Travelling in ÖBB RailJet 2nd class economy in Austria from Bregenz to Innsbruck (Vorarlberg to Tyrol)


OEBB RailJet 2nd class economy Austria Bregenz Innsbruck Vorarlberg Tyrol

ÖBB RailJet Trains are connecting Austria, from 1 finish to the other. A single of these lines is operating regularly quite a few occasions a day, from Bregenz in Vorarlberg (in western Austria) all the way to Vienna, the capital city of the nation, all the way in the east. Not too long ago I have taken this RailJet Train from Bregenz in Vorarlberg to Innsbruck in Tyrol, on my way to South Tyrol in Italy (yep, I adore how uncomplicated breezy train travel in Europe is!). Years ago I took a equivalent train, but in the evening when it was currently pitch-black outdoors – thus I was pretty excited to travel this picturesque route once more through the day. For my outbound journey, from Bregenz to Innsbruck, I have selected the ÖBB RailJet 2nd class economy. I booked the return journey in initial-class business enterprise, to get pleasure from the variations in each obtainable classes.

The RailJet is a 1 storey train, featuring two classes, 2nd economy as nicely as 1st business enterprise. 2nd class options a two-two configuration, every single in bench-like double seats or quadruples with tables. Double seats function every single a foldable table (spacious sufficient for a laptop or handbag), as nicely as a shared electronics plug in among each seats. Later onward through the journey, I took benefit of the rolling service and ordered a coffee. three Euros for a freshly brewed beverage, unquestionably not a poor deal.

Beneath you discover some photos of my train journey in Austria with ÖBB, Austrian Federal Railways.

All these spectacular views on my way from Vorarlberg in Austria, through Arlberg to Innsbruck.


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