Wood Watches by JORD: A Timepiece Match for the Wanderer Soul x Giveaway


As I seat on my bed, feeling just about every bit of fiber swathed about my physique, I am counting how lots of days are left prior to I will head for my most awaited adventure of the year to Taiwan. It has been months considering that I final set foot for a feat, seven months to be precise, however it feels like a hundred years. As I count how lots of instances my thoughts is insinuated with thousands of photos that I have under no circumstances noticed, itching to see the globe once again, and yearning to quench my wanderlust. It is about time!

“At times I really feel like if you just watch points, just sit nonetheless and let the globe exist in front of you – at times I swear that just for a second time freezes and the globe pauses in its tilt. Just for a second. And if you somehow identified a way to reside in that second, then you would reside forever.”
― Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

Flight tickets are booked, reservations has been produced, just about every detail planned out, waiting for that day. As I anticipate that escapade, it came ideal in time. I caressed the smooth dark charcoal packaging, and I although to myself, it was as if it was produced out of velvety rose petals. My heart is beaming with excitement, I instantly grabbed a pair of scissors and opened the parcel. To my delight, the sweet scent of wood welcomed and teases my nose. I lift the intricate burnt umber wooden cover and there it was.

When JORD reached out to me for a partnership. I was so elated as we shared our mutual interest concerning our future travels. With their meticulous branding, consideration-to-detail masterpieces and my weakness for luxury mementos… how could a girl say no? Their beautiful wooden timepieces are to die for. As I scanned JORD’s web-site for my personal hand-produced timepiece, I was overwhelmed mainly because there is a lot to decide on from. Created from 100% all-natural wood, ranging from ebony, golden camphor, rosewood and a lot more, and modeled soon after a modern life style. As I scrutinize my senses, discovering myself a connection to an opulent watch for a bond that will lasts trough time and space. I took a deep breathe, “breath in, breathe out”, I stated. That hue I am presently obsessing more than came to my thoughts. I am infatuated with the turquoise colour and prior to an additional choice could be produced, I have selected a creation from JORD’s Cora Series Collection in Zebrawood and Turqouise.

The tiny points do matter. These tiny tiny pieces of perfection that add complexity and colour to your each day, they matter. Each facet and function, just about every unexpected element, and just about every final detail will not go unnoticed. Dive into the cool Turquoise tones of our Cora, completely balanced by the warm and untamed Zebrawood grain. Crafted to be adored, this timepiece was made for you.

Obtaining such a beautiful timepiece wrapped about the wrist is a classic piece to any ensemble. The watch itself is lightweight, handcrafted with sapphire crystal glass, swarovski crystal markers, and premium quartz, chronograph to an absolute masterpiece. Obtaining also discovered that the watch is splash proof it was just fantastic for any travelling folk.

If you are searching for a premium and exclusive present for the wanderer soul in you or for a person particular in your life, then JORD wood watches are just the issue for you. Each and every watch comes beautifully packaged in a wooden keepsake box that voices that this exquisitely piece tells a lot more than time.

The Giveaway

To celebrate my adventures, I have partnered with JORD for an incredible giveaway – a $100 present card which you can reward oneself a tiny keepsake of your option to savor your time and travels. Oh, I forgot to mention that it comes with Totally free SIZING and Totally free SHIPPING.

The very best issue? Each participants will acquire a $25 e-present which you can use to obtain a hand-crafted perfection. You may possibly also use the code: CHARLOTTEANNE upon verify out. You have till Might 11th to enter this JORD watch giveaway!

Note: Each the $100 and the $25 codes will expire on Might 11th.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by JORD Watches. All opinions are my personal.


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