Celebrating Emilia Romagna’s smaller sized cities: day trips from Bologna


My suggestions on what to stop by:

1. The Este Palace is an imposing constructing with its moat, and the photo possibilities from the roof terrace are great

two. Discover the city walls by bicycle, which are reasonably totally intact and a bike is the go-to way to learn Ferrara

three. Admire the Cathedral of Ferrara from each outdoors, and inside, with its ornate decorating

four. Head to the cobbled roman Volte street to see a different side to the city away from the Renaissance architecture

five. Take time to love Aperitivo cocktail hour, thanks to the university the city has a lively atmosphere

Este Castle

Este Castle in Ferrara

Day trip from Bologna or worth a longer stop by?

Ferrara may not be as renowned with travellers like Bologna, Modena, or other cities in the Emilia Romagna area, but it tends to make for an perfect day-trip from Bologna despite the fact that with so a lot of unique galleries and spaces with vast amounts of function, for these interested they might want to devote longer right here.

From Bologna, the drive will take a small beneath an hour, whilst quick trains solutions take just thirty minutes.

Obtain much more details: You can study much more about my stop by to Ferrara right here.


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