Islands Not Just for for Honeymooners




Islands Not Just for Honeymooners-Attempt Cephalonia! Travel west from Athens to the Ionian Sea.


Islands Not Just for Honeymooners: The “Other” Greek Isle:

I initially heard about the “other” Greek Isles from an Athens pal. Cephalonia has been on my radar for some time. It is an inexpensive Greek Island even in higher season. Even in Might we have observed lodging at the four-star level at significantly less than $100/evening.

Cephalonia is situated in the Ionian Sea west of the Greek peninsula. Most vacationers travel to the greater profile Mykonos and Santorini. This is a quieter location with lots of intriguing all-natural terrain and archaeological internet sites. If you like to discover ancient castles, monasteries and uncrowded beaches, this could be the location for you!

Islands Not Just for Honeymooners: Cephalonia’s History:

Cephalonia has an ancient history. It was previously conquered by the Turks, the Venetians, the French and the British. Cephalonia is a fairly “new” member of the unified Greek nation given that the mid-19th century.

Islands Not Just for Honeymooners: Items to Do in Cephalonia:

Apart from, the inexpensive pricing for a European vacation, take into consideration the following:
-Regardless of whether you are a pro or an amateur archaeologist, this island presents finds dating back tens of thousands of years. The capital of Argostoli is the focal point for Greek scholars of the Mycenaean period.
-Organic caves abound for exploration
-Hunting for a much more active holiday? Take a hike, go diving , which includes in caves or attempt your hand at windsurfing.
-Find out to dive or strengthen your current capabilities.

For history buffs, there are sights such as St. George’s Castle, Evangelistria Church and a opportunity to find out about the Ottoman Empire and its subsequent replacement by the Venetians and successive European nations.

Cephalonia has had its share of challenges from earthquakes considerably like California on San Andreas Fault.

Islands Not Just for Honeymooners: four-Star Leivatho Hotel:

The four-star Leivatho Hotel is a superior worth. It is just five minutes stroll from the beach. It has received rave verified evaluations, which includes from solo travelers. For other lodging alternatives go back to our house web page at Use the hotels/B&ampB’s search box for more than 700,000 lodging alternatives.



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