The Picturesque Canals Of Ghent


When I was picking a city inside a brief train ride from Amsterdam exactly where I could balance exploring and relaxing for a week, a lot of recommendations have been produced.  What sold me on Ghent is that it has the charm and picturesque canals of the popular Bruges, but it is a “real city” exactly where men and women reside and function and is the house of a substantial university student population.  It is not just a tourist attraction.

Picturesque Canals of Ghent

The canals really feel like an important character in my story of Ghent.  I was staying at an AirBnB that was on a small island in the middle of a canal.  The canals became my navigation tools, as nicely as the result in of getting lost.  They supplied an extraordinary (and wonderfully distracting) view for my morning runs.  And so a lot of inspiring photography possibilities.

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