There are two sides to just about every story…


That horrible feeling when you are fighting with your loved ones

Anytime you are caught in in between,  the popular phrase “there are two sides to just about every story” comes up. That is what he stated, she stated, they said… how do you know exactly where the truth lies? Did you expertise some thing in initial particular person? Did your very best buddy, brother or sister inform you about it? Most of us have a tendency to think the particular person we care about the most. And that is why it is normally so difficult to inform that identical particular person when they’re incorrect (or partially incorrect). But it is normally simpler to be the “other person”… the a single absolutely everyone talks to, the a single particular person individuals turn to for assistance.

What if you are the a single that requirements assistance? And no a single knows how to give it to you? We reside in a planet of perceptions, a planet that is either black or white, but the truth most most likely lies in the middle. Often it occurs to me, to be personally caught in the “there are two sides to just about every story”. Simply because let’s face it, all of us believe we’re correct (and the other particular person is incorrect). So how can we resolve this? By placing ourselves in the other person’s shoes…

Placing oneself in a person else’s footwear (in particular when it entails your individual life) is difficult. I imply, seriously. It signifies you have to query oneself. You have to query regardless of whether your belief technique is correct or incorrect. This occurs to me pretty a lot, in particular with my siblings.

Do not get me incorrect, my siblings are the very best individuals in my life (in particular because they let me to query myself) but they are also the ones I clash with the most. There’s normally some thing that you do not recognize entirely, or that does not get understood entirely. You say some thing that appears entirely typical and bam, your words get twisted about. And if you have a brother or a sister you can really feel me on this… there’s absolutely nothing worse than arguing with your siblings.

Why is it so difficult to express your feelings when it entails the individuals you grew up with? Is it simply because they have been there just about every step of the way? Is it simply because they recall all the things that is occurred to you? Is it simply because there’s a rooted competitors amongst yourselves? Who knows. All I know is that when you argue with a sibling, you really feel a void inside. A hole. And the worst point is, when you attempt to speak about it, it appears like there’s a wall in between yourselves. A battle that you have to win every single time to show that you are correct.

So now that I’m older, I attempt not to just win the fight. I attempt to listen to my sibling’s side. I attempt to place myself in their footwear.  But from time to time I really feel that it only goes a single way… and I  attempt to be patient and listen and explain…but then who desires to be the only a single waving a white flag in a battle field?

I believe speaking with your siblings, good friends, household or whoever, is so vital when you argue. Simply because forgetting a fight is not going to resolve it. It is just going to postpone it. It is going to generate a larger distance in between you and the other particular person. Pretending all the things is okay is just going to make points worse. And when the battle starts once again, we all have a lot more weapons against every single other.

The worst point is when you attempt to speak to that other particular person and he/she does not want to. They either say they do not want to speak about it, or they want to be alone, or they want to speak about it one more time. That type of response is the worst. It tends to make me believe the other particular person is not attempting to get himself/herself in my footwear. So exactly where does the truth lie when you are not capable to talk about and share your feelings with a particular person? Nowhere. Inside oneself, as you are feeling a lot more alone than ever.


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