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flame towers baku
Visited Baku in October 2017. Flew from Tbilisi to Baku, there is also a train/bus alternative. Due to lack of time I decided to fly. Because I was in Armenia and Azerbaijan relation with Armenia and history of War,more than the Nagorno-Karabakh area. Immigration was a concern, anyways I had an E-visa that I got on line. US passport holder want a Visa prior to getting into Azerbaijan.

Airport and Immigration: was swift and uncomplicated, considering the fact that I had a Armenian stamp on my passport they did ask me a couple of inquiries and I was in and out in five minutes. Discovered an ATM, withdrew money and was out of the airport. in October 2017 1 USD = 1.69 AZN Azerbaijan Manat. As soon as outdoors, situated a bus to take me to the City Center, the bus driver pointed me to a vending machine and told me to obtain a Baku card for two Manat and add 1.50 for fare to the city center. All accomplished and in 10 minutes the bus was off to the city.

My hotel was proper in the center of the old city Baku, close to historic internet sites, A minutes stroll from the Fountain square, and proper in the middle of exactly where all the locals hang out on the weekends, hundreds of them. 

Immediately after checking into my hotel and a hot shower later, I was off to see Baku by the evening.

Nizami Statue by the fountain square on the way to icheri sheher, Nazami was a popular Azeri Poet.

Exploring Baku by evening, I met up with the Totally free Walking Tour of Baku by the evening and we have been off to see the city by the evening, fascinating factor the tour guide stated, ‘Azerbaijan is exactly where Europe ends and Asia begins’. So we walked quiet a bit and I could inform we have been heading towards the flame towers. We reached a point exactly where the guide asked if we must take the funicular or the stairs, we decided on the stairs. Holy Guacamole that was quiet a climb, after on major the views of the Baku Boulevard created up for the stairway to good views. On one particular side the Baku Boulevard and the flame towers on the other side.

On the way back we took the funicular, it was only 1 Manat. We passed by a bunch of tiny Canals and the guide stated that was the Venice of Baku, now obtaining been to Venice I could inform that was no exactly where close to something like Venice Italy.

The final most important attraction we saw was the Maiden Tower, which is a UNESCO planet heritage internet site. My guide told me the king kept his daughter there till she was 18 in the 15th century. There are all sorts of stories floating about why the tower was constructed.

Maiden Tower baku
Maiden Tower

The stroll took more than two hours and we went to a cafe afterwords, Coffee Moffie, what a cool cafe, with old Hollywood film posters all more than and a young friendly crowd. Spent an hour at the cafe and went back to hotel for a excellent evening sleep. It was midnight, tipped the guide 10 Manat, absolutely free walking tour is not absolutely free, they function on recommendations.

Subsequent day right after breakfast at the hotel, I went for an additional absolutely free walking tour, exact same guide, diverse components of the city. We met in front of Icheri Sheher Metro station, old city. We walked to the walled old city, as per my guide this was all desert, considering the fact that Baku was on the way to the old Silk road, city officials taxed any individual passing although Baku to bring fertile soil and plants, centuries later these days its lush green.

The tour took three plus hours, we went although the old Old town historic internet sites. From the pleased home exactly where marriages take location to a girls education college. From the early 1900’s Azeris believed when you educate a man you educate one particular particular person, when you educate a lady you educate the entire household.

kissing fountainbaku

On the tour we also passed the kissing fountain exactly where couple come to kiss, lots of individuals come there to propose. If marriage is on your thoughts head to the kissing fountain in Baku.

Ateshgah of Baku

Later that afternoon, I visited Ateshgah of Baku, fire temple. Its a Hindu temple and the writing on the stone have been in Sanskrit and Punjabi. Now Azerbaijan is not a Hindu nation,  the individuals that constructed the temple traveled thousands of miles on foot From India in the 15th century.

Ateshgah of Baku
Ateshgah of Baku

Fire Temple is half an hours drive from Baku, I paid the cab driver 15 USD for round trip. On the way back, the cab dropped me off at 28 Mall, and later that evening I walked the streets of old city and ended up at fountain square.

From  Azerbaijan, I continued my travels to Almaty, Kazakhstan

two Girls outdoors the Old City wall of Baku taking a selfie

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