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Vishalla Restaurant - the best place to taste authentic Gujarati fare in Ahmedabad

A trip to Ahmedabad is not full without the need of tasting some of its regular meals. If you ask me, Gujarati cuisine has to be one particular of the greater ones in the globe of Indian gastronomy. In one particular of my earlier posts, I had talked about Chandravilas restaurant, a 120 year old restaurant situated in the heritage city of Ahmedabad for your choose of regular Gujarati breakfast. This report is for these regular Gujarati lunches and dinners in the city of Ahmedabad. And the spot that I want to speak about is Vishalla Restaurant, traditionally themed and that serves Gujarati heaven in a correct rustic setting.

Antique Utensils Museum at Vishalla, Ahmedabad

Communal consuming style, in-home cow farms, vegetable and fruit create procured straight from the farmers and a menu to die for are some of the trump cards of Vishalla restaurant. And all of this is served in a beautiful green space that is beautifully accomplished up with mud huts, thatched roofs, regular utensils, atmosphere friendly practices and a super hospital employees decked up in rustic style clothes. It is the type of spot exactly where you are transported to gastronomic heaven with just about every bite. It is that type of spot that must be visited by just about every meals lover in Ahmedabad. It is that type of spot exactly where you arrive for brunch and leave late right after dinner.

Traditional Gujarati Lunch at Vishalla Restaurant, Ahmedabad

The Gujarati Thali is the key attraction to be seasoned right here. Costing about 650 rupees per plate, it is only advisable to these who can pack a significant appetite as it consists of every thing from bhakri, Bajri na rotla, Makai na Rotla, Khichdi, Thepla, Kadhi, Farsan, Shak, chutneys, salads and sweets and that can knock you out for a fantastic a lot of hours. If you can not deal with the mighty Thali, you can opt for any of the above by means of the a-la-carte menu. The quantity is nevertheless incredibly decent and the cost is a bit reduced. If you appreciate milk goods, do not miss out their lassi, butter milk and fresh tea as their in-home cows make the taste legendary. If you have a sweet tooth, you can attempt something from Sukhdi, shiro, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Churma Ladoo, Gaajar na Halvo, Handvo, Doodhi na Halvo to Kopra Pak and Magas Ladoo. Each and every item is bound to take you to the stars and back.

The celebrities who have dined at Vishalla Restaurant of Ahmedabad

The cost is a bit on the larger side, but the top quality and taste is un-paralleled and therefore I feel it is total worth for revenue. The makkhan (white butter) produced in-home from the milk of the cows in their farm is possibly the ideal makkhan I have had in a lot of years. And every single item from the menu that I had produced me croon with joy. And therefore it is of no wonder that esteemed personalities like Narendra Modi, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and a lot of other folks have visited this spot. And all of them have sat cross legged in these mud huts and enjoyed the Gujarati meals specialties without the need of any air-conditioning or other modern day day luxuries that we crave for these days. Such is the aura of the meals served right here! So, the subsequent time you check out India’s only UNESCO Globe Heritage city of Ahmedabad, do recall to drop in to Vishalla restaurant for lunch or dinner. You will not be disappointed.


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