10 Items to Do in a Port Blair Sightseeing Trip


Port Blair is the gateway to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The very first issue that strikes about Port Blair is the clean roads, dust bins situated at frequent intervals on road sides and a extremely conscious civic administration engaged in continuous upkeep. Positioned in South Andaman islands, Port Blair a small extra than 16 sq kms in location is also the capital of the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar and the only town in the complete location. As soon as dreaded as Kala Pani from exactly where extremely couple of returned, these days Port Blair is a travelers paradise.When organizing a trip to the emerald green waters of Andaman each and every traveler requires to devote a day or two about Port Blair to get the essence of the island. A list of 10 Ought to Do’s and Ought to Visits is detailed right here along with a Port Blair Sightseeing Itinerary.

Ideal Time to Check out:

Port Blair and Andaman Islands can be visited all by means of the year even though the monsoon months of June to August could be a small hard to navigate by means of the islands. November to February is recognized for terrific climate, clear skies and calm seas. Temperatures by means of the year hover about 30 to 35 degrees

About Port Blair:

The squeaky clean roads are typically winding down the port or along the coast. The pace of life is slow and content material, no a single appears to be in a tearing hurry to attain anyplace which is a far cry from the cities in major-land. The old wooden homes with tin roofs are providing way to concrete structures but buying malls and multiplex theatres are however to make an look. You can quickly be taken behind by 20 years if not for the automobiles and mobile phones that look to be maintaining up with the instances. The city goes to sleep early so there is not considerably of evening life either.Port Blair Sightseeing - Fore Shore Road

When you can employ a car for the day it is extremely easy to employ autos from a single point to a further specially if you are a solo or a little group of two or three. It functions out low-cost and easy.

Cellular Jail:

If there is a single historical constructing in the nation exactly where each and every brick on the wall has a story to inform then it has to be Cellular Jail in Port Blair. Constructed more than a period of 10 years by convicts for the convicts under the Imperial Raj. The freedom strugglers have been incarcerated right here beneath different charges of treason and have been topic to inhuman torture. The little cells, the names of men and women who have served their terms, the installation art exhibits to portray the torture brought tears to my eyes. Most of us born in post independent India have been fortunate due to their sacrifices. The premises are open by means of the day and also host a Light and Sound show in the evening  narrating the story of the inmates of Cellular Jail.Port Blair Sightseeing - Cellular Jail

Chatham Island: Take a peek Inside Asia’s Oldest Saw Mill

Chatham is a small island at the edge of Port Blair which was earlier connected by a wooden bridge now replaced by a concrete bridge. Asia’s oldest saw mill is situated on this island and is a need to see spot in the course of a trip to Port Blair. Beyond the wood processing the mill is testimony to the altering faces of history correct from the colonial settlers to the arrival of Japanese in the course of Planet War II and ultimately getting an integral portion of India.Port Blair Sightseeing -Chatham Saw Mill


There are almost 7 museums in Port Blair and every a single with a distinct theme. I could handle only Samudrika which is catered to by Indian Navy. The essence of the islands including tribals, marine life, history is displayed in a nutshell in this museum. I loved the section on corals and infact spent a extended time admiring their organic beauty. I also wanted to check out the Anthropological Museum and Fisheries museum which have a terrific collection about the tribes and marine life in the islands but could not squeeze them in my schedule. Port Blair Sightseeing -Samudrika Museum

Ross Island: Stroll about and hear the Ruins Narrate the History of a Bygone Era

Positioned at an arms length away from Port Blair, Ross Island was referred to as the Paris of the East by the English who settled there for decades. The ruins of the life they left behind immediately after the earthquake that almost split the island. In current instances, Ross Island bore the brunt of the tsunami and protected Port Blair from mass destruction. Program a check out towards the evening to stroll about, unwind with the deer and peacocks beneath the coconut trees or merely watch waves lashing on the broken edges. Full the check out with the laser primarily based Light and Sound Show. Most vacationers check out in the morning but I would strongly advise an evening trip to get the most out of it.Port Blair Sightseeing -Ross Island

Corbyns Cove Beach

There is so considerably to see and do in Port Blair that Corbyns Cove is typically left side stepped. This is a little cosy beach lined with palms and coconut trees. Really, the drive to this beach from Cellular Jalong the coast is extremely scenic. I sat on an abandoned tree and watched men and women jump in and out of water along with the mild waves. A couple of water sports are provided right here but not as considerably wide variety as in the diverse islands.This is a good cease gap during  a busy day about town.

