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I’m Kate, a solo female traveling alone most of the time. It is good to meet you! Exactly where in the Globe is Kate, is about me, a Single Lady 50+, traveling alone to unbelievable travel destinations. The web page and travel weblog delivers travel recommendations and travel pictures of true travel destinations adventures that everybody loves! I want to share my passion for travel with you. If I can travel, you can also. Exactly where in the Globe do you want to go? Let me enable you accomplish your travel destinations. Let’s Go!

Female Travel at 50 Plus

Best female hatsI appreciate seeing the planet, meeting new persons, and mastering new issues even if I’m a female solo traveling alone. I appreciate the persons I meet and how diverse the planet is and how substantially extra we share in widespread.  In 2007, I began traveling the globe. Now, I’ve been to extra than 50 nations. When I began, my good friends asked me to inform them about my trips, experiences, and any true recommendations I discovered. I very carefully believed about it, simply because it is a lot of perform and undoubtedly not straightforward to create a travel photography weblog. Hopefully, my journey inspires you to travel comfortably, on your price range, solo or with a buddy. Just do it your way. Will need extra inspiration? My travel good friends post, intriguing tidbits, and tips will also inspire you.


Let’s do what we appreciate, be who we are, appreciate who we are, and embrace this moment of our life. Study the greatest Female Travel web page for 50+ and any stage of life. Oh, 1 other issue! Guys, younger persons, and reluctant travelers, this is for you also!

My Travel

I’m a blessed mom. My two grown youngsters are my greatest joy. My life is complete of creativity. This weblog is the behind the scene stories about my journey, the why, the what, and how I reside my inventive mission. I hope it inspires you to reside creatively also.

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Expertise Traveling Alone by Reading

I travel all-the-time and discovered some fantastic travel hacks. If I can enable you save income, time, and travel extra, on your price range, to locations you dream about, then I’m prosperous. Sharing your travel with your young children or good friends is my mission. “Where in the World” encourages persons to do and go to your preferred destinations. Female solo travel can be completed on your price range. Just try to remember, traveling is the purpose. There is normally a way to travel extra, no matter what the situations are. I’m normally seeking for new strategies to travel extra. Thus, comment and share your tips to enable me and other people.

Behind the Scenes

Are you a solo female traveler? Would you like to be? My observation is that when it comes to travel, persons in their 50s usually obtain, they either do not have the income, the companion, or the wellness to travel, they want. When I was up against these troubles, I dealt with it and discovered how to be a  solo female traveler. I know a lot of ladies and males, face these challenges. Males have the identical challenges as ladies do at this stage of life. We all survive. We share a lot in widespread with millenniums, we all want fantastic experiences.  By no means, ever, have I been a victim, and you are not either.

Hopefully, my story inspires you to attempt. You can even submit your travel tips and be published on the web page. Want to study extra? Hold reading. Want to skip ahead? You can do that also.

Good friends Contact Me Kate. I Like Female Travel 50+

Exactly where in the Globe is Kate? Is written from all more than the planet, by me, Kate and my good friends. One issue to note, travel photography is my preferred element of traveling. I appreciate to capture these after in a lifetime experiences. My travel photography is my original perform or my guest writers pictures.

Solo Female Travel 50, Ultimate Female Travel 50+

Solo Female Travel &amp Female Travel 50+

In 2007, my consulting perform took me to a number of nations. On Trip Advisor in 2009, I started writing testimonials. By 2010, my passion for solo trips, outside trekking, meeting persons and seeing new locations inspired a lot of of my good friends to comply with me on Facebook.

We played a game known as, “Exactly where in the Globe is Kate?”

Immediately after seeing my photographs and hearing about the trips on Facebook, my good friends asked me to create a weblog about my adventures.

