Why You Ought to Snorkel with Whale Sharks in La Paz Mexico


What an amazing adventure it is, to snorkel with Whale Sharks in La Paz! And the finest factor about it? You can bring your complete family members along for the thrill of snorkeling with the biggest fish in the ocean! Swimming with whale sharks tends to make for a lifelong family members memory.

An incredible knowledge and life lengthy memory to swim with whale sharks in La Paz.

Yes, the Whale Shark is the biggest fish, and the biggest shark, in the complete ocean. It is not a scary shark, although, mainly because whale sharks are filter feeders. That suggests that they are sort of like vacuum cleaners, they open their mouths and suck in the modest fish, plankton, fish eggs, and krill, then filter the water out of their gills and maintain the meals. These charismatic megafauna (which means charismatic significant animal) are no threat whatsoever to humans. Swimming with whale sharks is superior for their conservation as effectively, as lengthy as accountable operations are carrying out their job. Red Travel Mexico is the operator in the Baja I advocate. I have discovered them to be incredibly accountable, each to their customers, and to the wildlife in the Baja.

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Pedro of Red Travel Mexico was our Whale Shark Guide!

Travels with Tam and Red Travel Mexico have teamed up twice to introduce persons to the wonders of the Mexican Baja. In 2017 our expedition in December knowledgeable robust northern winds which shut down the port in La Paz, and we had been unable to swim with whale sharks in the bay. This year we went in March, the finish of the whale shark season, and knowledgeable greater luck with the wind. We had a beautiful sunny day, with low winds, and a fantastic knowledge snorkeling with the whale sharks of La Paz! Our boat headed out to La Paz Bay with nine excited persons!

whale shark, wwim with whale sharks, snorrkeling with whale sharks

Our guide, Pedro, very first informed us of the Code of Conduct of Swimming with Whale Sharks in La Paz. I uncover La Paz to be cautious with their whale sharks, and strict about maintaining to the code. The code is as follows:

  1. Only 14 boats permitted in the Whale Shark Zone at a time, and they are permitted to be there for two hours at a time.
  2. We had been split into two groups, and each and every group went separately.
  3. Remain three meters from the Whale Sharks head if probable, and four meters from its tail. That tail is huge! You do not want to be slapped with it.
  4. Do not touch, ride, or chase a Whale Shark.
  5. Do not interfere with its feeding and all-natural behaviors.
  6. Do not use flash photography when swimming with Whale Sharks. They are close to sufficient to the surface to get lots of all-natural light, and the flash can distract them.
  7. One particular boat at a time with the Whale Sharks.
  8. It is a privilege to swim with Whale Sharks. For you, not them.

Swimming with whale sharks could aid conserve them, as they are on the Endangered List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Their numbers are down drastically, specifically in regions close to China and the Far East. Dr. Simon Pierce, co founder of Marine Megafauna Foundation, who led IUCN’s assessement says, “While international whale shark trade is regulated by means of the species’ listing on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), additional desires to be carried out domestically to safeguard whale sharks at a national level.” (NatGeo) Displaying nations that these animals are worth a great deal additional alive than dead, in tourist dollars, is a way of discouraging the poaching of these gentle giants. La Paz does a terrific job of safeguarding their shark population, which is seasonal. Whale Shark Season in La Paz is October to the finish of March. There are a handful of resident whale sharks, but most migrate to exactly where the meals is.

Sucking up all the krill and plankton to fill that big tummy!

Our group of nine from Red Travel Mexico went out complete of higher spirits, with most persons on the boat under no circumstances possessing observed a whale shark let alone snorkel with 1! I’ve been with them many instances, but each and every time is just as fascinating as the very first time! La Paz has a population of largely juveniles, up to 15 feet, or five meters. There had been nevertheless, some bigger ones out there!

whale shark, wwim with whale sharks, snorrkeling with whale sharks
A Whale shark ID shot!

Our side of the boat was to go very first, and I had my GoPro prepared, and my fellow boat mates had been so excited! When the captain mentioned “go”, I went! How can I describe the absolute wonder of getting subsequent to the world’s biggest fish? I brought my new absolutely free dive fins (which are quite lengthy) so I discovered it really quick to maintain up with the whale shark. They could appear slow, but think me, they are booking it! These with typical fins had to operate super tough to maintain with the whale sharks in La Paz, but I was thrilled to uncover that my new fins had been permitting me to maintain up devoid of having out of breath. I took video immediately after video of these whale sharks in La Paz, and was so pleased to uncover each a vertical feeder (exactly where the shark feeds in a vertical position so does not move a great deal) and a bigger shark, more than 20 feet for positive, perhaps additional.

snorkel with whale sharks, swim with whale sharks, snorkel with whale sharks in la paz
snorkel with whale sharks

Just about every single 1 of us came up on the boat saying, that was amazing, that was incredible, that was thrilling, and so on. Even the most jaded diver is thrilled to see a Whale Shark. It is an incredible reward, seeing the biggest fish in the ocean! Just after two hours, we had to leave, but I would have stayed all day lengthy. I just enjoy watching them swim, I enjoy their stunning markings, and I usually make positive I take Identification Pictures to upload. Each and every whale shark has an person marking suitable behind their gills. Just about every encounter you report to Whale Sharks Wildbook is logged and a match is searched for. If there is a match, then they will send you the information about the shark and you can see exactly where it has been observed prior to! I usually enjoy having my updates about my sharks and exactly where they’ve been observed. It is usually so fascinating to me.

whale shark, wwim with whale sharks, snorrkeling with whale sharks
A Whale shark ID shot!
snorkel with whale sharks, swim with whale sharks, snorkel with whale sharks in la paz
Each and every whale shark has what amounts to a fingerprint on their sides.

So, what do you consider? Is it time you went to snorkel with whale sharks in La Paz? Make stunning memories, and contribute to the conservation of these animals by snorkeling with whale sharks! What do you say??? Is it time for you and yours to snorkel with whale sharks in La Paz?

swim with whale sharks, snorkel with whale sharks in la paz

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