Wandoor Beach and Jolly Buoy Island ~ Best Day Trip in search of Corals in clear blue waters

These are a portion of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park which comprises of quite a few other islands. This is the ideal location to view the corals by means of the crystal clear water. The ship ride towards the open sea exactly where the island is situated is merely spectacular. The colour of water alterations to diverse shades of blue and the green groves on the several other islands just add to the beauty. The gorgeous corals and snorkeling in the clear waters is a prized practical experience. A need to do half day trip from Port Blair though going to Andaman Islands. Port Blair Sightseeing -Jolly Buoy

Chidiya Tapu:

As the name suggests this is the well-known bird island about 20 kms away from Port Blair to view the the spectacular sunset in the sea. I had to postpone Chidiya Tapu for a later check out due to paucity of time but the photographs that I have observed and the narratives that I have heard make me really feel that I have certainly missed a memorable sight. This image is taken from Fore Shore Road in Port Blair for illustration objective.

Day Trip to Baratang:  Passing by Jarawa Land for a tryst with nature

The claim to fame for Baratang is the limestone caves, the parrot island and the mud volcanoes all situated on diverse islands in the vicinity. The route passes by means of the Jarawa Reserve Forest location exactly where the cars have to move in a convoy without having stopping and if luck is on the side then you can see the Jarawas clothed in flaming red moving about their each day routine. The limestone caves are like the ones in other components of India but the boat ride by means of mangroves is extremely thrilling. Parrot Island is not accessible in the course of a day trip because the birds are ideal observed in the evening in the course of their house coming. Baratang is also a cease more than for vacationers going towards the extra rustic Diglipur in North Andaman. Day Trip charges could be Rs 5000 upwards based on car kind and capacity.Port Blair Sightseeing - Andaman Baratang Mangrove


Port Blair has very a couple of restaurants catering to vegetarians and wide variety of other cuisines from the South, North and Bengalis but surprisingly not a thriving sea meals eatery joints. The road side carts cater to a couple of fish products, rolls and chaats. I had a couple of meals in Megapode exactly where I was staying, a thali in the Bengali Restaurant close to the Junglee Ghat location, some roadside chaat grabs and ultimately located my bliss in Light Property Restaurant close to the Water Sports Complicated. The crab and the fish fry each have been great and remains a single of the ideal meals I have had in the course of my a single week trip to the Islands.


Fancy Purchasing Malls have not however produced their way into Port Blair. The major marketplace location is Aberdeen Bazaar situated along the quite a few roads and bye lanes that lead away from Clock Tower. Most of these enterprises are run by the early settlers in Andaman Islands who came mainly from Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. I did some window buying of clothing and domestic ware which have been largely products that you would obtain in mainland India. The T shirts with photographs of Andaman are much better priced in the Islands. I passed by the flower shops close to the temple the fresh smell of jasmine filling my senses a small additional down the fruit seller was busy stacking up red apples though fresh and tasty samosas have been getting fished out of hot oil across the road. One particular bite into the samosas, reminded me of the taste back house in Calcutta and I moved on.

Port Blair Itinerary:

This is a recommended itinerary strategy the days as per interest and time in hand.

Day 1 – Arrive by afternoon.  Visit Cellular Jail and proceed to Ross Island by 4pm. Else take a quick trip to Corbyn’s Cove and return to Cellular Jail for Light and Sound Show. If you are on time for Ross Island then keep back for Light and Sound Show

Day two – Jolly Buoy ( 7am to 2pm). Invest the remaining day in Chidiya Tapu, Ross Island or Museums

Day three – Baratang (4am to 3pm) Invest the evening in buying

Extend your trip in Andaman going to Havelock and Neil Island and indulging in Adventure Activity

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