What Are the BMTM Adventure Tours Like? Two Attendees Share Their Expertise


Should you join a women's adventure tour, especially if you are a new or beginner solo female traveler? Two attendees of the BMTM Women's tours share their experience to show you what is it like joining a women's group tour. #SoloFemaleTravel
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What is it like coming on a BMTM Adventures tour? I’ve shared lots about my practical experience on the tours, but as the guide I surely have a various practical experience than the girls who select to come on the tour.

So I believed, why not ask them to share about their practical experience? I was shocked to discover what created them determine to join, and what the finest aspect of it all was for them.

The following are firsthand accounts from Jenn, who came to Peru and Alaska, and Ashley, who came to Namibia and Botswana. These are the issues that they saw and seasoned on the tours and what created Jenn want to come back once again and once again:

1. Inform us about you – exactly where are you from, and what led you to sign up for the tours in the very first location?

Ashley in Namibia

Ashley: I was born and raised in your classic, run-of-the-mill suburban city in north Texas. I’m the youngest of 4 with 3 older brothers, so expanding up, income and time seldom overlapped extended sufficient for us to travel. It wasn’t till my senior year of college that I left the US for the very first time.

But when I ultimately did, I was hooked! The culture shock inspired me. I was addicted to the feeling of accomplishment that came from stepping out of my comfort zone. I began traveling solo, Couchsurfing, and hitchhiking—then consuming lots of crows, of course, as I was adamantly opposed to all of the aforementioned activities in my former life.

My self-confidence as a traveler was expanding. I had visited more than 30 countries—half of them solo! Regrettably, my tattered passport didn’t make me immune to worry. I was nonetheless intimidated by specific destinations and, embarrassingly, the complete continent of Africa was one particular of them.

I wasn’t going to let my worry get the finest of me that very easily, although. The unknown is often scary. I wanted to challenge these preconceived notions, I just necessary the appropriate opportunity…

Jenn at a river crossing on the Alaska backpacking trip

Jenn: Hey there! My name is Jennifer I’m from California initially while I’ve moved about a bunch, and I most lately known as New York dwelling. Virtually a year ago, just prior to my very first BMTM tour, I quit my job to travel, and now I’m living on the road! &#x1f642

I have fairly considerably often had the travel bug, and often loved the outdoors, and in the previous couple years I’ve attempted to stretch my horizons far more and far more into new activities! When I signed up for my very first tour, I was functioning at a law firm and dreaming of traveling once again, but without having any added time or power for organizing. I wanted to get off the beaten track but had zero capacity to do the study expected to make that occur. I was currently organizing to quit and travel extended-term, and I decided that the tour would be my “drop dead date” by which I would have to officially quit. That was one particular explanation I signed up. But the second (primary) explanation I signed up for a tour was since I had come to actually admire Kristin’s travel (and blogging) style, and I believed that the odds have been very good I’d have a wonderful time on a trip planned by a person that seemed to share my travel ideals, and that had the exact same like of adventure and outdoors — which brings me to the subsequent point under!

two. What created you choose a BMTM Adventures tour in distinct?

Jenn on Rainbow Mountain on the very first BMTM Adventures trip to Peru

Jenn: I cannot try to remember when specifically I very first began following Be My Travel Muse, but I do try to remember pondering that Kyrgyzstan had under no circumstances been on my radar prior to and now I have to go!! I entirely fell in like with Kristin’s wonderful pictures and her weblog actually struck a chord with me. I liked that she traveled adventurously and wrote from the heart, and I admired her capacity to locate wonderful locations in nature and off-the-beaten-path activities. It was clear that connecting with nature was a massive aspect of her travels (mine also!).

Soon after an awkward period of challenging fangirling (jk… type of), I saw her Alaska post and right away attempted to figure out how I also could get there. And then lo and behold, the tours have been announced! The very first tour announced was to Peru, which had also been on my bucket list for a even though, and the itinerary looked wonderful. But I consider I would have gone just about anyplace, since I was excited about traveling with these *entirely great* guides whose tips about travel actually resonated with me! And, I’ll admit, I had been *actually* hoping the very first tour would be to Alaska, so when the second tour to Alaska was announced, I threw caution to the wind and signed up for each. &#x1f600

Ashley: I identified Kristin and BMTM back in 2013 when I very first entered the travel-sphere. I followed her web page and forgot about it, honestly. Just about every after in a even though, although, I’d stumble upon her story and consider “Dang, this chick is rad. I dig her style. She keeps it true. Also, perhaps I really should look at updating my slang to the present era?”

