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Hong Kong is a single location that a lot of Filipinos have visited. It is reasonably close (just a two.five-hour flight), and airlines hold seat sales normally adequate that you can acquire a return ticket for much less than P5,000 ($100). The meals is scrumptious, the purchasing is plentiful (and inexpensive!), and there’s a lot of items to do there.

I’ve only been to Hong Kong after, but I stayed 9 days there, time adequate to go about and even pay a visit to Macau for a day. If you are arranging your HK itinerary, surely include things like Lantau Island. You can quickly devote a entire weekend in that region alone.

Hong Kong is composed of 261 islands (that are larger than 500 sq m) and the Kowloon peninsula. Lantau Island is the second biggest subsequent to Hong Kong Island itself which is the political and industrial center of Hong Kong.

There’s a lot of items to do on Lantau Island — nature lovers, in certain, would really like it. Consisting mainly of mountainous terrain, Lantau is normally referred to as “the lungs of Hong Kong.” As opposed to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, it has a lot of forested places and there are no higher-rise residential developments.

If you are a morning individual, you can get a very good view of the sunrise at its highest point — the 934-meter higher Lantau Peak. If you are nocturnal like me, on the other hand, right here are other items you can do on Lantau Island.

Points To Do on Lantau Island

Things to do on Lantau Island

Tung Chung Bay from Paolo Costa /Shutterstock.

1. Ride the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Vehicle

To get to Lantau Island, take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Vehicle. It is not the only way to get there, of course, but it is the most enjoyable. (Take note you can also hike there! See hiking path on the featured photo. That pic was taken from a cable car or truck.)

It is the third cable car or truck program in Hong Kong, following the Peak Tram and Ocean Park Cable Vehicle. The ride requires about 25 minutes, which runs in between Tung Chung and Ngong Ping. You will be treated to beautiful views of the countryside and the sea, specifically if you book the crystal cabin with a glass bottom!

I only chose the normal cabin, even even though I’m not afraid of heights (as it is more affordable). If you are traveling with family members, you can also select to take a private cabin for privacy, queue-totally free ticketing service, and priority boarding.

When taking the cable car or truck back to Tung Chung in the afternoon, you will be in a position to see a breathtaking view of the sunset.

How to go to the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Vehicle: Take Exit B at MTR Tung Chung Station. Stroll for about 5 minutes to the Tung Chung Cable Vehicle Terminal. Here’s a guide to going about Hong Kong.

Ngong Ping village

Ngong Ping Village at Lantau Island from mizaki26/Shutterstock

two. Stroll about Ngong Ping Village

The Ngong Ping 360 Cable Vehicle requires you straight to this 1.five-hectare culture village. Aside from a lot of of purchasing, dining, and entertainment solutions, Ngong Ping Village also has 4 themed attractions: VR 360, Stage 360, Motion 360, and Walking with Buddha.

VR 360 has six virtual reality experiences with Wuba and other characters from the adventure film Monster Hunt two. Stage 360 is a reside efficiency that shows how sensational specific effects in motion pictures are produced. Outdoors the efficiency hall is a cinematic nostalgia installation that involves stylings and costumes of Bruce Lee. (I chose this a single!)

Motion 360 is a theater equipped with seats that respond to the plot of the film getting shown, such as water spray, wind effects, and other stimulating installations. Walking with Buddha, on the other hand, is a multimedia attraction wherein you will stroll on an immersive journey with Siddhartha Gautama, the man who became the Buddha. You will comply with his path to enlightenment from a prince living in an opulent palace to the Buddha in a harsh forest.

How to get there: If you choose not to take the cable car or truck, you may perhaps take a ferry from the Central Pier six to Mui Wo then take the New Lantao Bus two to Ngong Ping bus terminal. Alternatively, you may perhaps also take the New Lantao Bus 23 from Exit B of the MTR Tung Chung Station.

Tian Tan Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha from Sompao/Shutterstock

three. Go up to the Tian Tan Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha, also recognized as the Huge Buddha, is a 34-meter tall bronze statue (such as the base) on a hilltop inside the Po Lin Monastery.