Thus, my weblog, “Where in the Globe is Kate?” delivers my travel backstory. Certainly, if you want to study how and why I travel so substantially, this is for you. You could ask, how do I afford traveling so substantially? Right here is how I do it. My trips are funded by web page donations, sponsors, and my consulting perform. They are comparatively economical trips. I strategy ahead, and take benefit of all the fantastic bargains I can obtain. Nonetheless, I’m not affordable. Sacrificing comfort at the expense of cost is not a fantastic worth to me. I

Additional About Me

As I stated, I’ve lived in a lot of locations about the planet. I’ve lived in Istanbul on and off for a number of years simply because of my perform. I painted a 2×4-meter commissioned mural canvas for an architect in Tuscany. In Jordan, I photographed Syrian refugees. In Israel for the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, Washington I photographed the conflict just after the war in 2016.

Initially I’m from Connecticut. I attended the University of Colorado, Boulder. As I raised my two young children in Seattle, Washington, I went to evening college to earn two Masters’ degrees. My degrees are in Company. Now, I’m more than 50 and seeking forward to my subsequent stage of life. I appreciate volunteering and functioning on fantastic projects.

Solo Female Travel 50, Ultimate Female Travel 50+

Me in Tuscany finishing an original mural commissioned by a new buddy I met though traveling

Get Kate’s Fine Art Paintings and Photography.

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About Solo Female Travel and Female Travel 50+

My life is not adventurous. I reside my life “accidentally on objective.” My purpose is to love and reside life with objective. I guarantee to share my stories, the fantastic and the undesirable, my trials and troubles. My posts are not filtered opinions.  I do not be concerned about what a person thinks. Honesty is the greatest policy. I guarantee to be sincere.

I will not publish private comments or issues shared in self-confidence.

Complete disclosure – I ask permission when I take children’s pictures or photographs of sensitive topic matter.  When I travel with persons I ask if I can share the journey. If a individual is in public, I figure, they are ok to photograph.

Today, I travel a small with my daughter and pick good friends. Sharing my pictures and stories gave me the notion that young children or good friends can also share and create their point of view so that the readers can encounter the complete story from all angles. Want to be a contributor for Exactly where in the Globe is Kate? Fantastic – Make contact with me.

My Philosophy

Solo travel can be exciting, secure, very simple, straightforward and enjoyable. I do not want to scare ladies or males from traveling alone. It is significant to know, that some solo time, on a trip is worthwhile. If I join good friends, I normally consist of solo time. My solo travel time is for me. I discovered, to travel solo, I have to love my business.

I discovered that travel is about the locations, but extra importantly, it is about the persons. Immersing in a culture, and finding to know the persons is what I worth. I develop relationships which is the accurate worth I obtain from travel.

What’s In It For You?

Females and males, at 50+ and all stages of life, may well not have what they anticipated in life. This can take place to any one, at any time in life. I want to enable you take away the issues that may well cease you from traveling. My tips is this.

Go on your price range, solo, at fifty and any stage of life. It is all about you! Go for it!

Get Inspired

Just commence.

How to Get About Your Blockers

  • Appear for much less-high priced trips or places, hostels or sharing. There are lots of choices.
  • Go to events for singles or consume breakfast at your hotel and group up with other singles
  • Study to share and know that compromise is fantastic
  • If you have wellness troubles please Constantly listen to your medical doctor.
  • Know how to pack a camera bag
  • Study how to pack travel healthcare supplies

Hope for the greatest, make plans for the worst. With each other we can do this and go to exciting locations. “Oh, The Areas You will Go!” Dr. Seuss.

Bear in mind!

  • It is exciting to travel!
  • A lady can travel, simply and quickly
  • It does not have to be scary
  • I really feel you are in no way definitely secure – so go smartly
  • Prioritize
  • Travel does not have to be high priced
  • Travel is an investment in you. You are worth it.
  • Be prepared to compromise. Trade a fantastic companion for a fantastic web page.
  • It is not normally quite, but even the really hard occasions are all correct.
  • Be delighted just the way you are.

Thanks for going to!

Complete Disclosure – Carrying out this web page and becoming a travel blogger is arduous perform. My travel weblog is active. Writing requires complete engagement and total commitment. I have to assume very carefully and be present to make it perform. It requires income, passion, really hard perform and connecting with the travel neighborhood. I would appreciate to network and companion with you.

Invisible, Like a Shadow Particular person

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