How to Gently Inform An individual You’d Rather Travel Alone


If you are a solo traveler, chances are you have encountered this at some point. What happens when a family, a friend, or a spouse wants to tag along on your solo trips? Here are my best tips on how to gently tell someone you'd rather travel alone without ruining your relationship with them.
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So you have planned out an wonderful trip and have every single intention of undertaking it solo. You excitedly speak about it with an individual else and the unexpected takes place: they invite themselves along.

Now you may possibly like this particular person, or at least want to maintain peace with them, but you know that you want to do this trip on your personal. So what must you do to preserve the partnership and reduce their hurt feelings?

Although every single partnership is distinct and this can not possibly be 1-size-fits-all assistance, the following are some suggestions that I would attempt to gently let them know you’d rather take this trip solo:

1. Concentrate on your factors why

siargao sugba lagoon
Returning to the Philippines on my personal was crucial to me

The most effective point you can do when broaching the topic of taking this trip alone is to concentrate on you.

Why is it important for you to do this on your personal? What do you hope to attain for your self that you can only do although solo?

Hone in on the development and deeply individual factors why you Need to have to do it alone. Hopefully that will not leave area for pushing or queries. Right here are some factors I would give:

I do not get to be on my personal frequently, and I really feel I truly will need to get to know ME far better.

I’m so emotionally tied to this trip, I really feel I will need to do this solo just as I’ve normally envisioned it.

I have XYZ coming up in my life and I’m afraid if I do not do a solo trip now I may possibly under no circumstances get the possibility. I just want to know what it is like to travel on my personal for after.

Or thinking of I travel solo all the time, I personally would say I know that I travel nicely solo and that this trip is 1 I’d do far better on if I’m on my personal.

two. Use “I” statements

alabama hills instagram spot
It is not you, it is me

Possibly your purpose for not wanting to travel with this particular person is since you feel your personalities will clash or knowledge has shown that you do not get along nicely for extended periods of time. There may possibly be a thing in certain that this particular person does that drives you crazy, but I strongly caution you against bringing that up.

What ever your factors as they pertain to the partnership dynamic, it is most effective to keep away from any ‘you’ statements and just concentrate on your side of the street.

If there are challenges inside your partnership that make you not want to travel with this particular person, it is likely most effective to bring these up at some point so that you can clear it, but given that this rejection will currently sting, it is most effective to treat it as a separate problem.

three. Be firm and direct

Based on their reaction, it may possibly be tempting to leave the door open rather than saying a strict ‘no.’

On the other hand the land of ‘maybes’ is a harmful spot. Very best not give the other particular person a sense of false hope or leave area to transform your thoughts, since then they’ll really feel strung along and that is not superior for either of you.

If it is a household member

ventana campgrounds
I nonetheless like you, Mom!

If the particular person who has invited themselves on your trip is a household member, the above assistance applies. On the other hand, if it is a parent insisting that you do not go alone and forcing a sibling into the mix, that can bring up a complete host of other challenges surrounding your independence and life possibilities.

This subject warrants an completely distinct post, which I did cover in this interview with my mother about traveling solo. But to sum it up with a couple of superior points, I would say the following:

“Don’t you trust me to make the correct possibilities for myself and my life?”

“Don’t I deserve to give this present to myself, for myself, and by myself?”

If they’re questioning the security of you traveling solo, it may possibly be useful to show them this post.

I know that household pressures are hard for a lot of solo travelers and all I can give is:

Your life is yours.

The particular person who will deal with the choices you make the most is you. You just get 1 possibility at life, invest it wisely.

Your household members like you, and if they want to see you content then they will hopefully come to assistance the possibilities that you make for your self. That is unconditional like.

If it is a considerable other

Traveling on your personal when in a committed partnership or marriage may possibly raise a couple of eyebrows, but research show that couples who have separate interests and invest some time apart have a tendency to be healthier on typical. It offers you a possibility to miss each and every other and to concentrate on your individual development with out outdoors influences.

I can see how it could be hurtful to be told by your lover that they want to travel with out you, so start off off with stating how superb the other particular person is and how significantly you like and worth your time collectively, but be truthful about the factors why you want to do some solo soul browsing. It does not have to indicate a difficulty in the partnership, but rather an chance for you to come back as a far better half of it.

For extra information, in this post, various ladies have shared how and why they travel solo even even though they are in relationships.

The bottom line is, all relationships will need trust. If you can not travel with out your companion, it may possibly be worth searching deep into the factors why not, and functioning on these so that you can invest some wholesome time apart every single now and then.

If you are worried it is not a powerful partnership and that traveling alone could break it, take a appear at this post to see if it resonates.

If it is a superior pal

Your true pals will get it!

Great pals can be so superb to travel with, and but occasionally it can be the opposite. Even even though you would give the shirt off your back for your pals, occasionally it can be a sisterly partnership with bickering and disagreements. It is a superior way to ruin a trip and potentially even harm or finish a friendship.

If that is what you are worried may possibly occur if you travel with your pal, then go back to the statements at the starting of this post about the factors why YOU will need to take this trip solo.

Concentrate on that rather than expressing how worried you are that you will fight. Hopefully, if it is a pal who loves and supports you, even though they may possibly be hurt initially, they’ll recognize and assistance you.

Although this likely goes with out saying, I strongly caution you against turning about and inviting an individual else on the trip soon after you have rejected your pal. Social media is ubiquitous and probabilities are superior they’ll locate out, so if your excuse is that you want to take a solo trip, in fact make it a solo trip.

four. Know that they may possibly be hurt

Acquiring rejected hurts. Even if the other celebration is extremely understanding, they may possibly nonetheless really feel the sting of ‘no’ and the most effective point you can do is be patient and gentle with them. They may possibly have a powerful reaction and the far better ready you are for that, the much less defensive you will (hopefully) be.

Bear in mind to remain firm and clear, but if you want to make it up to them, think about the assistance in the subsequent section.

five. Provide an option for each of you

capitol reef
Have an adventure collectively, a further time!

Soften the blow by supplying an option trip, explaining that this 1 is a thing you are aching to do alone, but you’d like to go on a trip with them later, assuming you are prepared to travel with this pal/household member. This will really feel like much less of an outright rejection if presented meticulously, like a further exciting chance rather than a pity trip.

Concentrate on a spot or activity that you know you will each appreciate, and a thing that you will be extra relaxed about providing up manage more than. For instance, I may possibly have a extremely distinct notion of what I want to do in Bali but could be a lot extra laid back about an impromptu trip to Utah.

If you do not have extra time off to travel collectively, spending high-quality time undertaking a thing you each like at dwelling on the weekends can be equally superb.

That is what it is all about anyways, correct?

I hope this assistance aids to make it a bit a lot easier to break the news that you want to go alone. Based on the particular person it could turn dramatic, but hopefully these suggestions make it much less most likely to go in that path.

Just know that it is okay and crucial for you to honor your demands, and that you are not a negative particular person for it. That is what it is to have co-committed rather than codependent relationships.

Have you ever had to go by way of this uncomfortable procedure? What worked for you? Share with us in the comments!

How to say no to someone who wants to join you on your solo trips? Here are my best tips on how to (gently) let someone know you'd rather travel alone without hurting their feelings or ruining your relationship with them, whether it's a spouse, family, or friend!
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