The four very best Instagram-worthy rooftop views of Prague


I do not really feel like I’ve observed a city unless I’ve scouted out the very best rooftop. I know that is completely a thing a rat or a pigeon or a chimney sweep in a musical would say – and yea, I’m a spicy mixture of all 3 – but give me a minute, and you will be convinced. Additionally, you will be convinced to the point of tap-dancing on foreign rooftops with me.

I enjoy how rooftops can strike point of view in the thoughts of a weary traveller, fresh off the plane with a desperation to uncover oneself in a new and unfamiliar city. For no explanation other than getting bloody larger up than typical, it is the quickest way to visually get your bearings and plot out exactly where in the city you could see your self.

For me, rooftops occur to be the best spot to spot my dream hunchback swinging from cathedral bell to bell. Rooftops are also exactly where I can make my lengthy-awaited transition from lady to stone gargoyle.

In Prague, my thirst for the great rooftop was far more than sated. The city’s sepia tones and uniformly gothic architecture tends to make it undeniably bohemian, its lack of skyscrapers signifies no-one’s competing for the very best view. Here’s exactly where to begin.

CODA Restaurant at Aria Hotel

Get pleasure from seasonal wines and Czech cuisine amidst the heart of Bohemia. If there’s only a single Prague rooftop you have time for, make it CODA”s. With sweeping views of Prague Castle and the Vlatva river, you will be a content traveller. And it will not just be since of the aforementioned wine. As soon as you are performed, venture down to Aria’s Vrtba gardens.

The Powder Tower

Be prepared to powder that nose, this tower is 186 actions up. I assume this is the which means behind the “powder” portion of the name. Prepare to see why Prague is essentially a single large ol’ film set.

The Astronomical Clock

Not to be confused with the Gastronomical Cock, the Astronomical Clock is a Prague icon. As soon as it reopens in a couple of months, take the spiral staircase all the way to the major. In the meantime, wander the streets beneath for bustling markets, craft Czech beer and yummy trdelníks.

Head to Starbucks (yep, these buggers are everywhere!) on the Prague Castle grounds, plop on major the barrier and pose away. Men and women will stare, but hey, they’re the ones who have come all the way to Bohemian Europe to drink a triple macca wappa soy frappicazzo.*

*I’m not significantly of a coffee drinker.

Your riverside digs

Jump on to book a colourful rooftop apartment. These are surprisingly low-priced in Prague, and it feels fairly special to have a Bohemian rooftop all to your self. Mine was in the yellow constructing!

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