right here:

Wine tour from Venice Prosecco Region Visit Prosecco Italy Website


I’m creating no apologies for the truth that it is pink.

Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy – for crafting the great Prosecco wine tour from Venice

Under I’ll give you the what, exactly where, when, how and why of taking a Prosecco wine tour from Venice. If you are currently in the ‘yes, I will need to do that’ camp, head more than to my Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy web site.

There, you will locate almost everything you will need to know about going to the Prosecco area to take a wine tour from Venice.

It consists of how to get there, exactly where to keep, my favourite foodie spots in the Prosecco area and, most importantly, it lets you get in speak to with two nearby drivers I have met who will assistance you program your personal wine tour from Venice without the need of paying for an more than-priced, beneath-versatile group tour.

A package wine tour from Venice versus booking it oneself

Wine tour from Venice Prosecco Region Visit Prosecco Italy Flowers and Views

I’ve written much more than as soon as about the downsides of taking a package Prosecco wine tour from Venice (right here and right here). Tours can be inflexible. You can finish up with a group of people today you do not like. Lunch is generally decided for you and, worst case, you are forced to chew via a thrown collectively buffet.

But that wasn’t my significant difficulty with the package wine tours of the Prosecco area.

It was the expense.

In numerous circumstances costs have been ‘on application’ – a certain sign that they’re going to hit you tougher in the pocket than you want to be hit. And these that did have clear costs have been coming in at hundreds of Euros per individual. If you are in a couple or group, these expense adds up PDQ. (The most frustrating portion was seeing lots of ‘from’ costs of about €150 only to locate that I had to be a group of eight to get that price. For two people today, the price tag was more than €700.)

And none of this mentions the truth that you are paying pretty a lot of cash to commit a couple of hours in a auto battling to get off the island of canals, Venice.

If you can get oneself on a train in Venice (pretty straightforward to do), all you seriously will need is a designated driver, ideal? The vineyards will speak you via the wine stuff and pour your Prosecco for you. Do you seriously will need an official guide to hold your hand and charge you for the privilege (holding your hair is a various matter, and that job falls to your nearest and dearest)?

Book it oneself for a fraction of the expense

Wine tour from Venice Prosecco Region Visit Prosecco Italy Vines

With three people today in my group, I couldn’t grasp the notion of throwing down more than €600 for a couple of hours of tasting a drink that sells for small much more than €10 a bottle. So, just after a lot of deliberation more than the sparkling stuff, I decided to arrange my personal Prosecco wine tour from Venice.

Here’s how I did it and how considerably it expense:

  • Take the train from Venice Train Station (Venezia Santa Lucia) to Conegliano or Susegana station – about €9 return every
  • Employ a nearby driver for a handful of hours – about €50 per hour per auto, not per individual. You will will need at least four hours – €200 involving up to six people today (but six hours or much more is much better)
  • Spend for your wine tasting(s). The tasting servings are generous and you can normally get involving three and 7, yes, 7 glasses per tasting – involving €5-15 (normally the greater price tag equates to much more glasses)
  • Make a decision exactly where you want lunch from a low-cost picnic to a nearby restaurant – from €10 for a picnic lunch

On a spending budget and capable to travel with a group of six people today, you can take a wine tour from Venice to the Prosecco area for beneath €75 per individual. Even as a couple your price tag will be a fraction of most formal tours out there.

That is it. No extras. No paying for points you do not want to see, consume or do. You speak to your driver and determine with them what you want to do. You can design and style your personal Prosecco tour on your terms and to your spending budget.

Of course, it is not all about spending budget. Want a Michelin star restaurant – there is one particular in the Prosecco area. Want to add in a gelateria – performed. Want to taste outstanding cappuccino – definitely. Want to be picked up at the train station and dropped off at a hotel in the Prosecco area hotel – all incorporated. You can also spend much more to get picked up from Venice or, much more usefully, have further Prosecco drinking time…because you are only in the region as soon as and…well, Prosecco.

In truth, I’d advise spending the evening in the Prosecco area exactly where accommodation possibilities are plentiful, prices are less expensive than in Venice and the top quality is considerably greater. Plus: you get to commit the evening surrounded by the the beautful Prosecco hills.

I’ve set up Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy to assistance you program and book your trip to the Prosecco area without the need of possessing to scratch collectively outdated particulars and choose via subjective testimonials from dozens of web pages on the internet.

As of January 2018, my Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy web site is much less than a month old and though I have all the fundamentals on there, I’ll be adding new content material weekly.

You can sign up to my Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy newsletter to get new updates and any specific delivers delivered to your inbox.

