Royal Caribbean: Touring the Voyager of the Seas


Prior to embarking on a tour of the Voyager of the Seas, a single of the 25 ships of the Royal Caribbean International, I had by no means been a fan of cruise ships. What would I do there? I believed. I was seriously convinced I would get bored!

If you have been on a cruise ship prior to, you would know how silly that believed was. There is no location for boredom in the Royal Caribbean its ships are totally equipped and outfitted to deliver entertainment round the clock. There are sports centers for the athletically inclined, shops for the shopaholic, bars and coffee shops, and even a video arcade.

Royal Caribbean - Voyager of the Seas - Royal Promenade

At the Royal Promenade, exactly where the duty-totally free shops are.

The 15-decker Voyager of the Seas not too long ago arrived on its maiden get in touch with in Manila with a lot more than three,600 guests on a four-evening cruise from Shenzhen, China. Its normal route typically requires it from Singapore to Malaysia,  China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. It is only from July to September that it goes from Schenzen to Manila and back.

The short quit in Manila presented guests on Voyager of the Seas an chance to go on shore excursions to Laguna and the classic tour of  historic Intramuros. Its a lot of Filipino crew (all bakers, for instance, are Filipinos) also got a opportunity to invite their relatives onboard and see exactly where they function.

Royal Caribbean - Voyager of the Seas - La Scala staircase

The very-Instagrammable staircase going down to the La Scala theater.

This floating island resort is really family members friendly. They have quite a few amenities for little ones and teens, which includes some swimming pools of varying depths and sizes, a basketball court, an ice skating rink, a rock climbing wall, a video arcade, and a Flowrider wave machine.

Adults will also appreciate the casino, the specialty bars and restaurants, the Royal Promenade buying mall with its duty-totally free shops, a fitness center and jacuzzi, a spa, and quite a few lounges for function or relaxation.

There’s a complete theater with a 1,350 seating capacity exactly where passengers can watch Broadway shows for totally free. There’s a conference area for these who want to hold their conferences on the ship, and yeah, there’s WiFi all all through the ship (yay!). There’s even a chapel if an individual desires to get married (!).

Royal Caribbean - Voyager of the Seas - chef

Executive Chef Anil George explains how they handle to serve 16,000 meals day-to-day.

Royal Caribbean - Voyager of the Seas - Food

Scrumptious baked jumbo shrimp from their Italian-themed resto, Giovanni’s Table.

Provided the substantial quantity of guests and crew, it can be a challenge to serve meals on time. “We run it like clockwork, military-style,” says Executive Chef Anil George. “We serve 16,000 meals a day so all our kitchen employees have to be fast and effective in what they do.”

George says that every kitchen crew has a certain job the soup man only tends to make soup all through the day (up to 200L), even though the bakers concentrate on making 18,000 rolls day-to-day. There are quite a few kitchens, also, like the mother kitchen (the primary a single) to the hot kitchen, cold kitchen, and pastry kitchen.

Royal Caribbean - Voyager of the Seas - Sapphire Dining

The Sapphire Dining Space, a single of quite a few dining places, on Voyager of the Seas.

When it completes its Manila-Schenzen tour, the Voyager of the Seas will go on from Shenzhen to Okinawa from Hong Kong to Kochi stopping at Okinawa, Kyoto, and Kobe and from Hong Kong to Singapore by way of Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok.

From September till June 2019, it will then embark on its longest season in Southeast Asia with more than 70 trips from Singapore.

Royal Caribbean -Voyager of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas. ©Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean - Voyager of the Seas - Oceanview Stateroom

The luxe Oceanview Stateroom. ©Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International has been regularly voted as the finest cruise line in the planet. It was awarded the “Best Cruise Line Overall” for 15 consecutive years in the Travel Weekly Readers Decision Awards, “Best Cruise Operator” for 10 consecutive years at the TTG Travel Awards, and “Best Cruise Line” at the Travel Weekly Asia’s Reader’s Decision Awards due to the fact 2015.

Have you been on a cruise ship prior to? How was your knowledge?


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