Factors to do in Yerevan Armenia


I visited Armenia in October 2017. I arrived from Kiev Ukraine on a Ukraine Ar lines flight, fairly fantastic flight.

Armenia is a gorgeous, complete of history and a low cost location.

Airport Immigration and customs is fast and straightforward and Taxis are low cost. My hotel was significantly less than 10 minutes walking distance from the Republic square. The cab ride from the Airport was $12 USD. At the time of writing this 1 USD = 478 AMD Armenian Dram. The cab ride from Airport to Republic square is about 15 minutes.

Climate: October is a tiny chilly but not also cold, quite good.

Republic Square is the center of Yerevan and its not square, its round. I went there in the course of the day and evening, it was often busy. Lots of people today there all the time. Image under of the Art Gallery and government buildings.

National Gallery of Armenia
National Gallery of Armenia Yerevan

I am not a artsy fartsy guy so I did not go inside to stare at some painting, I did sit on a bench and did some people today watching.

Republic Square at evening had some fairly cool fountain show with music, in front of the art gallery.

Day Trip to Garni, Gegard Monastery and Lake Sevan

So fundamentally my hotel had organised a tour for a Day Trip to Garni,Gegard and Lake Sevan, they had 1 a lot more seat left in the comfy Mercedes Van, the expense for the complete day was was below $20 USD. I asked them for a discount and they knocked two USD off.

Very first quit Views of Mount Ararat, Mount Ararat Turkey in the background, Image I took from the Armenia side. Noah’s Ark is stated to be on Mount Ararat.

The views have been breathtaking, we stopped there for 20 minutes, I did take shoot some video. Subsequent quit was Garni, we drove by way of some quite scenic roads. Garni is an hour drive from Yerevan and is from pre christian occasions, 1st century pagan temple Armenia. In fact it was a lot more of a sun worship temple. The is an opening in the ceiling with the rays if the Sun coming in. Image of me at Garni.
There is an entrance charge to Garni,below five USD.

Garni armenia

The complete region is quite gorgeous with hills in the back. It was t-shirt climate. Verify out the video under.

We stopped there for  45 minutes, and have been off to Gegard Monastery. Gegard is a UNESCO Planet heritage website, http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/960

All these Greg and Gregory’s you will meet or hear about in you lifetime get their name from Saint Gregory of Gegard.

According to the Gospel of John, Jesus was stabbed in his side by a spear though hanging from the cross. Gegard Monastery claims to have this spear, I didnt see it, Just like when I was in Ethopia I didnt see the Ark of the Covenant,  Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum claims to include the Ark of the Covenant. http://www.arvinder.com/p/ethiopia.html

Final quit was Sevan Lake, what was a good sunny day had come to be rainy and freezing and I did not get to swim in the lake. There is a gorgeous church on top rated of a hill. Images under.

The complete trip took about 10 hours, later I went out with strangers in the evening, to the Northern ave, which has some higher finish shops and a lot of areas to consume.

As substantially as I loved the meals, the internet sites and the people today in Armenia, it was time for a road trip from Yerevan to Tbilisi.


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