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I just discover r/solotravel and I want to share with you my initially independent journey which requires spot handful of years back. Now I am a diverse man :).

Road in Nepal

For the initially time in my life I went outdoors the Europe. For the initially time on my personal. I was concerned if I will be capable to handle this type of journey as it was anything totally new for me. I study a lot in the net and I require to admit that getting in Nepal in the taxi and seeing this all linsey-woolsey on my personal eyes I had a smile on my face. Tumbled roads all more than, opened drainage catch pits, smoky trucks TATA, the cows lying on the middle of the streets, frequently trumpeting drivers and lack of the visitors legislations. Perhaps I will start off from the quite starting.

I had a flight 10 march from the Birmingham airport to Kathmandu (I had a adjust in Deli). The entire way lasted 12 hours I got the visa at the airport devoid of any complications. The residence permit for 30 days charges 35 pounds. When I got out from the airport I was noticed straight away by the nearby taxi drivers. They have been convincing me to have a ride to the hostel. I was supplied the ride to Thamel for 700 rupees. I politely refused as I had currently booked the automobile to my hostel for 400 rupees. Even then to kill the time I was speaking and haggling with them. I told a single of them that in case if my ordered taxi is not arrived he can give me a lift but for the exact same value.

All of them knew at least a single Polish word and some of them knew even Russian language. Just after 40 minutes of waiting I decided to go with the taxi driver who agreed to give me a lift for 400 rupees. If you are searching for a inexpensive taxi soon after going out from the airport you ought to go to the correct side to the nearby taxi drivers and negotiate the value. White, old Suzuki got me to my location spot.


I spent the initially evening at the Alobar1000 hostel. I met there Linda from the Netherlands (she has currently been in Nepal considering that three weeks). I joined her and with each other we went to see Lumbini. I purchased the ticket at the travel agency that belongs to the hostel at 20 p.m. for 1000 rupees. The atmosphere at the hostel was quite good (the terrace, the restaurant with scrumptious meals and very affordable costs). You can do the laundry there for 50 rupees per kg. For these who can very easily discover connection with the other folks it is a good spot to remain but for these who is searching for the luxury and peaceful atmosphere this hostel will be a undesirable decision. The rooms have been quite clean but it was quite loud. The value at the area for four folks charges 550 rupees per evening.

Awakening six o’clock. The taxi to New Bus Park for 400 rupees. The departure from Kathmandu as I planned 7 a.m. The way to Lumbini by the nearby bus Delux with „Wi-Fi” lasted 10 hours with some breaks for the goods loading: for instance meals. Do not overlook about the passengers who have been finding into the bus. The drivers have been trading and carrying out their small business as nicely. It was a challenge to be in this bus I will have to admit. From the other hand I could see a lot of and knowledgeable totally new items that adjust the way you see the surrounding globe.


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