Arvin Travels: three days in Barcelona


Sagrada Família
Sagrada Família

Visited in Early March 2018 – Initially issue initially, Why did I go to Barcelona. I was seeking for flights from Marrakesh Morocco to India and checked skyscanner and google flights, amongst other people like Wego, most flights have been more than 800 USD 1 way. So I checked destinations in Europe and onwords to India and voila, got a inexpensive flight. for about 400 USD to India, So essentially took a  three day / two evening break or stopover in Barcelona.

The initially day I had arrived late, I was staying at the Generator Hostel, checked in and went to see Sagrada Família. It was walking distance from my hostel. The Sagrada Família was about to close and took a couple of photographs and headed back to the hostel. On the way back to the hostel, there was a rally by ladies, it was international women’s day.

Barcelona is overrated

Just an additional huge city in Europe with a cathedral beneath building, not a great deal else. Some other buildings with tiles and they contact it Art and a beach which I did not check out in Cold March.

Persons in Barcelona are rude, or atleast that was my encounter. So essentially I was attempting to get to  the cathedral from my Hostel, I attempted to ask for directions and men and women just appear via you, not even a merely reply as I do not know or no English. So alternatively of walking I was taking cabs to go just a couple of blocks as no 1 would assistance me with directions.

Subsequent day I took the Hop on Hop off bus, it so takes place that there was a strike that day and the buses did not run as anticipated. The bus price was 30 euros, which I have no difficulty paying, just that I was stuck at a quit for more than an hour waiting for the bus to show up.

Anyways, right here are couple of photographs and some locations I saw although in Barcelona.

Shop promoting souvenirs outdoors the football stadium.


Above Las Ramblas, Barcelona, popular for its pickpockets, just do not have something in your back pockets and you are going to be okay.


Above Plaza de Cataluna, Initially and final quit for the Airport Shuttle just outdoors the plaza. 


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