My 1st Solo Trip — GirlGoTravel


I’m conscious that this statement sort of contradicts every little thing I mentioned above,

but to be clear, I didn’t go on this trip to prove that I can do it but I did. I did it to overcome my fears.  

I’m not only empowered to travel alone but to also to do other stuff alone. I discovered that I would rather consume by myself at a fancy pants restaurant than to have a meal with an individual I do not genuinely want to be about.


I’m empowered to figure it out, what ever it is. When you break your iPhone in Italy and can not speak the language and handle to get it fixed at the Apple shop for No cost, every day difficulties do not appear so difficult. I’ve got to caveat that by saying that I was with my uncle who speaks Italian but he speaks as considerably English as I speak Tygrina (our native language). I was blessed, but it was nevertheless a difficult scenario. 

Traveling by myself was the shit. I didn’t do something I didn’t want to do. I didn’t have to be cool and impress people today. I connected with strangers. I produced pals in London and Rome that I can not wait to see once more. I got closer to family members without the need of the aid of my parents. I discovered that I have an outstanding sense of path and that I have the finest time when I adapt and go with the flow.


So go and uncover your personal story.


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