The Finest Day Trips from Rome


Remarkable locations to go to close to Rome

A single of the ideal points about Rome is its proximity to stunning countryside and seaside towns. Who else has the privilege of becoming just 40 minutes away from the sea, lake and countryside? If you are up for a day trip from Rome exploring a nearby town, or if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Rome and unwind for the weekend, there are lots of gorgeous locations to go to close to Rome.


Day trips from Rome by train

Lake Bracciano – Anguillara – Trevignano

Day trips from Rome: Bracciano, Anguillara and Trevignano Romano

To discover some stunning lakeside towns in the Lazio area just head on more than to Bracciano, Anguillara Sabazia or Trevignano Romano. All 3 are lakeside towns along the shores of the popular Lake Bracciano. Medieval towns, stunning views and a relaxing atmosphere are in retailer for you. And if you finish up in Bracciano, verify out the gorgeous 15th century Orsini Odescalchi Castle – popular for becoming the wedding place of celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!

How to get to Bracciano or Anguillara from Rome:

Take the train from Roma San Pietro or Roma Tiburtina to Bracciano 

Take the train from Roma San Pietro or Roma Tiburtina to Anguillara


Day trips from Rome: Tivoli

Perched on top rated of the Monti Tiburtini hills on the Aniene River just East of Rome, Tivoli is dwelling to some gorgeous UNESCO Planet Heritage Web pages and breathtaking views. No day trip to Tivoli would be full devoid of going to Villa D’Este, one particular of the most impressive Renaissance villas and gardens worldwide. Cascading waterfalls, fountains and stunning villas make Villa D’Este a exceptional instance of a 16th-century Italian garden. Yet another will have to-go to is Villa Adriana, an exceptional complicated of classical buildings made in the 2nd century A.D. by the Roman emperor Hadrian.

How to get to Tivoli from Rome:

Take the train from Roma Termini to Tivoli

Ostia Antica

Day trips from Rome: Ostia Antica

All archeological fans need to have to go to Ostia Antica – Ancient Rome’s seaport at the mouth of the Tiber River founded by the fourth king of Rome – Anco Marcio. The ideal aspect? You will not locate the tourist crowds you get in other archeological web-sites like Pompeii! Historically, Ostia Antica was a essential port for the Romans, exactly where innumerable goods had been exchanged. These days, it is identified as Rome’s “ghost town” for its wonderfully preserved ruins of streets, villas and frescoes. Verify out the Terme di Nettuno, baths that date back to the 2nd century boasting gorgeous mosaic floors to be fully swept off your feet!

How to get to Ostia Antica from Rome:

Take the Ostia Lido train from San Paolo Station and get off at Ostia Antica

Castel Gandolfo

Day trips from Rome: castel gandolfo
Photo by Gwendolyn Stansbury

Overlooking Lake Albano, Castel Gandolfo is one particular of the towns of the Castelli Romani ideal identified for the beauty of the nature that surrounds it and for the elegance of its historic center. Not to mention it was the summer season residence of the Popes for generations till Pope Francis decided to abandon the palace. And now, from April to October (excluding July and August) you can go to the gorgeous Pontifical Villas! Head on more than to Antico Ristorante Pagnanelli for regional specialties and awesome wine overlooking Lake Albano. 

How to get to Castel Gandolfo from Rome:

Take the train from Roma Termini to Castel Gandolfo


The best day trips from Rome: frascati

Yet another popular town of the Castelli Romani region is the hilltop town of Frascati, just a quick train ride from Rome. It is identified for its sophisticated aristocratic villas – a.k.a. Ville Tuscolane – constructed by wealthy Roman households in the Renaissance, as nicely as its wealthy gastronomic specialties and wine. In truth, Frascati is a renowned wine town, exactly where the Frascati Superiore, Cannellino and Frascati DOP are developed. So hop on that train, go to the Roman villas and quit by for lunch in the centro storico!

How to get to Frascati from Rome:

Take the train from Roma Termini to Frascati


Day trips from Rome: Tarquinia
Photo by: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from

Medieval and Renaissance beauties, art and history await you in this stunning countryside town. Dating back to Etruscan instances, Tarquinia is one particular of the most ancient Etruscan cities and is the great mix of history, art and nature. Stroll via its historic center going to Palazzo Vitelleschi and the Santa Maria in Castello church. But certainly do not head back to Rome ahead of going to the popular Monterozzi Necropolis, one particular of the most crucial archeological web-sites of the region, declared UNESCO Planet Heritage Website in 2004.

How to get to Frascati from Rome:

Take the train from Roma Termini to Tarquinia


Day trips from Rome: Assisi

With its wealthy history, outstanding basilicas and churches, stunning piazzas, ancient castle and Roman ruins, Assisi confident has a lot of points in retailer for you. Positioned in the Umbria area, bordering Lazio, Assisi is one particular of these medieval towns you will never ever neglect. Perched on top rated of a hill, it provides gorgeous panoramic views of the Umbrian countryside, and is a quick hike from the stunning Mount Subasio, exactly where you can also go to Eremo delle Carceri. From tasting scrumptious meals and wine to going to historical web-sites, Assisi is a will have to day trip from Rome. It is no wonder it is a UNESCO Planet Heritage Website.

