Celebrating my birthday weekend in Amsterdam


It is a bit of a tradition for me to celebrate my birthday by going on a leisurely cruise along the canals of Amsterdam. I would usually employ a boat, invite some good friends and pack some meals and wine for a 3-hour cruise. This year, I decided to do some thing various: I planned a complete birthday weekend in Amsterdam, especially in the A’DAM Tower!


I spent my birthday weekend in the A’DAM Tower.

Positioned in North Amsterdam, the A’DAM Tower homes the Sir Adam Hotel, various restaurants and bars, and the A’DAM Lookout observation deck (which contains ‘Over The Edge’, Europe’s highest swing). The tower and the adjacent EYE Museum are conveniently accessible by means of a free of charge 24-hour ferry service which departs from behind the Amsterdam Central Station just about every couple of minutes.

My birthday weekend at the A’DAM Tower

Accompanied by my companion, I kicked off my birthday with a excellent 5-course lunch at Moon, a revolving restaurant atop the A’DAM Tower. The meals was great and the views have been basically outstanding! In contrast to other revolving restaurants I’ve visited ahead of, exactly where the concentrate is the view and the top quality of the meals generally appears like an afterthought, Moon was excellent! The chef expertly utilises fresh, seasonal components to generate tantalising flavour combinations. In addition, the plating was wonderful!


Moon restaurant


Corvina with coconut, coriander and pink pepper.


Herring with beetroot, horseradish and creme fraiche.


Steak with vegetables and an oyster emulsion.

The views have been completely beautiful. A complete 360-degree rotation requires around 1 hour 10 minutes. By the time we have been performed with lunch, we’d completed two.five rotations! Haha! My video beneath contains a 35-second time lapse of 1 rotation.


The view of the harbour and the Amsterdam Central Station.

Right after lunch, the friendly waitress led us up some stairs to the A’DAM Lookout observation deck – restaurant patrons can check out the deck for free of charge. There was a cool, clubby vibe on the deck, with big cushions on the ground and a DJ playing trance tunes. There have been several elevated platforms as effectively as Europe’s highest swing, at 100 meters, the ‘Over The Edge’ swing.


The More than The Edge swing at the A’DAM Lookout.

The elevator ride down to the ground floor was like a scene out of a science fiction film! You have to watch my video beneath! &#x1f642

My keep at the Sir Adam Hotel

The Sir Adam Hotel is 1 of my favourite hotels in Amsterdam and I’ve stayed there various instances ahead of. I really like its funky vibe, wonderful harbour views AND the record players in just about every area (there’s an LP library close to the Reception exactly where you can pick out your favourite albums and bring them to your area to play)! Oh, and the elevators are SO A great deal Enjoyable!!! A single is a Disco elevator, comprehensive with 80’s music and disco ball, and the other is the Karaoke elevator! My companion and I rode these elevators quite a few instances, dancing and singing as we went up and down! Haha!


My area had a colourful music theme.

The music theme continues in just about every area, with wall paper featuring iconic LP covers and posters, the record player and other musical things – my deluxe corner area had an electric guitar hanging on the wall! There’s also a pair of binoculars to zoom in on the view.


The record player in the area.


A pair of binoculars to zoom in on the view.

That evening, we went down to The Butcher, a bar/restaurant on the ground floor. The clubby vibe was unmistakable. We sat at the bar exactly where the bartender wowed us with his cocktail creations. The Butcher also serves a selection of gourmet burgers and wraps. We enjoyed the rest of the evening at the bar, consuming some great burgers and a wrap, and sipping on scrumptious cocktails.


I had a ‘burger’ wrap at The Butcher. So superior!

For the celebration-goers, there are a selection of solutions at the A’DAM Tower, such as Madam a (bar/restaurant/club with a view) and The Shelter (entrance is by means of a hatch in the ground!). Right after various cocktails, we decided to go back to our area and listen to the LPs we’d taken from the library. Listening to 80’s and 90’s music couldn’t have been much more enjoyable!

The subsequent morning, we had brunch at THT (Tolhuistuin), a restaurant/café adjacent to the A’DAM Tower. The sun was shining vibrant, which permitted us to sit out on the deck and get pleasure from the harbour view. It was a excellent finish to a fabulous birthday weekend in Amsterdam!

View the video of my birthday weekend in Amsterdam at the A’DAM Tower:

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