The What, Exactly where, When, How and Why of going to the Prosecco area

Wine tour from Venice Prosecco Region Visit Prosecco Italy Prosecco is always a good idea

If you are seeking for a rapid lowdown on the what, exactly where, why, when and how of going to the Prosecco area, right here it is:

What is Prosecco?

Most of us know that Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine. But did you know that it is created from the Glera grape and that in order to be labelled Prosecco it will have to be created from at least 85% glera? Bet you also didn’t know that the other 15% is normally created up of grapes you have possibly currently heard of (and drank) like Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.

Prosecco comes in a variety of sweetnesses from Brut (dry) to Dry (confusingly the sweetest). You can also get it Col Fondo – which is cloudy with some yeast in the bottle – a style you possibly will not get at house and as soon as which I’m strangely attracted to.

But my absolute favourite? Brut zero. With no sugar added, this Prosecco is exceptionally dry (as I like it) and, if you are saving your calories for Tiramisu (from the Treviso/Prosecco area, by the way), Prosecco zero can be as handful of as 60 calories per glass. You mcan cancel your fitness center membership now. You are welcome.

You can discover much more about Prosecco right here. 

Exactly where is Prosecco?

Wine tour from Venice Italy's Prosecco Region One hour from Venice

The quick answer is one particular hour outdoors Venice in the Treviso area. There is a much more difficult answer simply because there is a town named Prosecco, which is additional east in Trieste, closer to the Slovenian border. While the town of Prosecco is the official birthplace of Prosecco, it is no longer exactly where the finest Prosecco (the ones with the premium DOCG and DOC labels) is identified. The finest Prosecco is identified in the Prosecco hills of Treviso, an hour from Venice.

You can locate out much more the place of the Prosecco area right here. 

When to take a Prosecco wine tour from Venice

I’ve visited the Prosecco area each in Spring and in Autumn and I’d very advise each. The climate was completely warm on each occasions and availability (accommodation, restaurants, train seats, drivers) was terrific.

Winter is colder but with lots of Italian carbohydrates for comfort meals, winter could make for a gorgeous pre or post Christmas trip. Added advantaged: availability will be outstanding and you are much more most likely to get superior travel bargains.

Summer time is going to be peak beauty – sitting on a terrace sipping Prosecco? I’m in. Just book almost everything early and be ready to have a like-hate connection with Venice.

I’ve got some recommendations for acquiring the most out of your time in Venice right here.

How to get take a Prosecco wine tour from Venice

Offered the reputation of Prosecco, it is a surprise to me that there are not much more and much better package wine tours from Venice to the Prosecco area.

To go to, you can either book one particular of the handful of tours your locate via Google or you can take the train from Venice and employ a driver for a handful of hours rather. I have taken lots of package tours on my travels but for Prosecco, it is just as straightforward and generally considerably less expensive to book it oneself.

You can locate out much more about how to book your personal Prosecco wine tour from Venice right here.

Why take a Prosecco wine tour from Venice?

Wine tour from Venice Prosecco Region Visit Prosecco Italy Fun Friends

Apart from the clear – Prosecco – here’s a handful of much more factors why you should really take a Prosecco wine tour from Venice:

  • For some strange purpose, the Prosecco area hasn’t created a blip on most tourist radars – it will come about, for certain. Pay a visit to now ahead of every person else does.
  • Wouldn’t you rather watch corks popping than glass blowing on a day trip from Venice?
  • Venice is finest skilled in compact bites – the crowds can be horrific and stepping away to the calm of the Prosecco hills for a day or evening will assistance you take pleasure in the canal city all the much more.
  • Of all the vineyards in all the planet (and I’ve visited a lot), I’ve not noticed any with the similar steep, dramatic rolling hillsides as you will locate in the Prosecco area.
  • The area is so gorgeous, it is on the brink of gaining UNESCO Globe Heritage Web site recognition. And then the tourism numbers will certainly rocket. I repeat: Go. Go now.
  • You are going to have a lot of entertaining (that image above may possibly have been taken just after me and my travel companions had consumed an impressive quantity of Prosecco at the vineyards and, continuing to taste our purchases at the hotel).

So, that is my guide and introduction to my new web site on how to program a self-guided Prosecco wine tour from Venice. You can adhere to along with lots of Prosecco themed entertaining on my Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages. And drop me an e-mail right here or more than on Pay a visit to Prosecco Italy if you have any concerns.

You can study all about my 1st trip the Prosecco area right here.

Have you visited the Prosecco area? Got any concerns, comments or travel recommendations? Let me know in the comments under. 

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