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Welcome to Women on the Road, the incredibly practical and hands-on resource for women who travel solo – or who would like to but don’t quite know how to go about it. Please click around and visit – you’ll probably find what you need and if you don’t, please email me!


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Travel Deals

Solo Travel

Why Women Travel the Way We Do

My Round the World Travel Adventure
10 Telltale Signs You’ve Caught the Wanderlust Bug
11 Excellent Reasons to Study a Language Abroad
Travel to Trace Family Roots
Attend Cooking Schools in Europe
Travel Art – and how it can tell you about place
Street Art: Love It or Hate It?
How Do You Envision Your Trip of a Lifetime?
Solo Travel Stories from Women on the Road
More Solo Travel Stories from Women on the Road
The Anatomy of a Tuscan Cooking Class

The (Countless) Highs and Lows of Solo Travel

Great Travel Destinations for Women: The Art (and Science) of Deciding Where to Go
Unrecognized Countries
The Benefits of Slow Travel
Female Travel Companions
International Travel Tips for First-Time Backpackers
Senior Women Travel (And Not So Senior)
Avoiding Travel Burnout
Putting Down Roots
How to Cope with Cultural Differences
17 Ways to Avoid Paying a Single Supplement
How to Visit Any City in One Day
Eating with Locals: The Ultimate Guide to Social Dining
Local Living (or how to stake out your corner of paradise)

Going Solo: Life on the Road

Managing Travel Loneliness
Coping with Culture Shock
The Art of Haggling
Hate Solo Dining? Here’s How You Can Make It Fun!
Travel Scams
Unwanted Male Attention
International Pet Travel
How to Make Travel New Year Resolutions
Alternative Christmas Holidays

Safe Travel for Women

Hotel Room Safety
Hotel Safety
Natural Disaster Survival
Road Safety Abroad
Travel Talismans and Amulets
How to Avoid Crime Abroad
Self Defense for Women
Off to a remote area? You need a personal locator beacon!

Health Information for Travel

Stress Management Course for Travelers
How to Stay Healthy Traveling
Travel for Health: Finding an Ayurvedic Clinic
Beating Your Worst Travel Phobias
How Long Do International Travel Vaccinations Last (and other questions)
The Importance of a Travel Mosquito Net

Permethrin Spray, DEET and Other Anti Mosquito Travel Tactics
Avoiding Malaria
Travel Fitness Tips
Drinking Water Safety
First Aid Kit Checklist
How to Treat Motion Sickness When You Travel
Are You Secretly Scared of Flying? How I Cured My Fear of Flying
SOAR Fear of Flying Course: How It Helped Me Fly 12 Times in 10 Days
Avoiding Jet Lag
Preventing Heat Exhaustion
Travel Personal Hygiene Tips
Diva Cup or Tampon?
Birth Control Travel Tips

Volunteer Work Overseas: Do You Have What It Takes?

The Ethics of International Volunteering
Why Should You Volunteer?
International Volunteer Mission
Volunteer with WWOOF on an Organic Farm
Long-Term Charity Volunteer Work
Christian Volunteer Work
Faith Based Volunteering
Volunteering in Africa
Senior Volunteering
Volunteer Vacation
And Why Not Voluntourism

Responsible Travel and Issues

Long-term Solo Travel for Women: 16 Profound Ways It Will Change You
Why Cultural Etiquette Matters
Reverse Culture Shock
Poverty or Slum Tourism: How Ethical Is It?
Both For and Against Slum Tourism
Dark Tourism: Should Tragedy Become a Tourist Draw?
Why Indulging in Disaster Tourism Could Be a Tragic Mistake
The Importance of Breaking Down Stereotypes When We Travel
How Giving to Child Beggars Can Do More Harm Than Good
How Travel Can Empower Us [Infographic]
Should We Boycott Countries with Despotic Regimes?
How to Engage in Animal-Friendly Tourism
Pro-Poor Tourism
Benefits of Ecotourism
Climate Change Travel
Disaster Tourism

Travel Destinations

World Travel Planning

A Few Backpacking Tips Before You Go
How to Tell Your Friends About your RTW
Should you Quit Your Job to Travel?
5 Best Travel Forums to Help You Plan Your Trip
 Travel Blogs for Women
Travel Packing List
When is the Best Time to Visit?
Using a Travel Checklist to Plan Your Trip
How to Buy Cheap Worldwide Travel Insurance (and Why)
Best Travel Insurance Reviews for Seniors
Seniors Travel Insurance (Don’t Get Mad, Get Even!)
International Travel Visa
Beginners’ Tips: How to Learn a Language
The Pros and Cons of Organized Tours
Candy Harrington: Travel with Disabilities
Long Layover Flights: How to Make Your Airport Time Memorable, Not Miserable
Keep a Travel Journal
How to Use Google Maps for Sightseeing