Click right here to verify out far more information on Assisi and Umbria

How to get to Assisi from Rome:

Take the train from Roma Termini to Assisi

Abbazia di Montecassino

Day trips from Rome: Abbazia di Montecassino

The Montecassino Abbey is one particular of the most popular abbeys worldwie. In 529 San Benedetto chose the Montecassino mountain to make his monastery. He was in a position to transform this spot into an exemplary Christian monastery. More than the course of the centuries, the monastery was destroyed more than and more than once more, till it was bombarded and fully destroyed in 1944. The Montecassino Abbey was then reconstructed to perfection and these days thousands of pilgrims go to this fantastic spot. Go to the Basilica and the tomb of San Benedetto and do not neglect to step inside the museum to browse via marvellous manuscripts and ancient books.

How to get to the Montecassino Abbey from Rome:

Take the train from Roma Termini to Cassino then a bus from Cassino to the Abbey

Day trips from Rome by car or truck

Magliano Sabina

Day trips from Rome: Magliano Sabina

Sitting in the Lazio area and bordering Umbria and Tuscany, Magliano Sabina is a will have to-go to local’s gem. The panoramic views alone are worth the go to: from right here you can see the Valle del Tevere and the Monte Soratte, towns and cities close to Viterbo, the Monti Cimini, the Umbrian hills and the Monti Sabini and Tiburtini. Plus, hills covered in olive groves and vineyard. It is a sensational setting. The town of Magliano Sabina is popular for its history and architecture and its events held all through the year. Do not miss out on the yearly Infiorata del Corpus Domini in June, exactly where flowers are made use of to depicting the Catholic feast of Corpus Domini. It is also the great base to discover Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Day trips from Rome: Civita di Bagnoregio

For a magical day trip from Rome, the town of Civita di Bagnoregio has to be on your list. Identified as “the dying city” for losing virtually all of its inhabitants due to erosions and landslides, Civita di Bagnoregio is an ancient Etruscan town dating back to 2500 years ago with only 16 inhabitants! It is positioned in the Calanchi Valley, and the only way to attain the town is by walking a extended footbridge that connects Civita to Bagnoregio. It is certainly worth it.

Lake Bolsena

Day trips from Rome: Lake Bolsena

Head to Lake Bolsena to get a taste of the biggest volcanic lake in Europe! From time to time known as “Italy’s belly button” for its bowl-like shape in the middle of the Italian peninsula. Along the lake, medieval towns along the shores of the lake await you. From Capodimonte to Bolsena and Montefiascone, there are charming historical sights to go to. And if you are up for some swimming, this region – also known as Tuscia for becoming in involving the Lazio and Tuscany regions – is identified for boat rentals, swimming and considerably far more.


Day trips from Rome: calcata
Photo by: Gaetano Virgallito from

Travel back to the Middle Ages by exploring this town perched on a tufaceous spur in the Valle del Treja Regional Organic Park. Identified as the “borgo of the artists”, Calcata is one particular of  Italy’s most popular fortified compact towns. From its winding streets you can admire breathtaking views of the valley and immerse oneself in a fairytale-like atmosphere. Stroll along the town and browse artists’ and artisans’ workshops and studios hidden beneath ivy-clad arches. Just after exploring the town quit by in one particular of its characteristic restaurants for a lunch to bear in mind.


Day trips from Rome: Tuscania

The picturesque town of Tuscania is positioned in the northern Lazio area and is constructed on seven promontories of tufa rock. It dates back to Etruscan instances and is most popular for its medieval towers and walls and two imposing basilicas in Romanesque style, San Pietro and Santa Maria Maggiore. And just 2km north of Tuscania, you will locate the popular Necropolis of Tuscania overlooking the valley of the Marta River, exactly where you can go to the Etruscan tombs. Just after going to the town, you have to quit by for lunch in one particular of its characteristic restaurants.


lilanda beach club sabaudia

Along the Lazio coast, just a one particular hour and thirty minutes from Rome you will locate the stunning seaside town of Sabaudia. This town is the great spot for a day trip from Rome through the hotter months of the year. Attractive beaches, sand dunes, a gorgeous lake and Mount Circeo await you. Identified for becoming founded in 1933 by Mussolini, Sabaudia was initially a marshland turned seaside town in just 253 days! If you want to breathe some summer season air, this is certainly a spot to go to.


Day trips from Rome: Nemi

Behold Nemi, one particular of the most stunning towns of the Castelli Romani region. This charming town sits on top rated of a hill overlooking Lake Nemi and is identified for its scrumptious wild strawberries and gorgeous views of the valley. It is stated that Diana of Nemi, or “Diana of the woods” was the goddess of hunting and fertility, as a result producing the lands surrounding her temple far more fertile.  No matter if it is a day trip from Rome surrounded by the Alban Hills you are looking for, or a relaxing day indulging in strawberries, wine and great views, Nemi is certainly a magical town not to miss.


Day trips from Rome: Sermoneta
Photo by Carlo Ciccarelli from

Sermoneta is one particular of the jewels of the Lazio area and a will have to-go to spot close to Rome. This medieval borgo is perched on top rated of the Monti Lepini, supplying gorgeous panoramic views of the Pontine valley, surrounded by olive groves. But the town is just as gorgeous as the views. Do not neglect to go to the 13th century Caetani Castle, symbol of Sermoneta, and its prison cells which have just been opened to the public in 2019! And though you are at it, do not neglect to go to the Garden of Nymphs, identified as the most romantic garden in the planet, which are just 7km away from the town.


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