When the trip was posted, nonetheless, I was apprehensive to commit. I had under no circumstances traveled with a tour group prior to, would I even like a person organizing every thing for me? Did I actually have to have all that was incorporated? And how would it be with so a lot of ladies? Would there be drama?

The doubt was quick-lived, although. Of course, the BMTM Adventures gals have been going to be cool! How could they not be? Kristin was thoughtful and empathetic with her content material, her followers have been bound to have comparable qualities. And if I was going to be conquering my fears in the middle of the desert with a bunch of strangers, these are definitely the type of strangers I want by my side.

three. You have been on a couple of tours now. What created you want to come back?

Jenn in Alaska – her adventurous element

Jenn: These tours have been every thing I was hoping for and so considerably far more! We’ve traveled to wonderful locations, and every day is often packed with enjoyable, active adventures. I like that the emphasis is on performing great issues, rather than ticking off a checklist of sights that I’ll overlook prior to I’ve completed editing the pictures (since I’m not on best of that shit at all). I have so considerably self-confidence now in these tours that I barely have to have to study the itinerary – I know when we go someplace new that every day will be enjoyable and various, and I just have to be open to it! Pete is an wonderful guide, a uncommon mixture of entirely competent and organized and entirely laid back and funny. With each other, Kristin and Pete set a enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.

Which brings me to the so considerably far more. I can not convey how wonderful and particular the groups on these tours have been, but I honestly really feel so pretty fortunate to have been a aspect of them. I have met the coolest men and women that I now get to get in touch with close friends, and they’ve actually impressed me and blown me away. We gelled, we laughed, we had enjoyable and we supported every other the entire way via every tour, and I do not just imply a clique or a choose handful of — I imply absolutely everyone. I have seasoned so considerably great constructive power! And going on an adventure with Kristin (and a lot of other fellow photography-lovers) indicates I felt entirely encouraged to embrace my inner silliness and had the self-confidence to get the image I wanted, exactly where I occasionally felt silly posing. But what that indicates is that my albums are no longer complete of awkward smiles in front of issues, but enjoyable, exhilarating, occasionally silly poses that later show so considerably far more accurately how I felt in that moment.

four. What was your favored aspect of it?

With aspect of the group in Huacachina, Peru

Jenn: Exactly where do I get started? Becoming in the middle of nowhere, laughing about some thing ridiculous, taking in a beautiful view and most likely snacking.

I’ll often try to remember, “Whose feet are hot?” which Pete stated for the 8th time that day as we forded however one more river in currently sloshy boots on Day 7 of our eight-day backpacking trip. I consider it speaks volumes about this group that we embraced this simple discomfort with so considerably entertainment and very good humor and, since of that very good power, had enjoyable with it. &#x1f642

namibia road trip spitzkoppe
With the group in Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Ashley: Oh, that is effortless! My favored aspect, hands down, was producing a bunch of new badass lady close friends.

It is travel, issues under no circumstances go according to strategy. There was unpredictable climate, washed out bridges, rough roads, and automobile breakdowns, but all these “mishaps” created our bonds stronger.

When it rained on our safari, we zipped up the windows, place on some jams, and created it a celebration.
When it stormed at the Tropic of Cancer, we hopped out in the puddles and took wet pictures.
When the roads we drove have been rough, we laughed and known as it an African massage.
When the rain washed out the road, we actually held hands and forged our way across!

The river ford

I imply, c’mon, it does not get far more wonderful than making a human chain to overcome a challenge collectively! These ladies swiftly became my unconventional sisters, spanning more than 40 years in age and 3 continents. It was a wonderfully unexpected surprise.

six. Is there something you’d like to inform anybody who comes on a future BMTM Adventures trip?

The celebration safari

Ashley: A tour is only as very good as its guide, so you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about!

Kristin is great. She has a calming nature about her and a genuineness that is magnetic. Pete, her appropriate hand man with BMTM Adventures, is a best complement—charismatic and entirely unfazed by the conversations that happen when you place 16 ladies in a van. With each other, the pair is unstoppable. I often felt incorporated, under no circumstances after felt unsafe, and when there have been hiccups, Kristin &amp Pete handled them behind the scenes even though the rest of us remained blissfully unaware. They’re experts without having all that corporate stiffness, as accountable as they are silly.

It is standard if you are a small nervous. Foreign locations, new people—it’s a lot to navigate! But you are in the most capable of hands with BMTM Adventures. You and your future close friends are about to have the adventure of a lifetime! Got any area for me in your suitcase?

Jenn: Get your finest would-you-rather query prepared.


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