Travel Destinations – Europe – Asia – Africa – Americas

Top 10 Travel Destinations
Great Railway Journeys
Safest Countries for Women Who Travel Solo
How to Know Which Places Are Safest (it’s an app!)
Dangerous Places
Cheap Paris Travel
Backpacking Europe
My 7 Best Flea Markets (and other markets)
What Every Woman Should Know About Travel to Italy
A Woman’s Guide to Morocco Travel
South Africa Vacation – What You Need to Know Before You Go
Brazil Tourism – A Woman’s Guide
Solo Woman in Lebanon
Safe Travel to Doha, Qatar
Solo Female Travel to Argentina
A Portugal Travel Guide for Women
Solo Female Travel to China
Solo Bulgaria Travel Guide for Women
Solo Female Travel to Australia (for first-timers)
A Guide to Florence
Cuba Travel Guide
A Perfect Weekend in Milan: Travel Guide for Women
Travel to Kyrgyzstan: An Independent Woman’s Guide
A Two-Week Korea Itinerary for Solo Women
6 Things to Know About Traveling to South Korea
Jamaica Facts for Solo Women Travelers
Things to Do in Budapest
Female Travel to Turkey: 7 Enticing Cities for First-Time Solo Travelers
Uzbekistan Tourism: Secrets of the Silk Road
Las Vegas Travel Information for Solo Women
A Week in Sri Lanka, Solo
How to Visit the Cayman Islands on a Backpacker’s Budget
The Most Mysterious Places in the Philippine Islands
Is Rio Safe?
Holidays in Oman
Amazing Swiss Travel: The Best of Switzerland for Solo Women
What to Do in Nairobi
Singapore Travel Tips: A Terrific Destination for Solo Women
A Delectable Visit to the Colombia Coffee Region
Things To Do in Annecy, France’s “Prettiest Town”
First-Time Solo Travel to Vietnam for Independent Women
One Day in Madrid: Is It Even Worth Trying?
Places to Visit in Krakow: A Concise Women’s Guide
The Most Beautiful Places in Sardinia
29 Hugely Underrated Spanish Cities
24 Captivating Cities of Southern France
Travelling Alone in India (as seen by an Indian woman)
Traveling to Serbia: A Solo Woman’s Guide
11 Facts About Dublin, Ireland (some of them are true!)
7 Yummy Street Foods You Must Eat in Bangkok
Moldova: Europe’s Least-Visited Country
15 Offbeat Winter Activities (that don’t involve skis)
3 Days in Bangkok: Exploring the Chao Phraya River
17 Memorable Things to Do in Hanoi, Vietnam
Things to Do in Palermo, Sicily
A One-Day Literary Itinerary in Edinburgh
24 Intriguing Facts About Malawi (you’ll want to put it on your bucket list!)
Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse
A Bilbao Travel Guide (for foodies who love history)

Unusual Travel Destinations

Ghost Tourism: The Thrill of Fear (when you’re not really in danger)
Movie Tourism: Chasing the Stars
Star Gazing Tourism
Space Tourism
Food Tourism

Pilgrimage Routes

Travel to Sacred Sites
Pilgrimage to Santiago
Music Pilgrimages
Women’s Pilgrimage Stories

Affordable Travel

Travel Money Matters

How to Plan Your Travel Budget

How to Travel When Broke
Is a Travel Money Belt the Best Way to Protect Your Cash?
Waterproof Money Belt, Bra Purse, Neck Wallet or Leg Wallet

How to Fund Your Travels With Overseas Jobs 

Teaching English Abroad
How to Choose the Best TEFL Course
– Teach English Overseas – A Personal Story
– Teaching English in France
– Teaching English in Spain
– Teaching English in China
– Teaching English in Taiwan
– Teaching English in Japan

Non-Profit Jobs Abroad
Not-for-Profit Jobs 
International Travel Nursing
Yacht Jobs
Ski Resort Jobs
Au Pair Positions
Working on a Farm

How You Can Become a Travel Writer: Nomadic Matt’s Course
What Does It Take to Become a Travel Writer?
Take my Free Travel Writing Course
Travel Writing Jobs 
Affiliate Marketing Tips: How I Make Money With My Travel Blog
How Can Women Make Money Online?

SBI! Review

Women’s Travel Clothing

The Travel Skirt
Travel Pants
Women’s Travel Hats
Travel Underwear
Women’s Walking Shoes
Best Walking Sandals for Travel: 15 Features to Consider
Women’s Hiking Boots
Travel Bras
Cold Weather Clothes
When to Dress Like a Local – or Not
Essential Waterproof Clothing for Your Travels
Mosquito Repellent Clothing

Travel Accessories for Women

2018 Travel Gifts for Women (for under $30!)
The Art of Choosing Travel Handbags You Will Actually Use
Best Flashlight for Travel
How Really Useful Are Travel Daypacks?
How to Choose a Women’s Backpack
A Woman’s Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Laptop
The Perfect Travel Pouch
Choosing the Right Travel Blanket
Why Would You Take a Travel Towel with You?
Leech Socks: How To Keep Leeches from Sucking Up Your Blood
The Best Carry-on Bags for Women Who Travel Light
The 9 Best Anti-Theft Travel Bags
Best Packing Cubes for Organized Women in 2019
Personal Items vs Carryon Bag: They’re NOT the Same!

The Best Ways to Travel Around Europe

Driving Abroad: The International Drivers Licence
Take Advantage of Very Cheap International Flights
Enjoy the Scenery: Travel by Bus
Travel on Foot – the Ultimate Slow Travel
Women Sailing Around the World
Female Hitchhikers: A Disappearing Breed?
Round the World Tickets
30 Reasons I’m Considering a (Solo) European River Cruise
The Best Train Pass for Europe

Budget Hostel Accommodation

How to Choose a Hotel
Couch Surfing
How to Become a Housesitter
Stay in a Monastery
Homestay Accommodation: How to Live Like a Local
What is Airbnb and why should you use it?
Staying in a Hostel for the First Time

Travel Resources

Travel Resources for Solo Women
Blogging Tools I Use and Love

Best Travel Books

Women Travel Writers
Travel Guidebook Reviews
Travel Book Reviews :: AfricaAmericasAsiaEuropeWorld

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