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For the duration of my final Myanmar Adventure on 2015, I flew to Yangon utilizing Myanmar Airways International (MAI). I purchased the flight ticket by way of Expedia as there was a promotion for this airlines. I did not consider twice when I decided to obtain the ticket, I did not study the critique on line or make any analysis. All I know, I want that ticket.
As you know, MAI is a premium airlines and complete flight solutions, of course you will get complimentary of 25kg checked-in luggage and in-flight meal.

1 month just before my flight, I had sent the e-mail to their consumer service that I am requesting for the Muslim Meal (Halal) for each of my flight. Surprisingly, the replied and confirmation was very effective. 

However, handful of days just before my flight, I was informed about the adjustments of the flight time. This created all my particular request back to zero. For the reason that of this, I did not get my particular meal for the flight Kuala Lumpur – Yangon and I will need to request once again for the particular meal for my return flight.

As for the checked-in in KLIA which managed by the Malaysia Airport crew, I got the dilemma with my name. I will need to wait very extended time for them to repair the dilemma. This is not great to start off my journey. Thankfully, they can fixed the dilemma promptly soon after their supervisor coming to the checked-in counter.

I appreciate the vibrant color of their cabin crew uniforms. I can see they had a handful of colour of uniforms which are fascinating and make the cabin far more fresh appear. But I do not like their attitude. They are not polite like other SEA airlines. 1 time, I got scolded as I took a photo inside the flight. They can asked me politely if they want to. They will need to be train far more. I was actually shocked when 1 of them abruptly scolded me.

Ahead of we took off, they distributed the fresh towel to everyone. Its great as I do not see this variety of service considerably at the Southeast Asia premium flight like my nation airlines, Malaysia Airlines.

No in-flight entertainment on board as you can see at the images. The seat space was okay for me as for the Asian size. I can observed all inside the flight are Burmese. I consider I am the only 1 Malaysian. But I do appear like Burmese. That is why the cabin crew usually speak Burmese with me.

Instant soon after took off, the meal been served. It is not involve the appetizer, only key dish and dessert. Like I pointed out just before, I did not get my particular meal as I requested as they changed my flight. When the flight changed, all my request been reset. I will need to make a new request. But, it was alright as the meals was ready in KLIA, and I know it is Halal. But when I in Myanmar, I emailed once again the MIA consumer service to request Halal for my return flight.

They also providing the blanket to everyone who required like me. As no entertainment on board, I just entertained myself with reading the in flight magazine referred to as Mingalabar which imply Hello in Burmese. Make confident you fill up the arrival card  and custom declaration kind just before arrived. I applied my visa on line, so I have the electronic visa. Make confident all the documents are prepared.

Meals for Kuala Lumpur – Yangon

Significant portion of rice and chicken stew. Enjoy it! The the chocolate mousse cake also yummy!

Meals for Yangon – Kuala Lumpur

Meals with HALAL logo as for Muslim Meal. I do not know the menu name but it is tasty sufficient. 

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