It sits 26.four-meter on prime of a lotus throne and can be reached via a extended stairway. You want to climb 268 measures (ha!) to take a closer appear of this $HK60-million Buddha amid the sweeping mountain and sea views.

The Buddha statue faces north towards Mainland China to appear more than the Chinese folks. Its depth and dignity is mentioned to be personified via the eyes, lips and head inclination. Meanwhile, its raised suitable hand is supposed to provide a blessing to all.

The building of this substantial statue took 12 years and with its completion in 1993 came the popularization of the after remote Po Lin Monastery. The Buddha has been drawing pilgrims from all more than Asia given that then, and it has been dubbed “the Buddhist Planet in the South.”

How to get there: The monastery is about 10-minute stroll from the terminals of Ngong Ping Cable Vehicle and New Lantao Bus.

Wisdom Path

The giant columns on the Wisdom Path from Surrphoto/Shutterstock.

four. Hike the Wisdom Path

Situated at the foot of Lantau Peak, Wisdom Path is about 15-minute hike from the Huge Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. The entrance, which is suitable beside the gateway to Lantau Sunrise, is marked by a phoenix sculpture. The web page is sometimes covered in fogs and mists mainly because of its place.

You will not get lost hiking the Wisdom Path. The trail is clearly marked. At the time I was there, there have been only incredibly handful of hikers (I guess most folks climb up the measures to the Huge Buddha and really feel it is adequate physical exercise?). You will pass by abandoned buildings like the a single beneath. I peeked inside and there have been nevertheless some household things in there, providing the entire issue a scary, horror-film vibe.

wisdom path hong kong

Abandoned constructing on the way to the Wisdom Path on Lantau Island.

Wisdom Path is so-named mainly because of the 38 giant wooden columns installed in the region. Every single a single has a calligraphy of the total verses of the centuries-old Heart Sutra — a single of the world’s finest recognized prayers by Confucians, Buddhists, and Taoists.

About eight to 10 meters tall and 1 meter wide, the wooden columns are arranged in an infinity (∞) pattern following the organic terrain of the web page. The verses inscribed are the Chinese version translated by Xuanzang of Tang dynasty and written by master Sinologist Professor Jao Tsung-I.

To portray the notion of emptiness that is highlighted in the Heart Sutra, the tallest column marked no. 23 was intentionally left blank. In its original language, the complete name of the Heart Sutra symbolizes wisdom and completeness. The essence of the verses is to have no hindrance in one’s thoughts, according to Professor Jao.

How to get there: There are indicators to the Tea Garden from the Ngong Ping Cable Vehicle terminal and the Po Lin Monastery.

Tai O Fishing Village

The fishing village of Tai O from Philip Lange/Shutterstock

five. Stop by the Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O, also recognized as the “Venice of Hong Kong,” is residence to the Tanka folks. Vacationers come across scenic the fishing community’s stilt homes, named pang uks, which are constructed suitable above the waterway. Numerous also flock to the village to see Chinese white dolphins or “pink dolphins,” go on a boat trip, or watch the sunset.

A manually operated steel pedestrian bridge constructed in 1996 has replaced the after well-known rope-drawn “ferry” that operated for far more than 85 years.

There is also the Tai O Rural Committee Historic and Cultural Showroom that exhibits relics donated by nearby residents. It shows the community’s history via things such as fishing tools and dismantled old structures.

How to get there: Take Bus 21 to Tai O from Ngong Ping Village or Bus 11 to Tai O from Exit B of the MTR Tung Chung Station.

Rough map of Lantau Island.

Rough map of Lantau Island. Photo by HK Tourism

I only spent a single day on Lantau Island (I booked it by means of Tara Lah sa SG, which offers reduce prices than other on the web travel agencies), and I did all except going to the fishing village. As constantly, there wasn’t adequate time!

So if you are going to Hong Kong, make confident to include things like in your itinerary all these items to do on Lantau Island. No matter whether just a single day or two, you will surely get to practical experience what Hong Kong has to present!

Have you been to Lantau Island?
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