Building of the Brenner Base Tunnel from Tyrol to South Tyrol – Joy della Vita


Construction Brenner Base Tunnel South Tyrol

When the Brenner Basistunnel building is completed, it will reduce train travel time even shorter. Proper now, travel time from Innsbruck in Austria, Tyrol, all the way across the alps to Franzensfeste in South Tyrol, Italy, requires 80 minutes. When the Brenner Base Tunnel is completed, this journey will only take 25 minutes. With a length of 55 km, it will be the second-longest tunnel in the globe, following the 57 km extended Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. The Diameter of every single of the single-track tubes will be eight.1 m, with a partial maximum overburden of 1,six km. What a crazy building Galleria di base del Brennero is – and I can not wait to travel and expertise it! Right after initial preparations began in 1999, the finish of constructions is scheduled as of 2025, with an operational begin in 2026. Up from then about 200 to 250 trains will use the Brenner Base Tunnel, every single travelling at a speed of 250 km/h for passenger trains, and 160 km/h for freight trains.

On my current trip from Innsbruck to South Tyrol, I have crossed some visible building internet sites of the Brenner Base Tunnel project, close to Franzensfeste in Italy.


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